People often ask what is the ideal age to start surfing. But experts believe Surfing is something that anyone can do at any age, as long as they are passionate about it. Watch the video to know more.

Due to Covid-19, surfer's life came to a stall. They had nothing to do in the lockdown. With ease in the restrictions, they want to be out in the water and surf as much as possible. But they are wondering, is it safe to surf now?

The majority of people depend on dispensaries selling marijuana for their supply, but little do they know that they can grow their own herb at home in a limited amount, and it's legal as well. Watch this video to know the tips for growing your own herb.

Watch this video to know the different parts of a wave, which will help you in conquering the waves. This video also includes how waves break, and the types of waves in short.

A lot of people worldwide are sitting at home, having nothing to do in this lockdown. If that’s the case with you, find out the things you can do to avoid boredom while staying home.

Many people think surfing is difficult to learn and is dangerous, but talking to experts will break this notion. If you follow the guidelines and discipline you too can master this art.

As a first-timer, you must be wondering how to start off surfing. Here are some tips on how to read a wave.

Making your partner feel special on Valentine's day is very important. And what better way than gifting the perfect piece that they have been wanting. Here is a list of top 10 gifts for your surfer partner that you can use this Valentine's Day.

Some waves are fast and some are silent. Some major waves that are found in Mentawai are Lance's Right, Lance's Left, Green Bush, Beach Break, Rifles and Bintangs. Know all about the types of surf breaks and the kinds we get in the Mentawai Islands before planning your next Mentawai surf trip.


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Located in front of one of the finest right-handed waves in the world, Hollow Tree's Resort is a lot more than just a Mentawai Surf Resort. You can experience 10 world-class waves within a short boat or bike ride from our resort, that means there's a surf for all levels.