Inside the Musical Mind

I listen to a song I recorded a couple of yeas ago...does it hold up?

Alexandriai Ocasio-Cortez mumbles stuff and things about nothing.

Guitar virtuoso Nili Brosh discusses her new music and the fundraiser for guitarist Jason Becker

How does music connect Land of the Lost to Clint Eastwood?

The debate is finally resolved.

I'm going to get cancelled by the rock community for these opinions!

The nineties didn't have good guitar solos...or did it?

Were Eddie's shoes the source of his power?

We all know Alice Cooper and KISS, but who really invented "shock rock"?

Can you guess which guitar player is which based on these short snippets of whammy bar playing?

We discuss singing for Jake E. Lee, touring, and goats!

Donnie Vie (formerly of Enuff Z'nuff) talks about his songwriting process.

Former lead singer of Enuff Z'nuff singer Donnie Vie reveals exclusive news about new music coming soon!

Mammoth WVH has a new song "You're to Blame". Here's my initial analysis of it.

The story behind the iconic cover art for the classic Van Halen album.

Guitar to USB cables often produce "hum and hiss", did I finally find a good one?

James Kennedy of Kyshera joins me to talk about his new book and the music industry.

Bassist Tony Franklin reveals new details about working with Jimmy Page in his post-Led Zeppelin band THE FIRM.

audio reading of Crazy from the Heat

I bought a Chinese knock-off version of a Strandberg guitar. Was is worth it?

Biographies of renowned musicians from a different perspective. Can you guess who?

Only Dave could come up with THIS Christmas tree!

Joel Hoekstra's 13 new album "Running Games" will be out soon, and we discuss the recording, the musicians involved, and the passing of Eddie Van Halen.

Pt. 16 of Crazy from the Heat audio excerpts.

Readings from Roth's 1997 autobiography.


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