Yet another song pertaining to the diabolical and truly wretched prole-sauce plebe-juice peon-potion serf-management serum depopulation and control system clot-shot snake oil fake "vaccine.

Up and coming singing sensation "Bill-Killed-Elmo" from the band "Partisan-Terror-Commies-From-Hell" unleashes his solo project the band "Clown" and debuts his latest single "VAX E.R."

The serf management serum clot shot peon-juice plebe-sauce prole-potion fake "vaccine". What more is there to say about it? It's wiggity wack yo. Might as well do jenkum instead.

Now that the serf management serum snake oil fake vax has been proven to be what many of us purebloods knew it was from the start of the plandemic, a soft-kill bioweapon and means of depopulation as well as a control system on the road to ever diminishing freedoms-human rights, now that the "sudden and mysterious" deaths are piling up, as well as the fact that their "vax" which the ruling class fake taking themselves, their toxin for the masses, proven to be absolutely worthless as an inoculation for "covid" (which is precisely what the peons, plebes, proles, and sheeple were told and lied to that it was, now that these lies have been exposed, some of the facilitators and compliant fools of this dastardly scheme are begging us purebloods and warriors for forgiveness and a "pandemic amnesty" as they call it. How shall I respond to that? Well with a resounding "fuck you" and a sarcastic "suck my dick" you vermin should be forced to "walk the plank" as it were, tried and executed for your crimes.


The wretched prole sauce serf-management serum depopulation and control serum clot-shot snake oil fake "vaccine. The trap that many a plebian, many a peon, was tricked, bullied, bribed, coerced, or just foolishly leaped into, Bill Gates, Tedross, Fauci and other globalist scum giggle with delight at the fact that even with the truth coming out in the face of great efforts to conceal it with mass censorship the truly daft and sheepish of the earth continue to shoot the foul "boosters" like a lowlife junkie shooting his latest fix. The jab, nothing more than a dark depopulation scheme, and means of conditioning the slaves to accepting the loss of their freedoms and human rights. A BLACK-JABBATH to be sure.

Rejects of the Lord - Band is now on the "Twitter" platform which has in recent weeks witnessed a resurgence of free speech (for the most part) - also PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND is part of a jam session with Joe Kain taking primary vocal duties


Sadly the serf management serum snake-oil depopulation and control system fake "vaccine" is still a "thing" in our financial elite oligarch ruling class run fascist technocratic fake "democracy" world, and therefore shall yet again be the subject of song. Wretched bastards that they are, the evil "Globallistica" once again taunt the plebes, proles, peons, sheeple, ie the mindless cattle of the earth, who lacking even the basic learning skills and intelligence of a rescue dog STILL line up in droves for the deth vaxxes and boosters.

Our world is now standing at the edge of the abyss. The idiot masses of proles, plebes, peons, ie "sheeple" have been tricked and deceived by the puppets of the ruling class, puppets who serve not the people's interest but only the financial elite oligarchs - central banker class. These lower than toilet film scum, labeled diplomats and politicians, are in truth heartless godless Technocrats, shills bought and paid for by their masters with only their own interests at heart. Truth saying doom masters "Black Sheep Matter" bring this sorry state of affairs into the light with their latest song "A Natural Technocrat"

Our despicable ruling class, new world order financial elite oligarchs have made clear their plans for us citizens of the earth, an earth which they believe is not owned by god, or to be shared by humanity, but which is owned by them exclusively, and under their rule we should be depopulated via the guise of "vaccines" for the common cold, their farcical "climate change", as well as the seeming inevitability of World War Three. The few who remain to live under this evil technocratic communist system will possess in essence the rights of domesticated animals, tracked-traced, force-medicated, unable to legally own property, vehicles or weapons, and controlled-limited in all of their actions and with their offspring the property of the state. This dystopic nightmare scenario is coming for us all unless we fight back and refuse to comply to any of it, and is the subject of the latest song by the wretched globalist band "Globallistica" as they once again taunt us whom they view as merely sheep, peons, proles, plebes, cattle and slaves.

The control system employed by our wretched financial elite ruling class overlords, the ignorance and apathy of the ignorant masses of sheep held under their sway, as well as the diabolical serf management serum clot-shot "vaccine" are examined and dissected in the latest song by classic rock legends "Bread Spread-Thin"

The rise of Transhumanism, AI, human micro-chipping and brain implants (Tracking and Mind-Control), all nefariously designed by our ruling class financial elite overlords to further increase their rule and dominance over us IE (their cattle, the citizens of the earth) is the subject of this) song by rock legend Gimme Gold Brix.

