Green Plumber gets Surprise !

Book Two of THE ODYSSEY FILES series with author Francisco A Rivera and his lifetime odyssey along Mexico Border.

Rita Ranch gets SuperOrganism after Holiday Joy !
New Trees Waterlines !

Book Talk and Happy Thanksgiving !
Keep Reading !

Water Lines for Trees1

Live Broadcast @ Ina and Oracle Location of-
@2018 El Tour de Tucson
Dedicated to Patty Lynn Westcott- Mendoza !!

Lori Dutt Reynolds Releases Her First Methode Traditional
Sparkling Wine !
Cuvee' Sonoita- Arizona' s Qriginal and Premiere !!

Ace Acre @ Rita Ranch- Community Gardens of Tucson !

Open House-10-27-2018 !!

28 Minutes-Belated!

Tucson Meet Yourself 2018 ! A Slide Show !

Arizona's Oldest Commercial Winery-2018 Harvest Festival !
Sonoita Vineyards

Antelope on the range.

Sonora Prong Horn Antelope grazing in wine country in Sonoita Arizona..First upload to Bit Chute.


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First video upload to Bitchute a Sonoita scene.