The ruling class globalist new world order's nefarious serf-management serum "clot-shot" convid-1984 fake vaccine (aka their control and depopulation agenda) is the subject of this classic song by the wretched globalist band "Globallistica"

Those of us citizens of the world who are not members of the ruling class or their associates (those of us without access to Deep Underground Military Basesa aka D.U.M.B.S.) are standing closer to the precipice of the abyss than ever before. The wretched Rothschild banker class would not hold by their United Nations agreement not to expand eastwards onto Russia's Doorstep, and have now all but ensured the conditions to make World War Three inevitable. The end result being nuclear strikes on our homeland, the subject of the latest song by classic rock legend "Emmanuric Clapron"

The wretched globalist band "Globallistica" taunt us once again with a remixed version of an older song , in which they expose and freely admit their diabolical plans behind the slogan "Build Back Better" in layman's terms our extermination, enslavement, resettlement, and defeat at the hands of the new world order

There is a new king in town. After the recent passing of the lizard queen elizabeth, King Chuck has now ascended the throne. Once a laughing stock and now the king of England, all hail the king? Well perhaps not as this walking clown has associated himself and been close personal friends with the likes of Jimmy Saville, The Rothschild criminal syndicate, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and is one of the heads of the diabolical World Economic Forum currently pushing for the elimination of all of our remaining freedoms under the guise of the "climate change" lie. King Chuck (much like Roman Emperor Nero before him) fancies himself a musician and true to his foul nature wishes to taunt the peons living under his control system with song, his genre of choice being old-school blues as he considers himself, not Albert or B.B. to be the TRUE king of the blues, the blues the serf-class will feel living under the W.E.F. agenda 2030 control system.

The serf management serum depopulation and control system clot-shot fake "vaccine" has now been exposed for what it is, a bio-weapon to cull the herd which only the most ignorant and sheepish of proles continue to swear by. The ruling class fake taking these shots themselves on live TV to fool the most gullible of peons. Wretched Globalist New Wave of British Heavy Metal band "Vax Venom" taunt and mock all of us good hearted citizens of earth who have lost loved ones due to their foul poison with their latest song "Vax Venom"

What the ignorant masses of serfs-peons-plebes-proles, the common rabble, the ever diminishing middle class, even the upper class of millionaires (who are a joke to the billionaire class (corporate CEOS, sports team owners, high level politicians-oligarchs, let alone the TRILLIONAIRE class ie the upper echelon ruling class central bankers-Rothschild-Rockefellers) what the masses fail to understand is that they are being lied to on a scale that they cannot even comprehend by the puppet politicians of this ruling class, and by the mainstream media WHICH IS OWNED by the corporations OWNED by the ruling class. Peons will say to me, "if that was true i'd have seen it on the news", well peons, If I had raped and killed your mother, had no conscience or empathy towards fellow human beings or animals, and I possessed an impenetrable network of wealth, oversaw-controlled-owned the media-news, had influence over all political-military matters in nearly every nation on earth then I could manipulate the truth in any which way I desired, I could frame others for the murder, and/or pick a "lone-nut" scapegoat, and in turn have this scapegoat "commit-suicide" or be killed by another person if desired (and fabricate the false-motive for the killing) and have fools believe the entire matter was exactly as described on the nightly news, case closed, wikipedia article and snopes post (snopes-EPIC liars) completed. Once one realizes the kind of devils who run the world, their media apparatus, and their defacement of history that we are taught from childhood on, they can NEVER be trusted again, AND AT BEST are to be viewed with EXTREME skepticism. Once you BREAK FREE from their lifetime of conditioning you have become "DIVORCED FROM THEIR LIES", the subject of the latest song by grunge alt-rock-metal masters "Pound-Carbon"


We the citizens of earth, those of us who are not in the ruling class and/or the members of their government who know the truth and willingly lie to and betray the rest of us for money and favoritism, we have been lied to on a VAST scale about nearly EVERYTHING from the first days of our understanding human language to the last days we spend in a state of coherence on earth. These liars and manipulators will stop at nothing to maintain, consolidate, and increase their wealth, power, and control over us, as they see it we are their property, their sheep, their cattle, their slaves. The foul manipulations and mistruths they employ against us each and every single day spew from the "Mouth of Con Men", the title of the latest song by all time heavy metal masters "Betrayer"

The media pushed the ruling class depopulation and control system serf management serum bioweapon by saying it was "safe and effective" and that you "wouldn't get covid" if you took the shot. They also had ruling class overlords and their political pawns fake taking them on television to dupe the idiot masses of proles and plebes (think pro-wrestling-theatre) into believing the architects of control and depopulation over their slaves would EVER take such poison themselves when they without question in every possible way, from the food they eat, to their living arrangements, travel arrangements, their security detail, and immunity-consequences from the laws of society disassociate themselves from the masses. One shot became two shots ie "fully vaccinated", and then "fully vaxxed" was once again fully (fool ye) a lie as they rolled out their "boosters", soon even these weren't enough, the shots are meant to be taken every few months, weeks even until you expire, and then your death will be attributed to ANYTHING other than the true god's honest cause for it. Classic rock hopefuls S.A.D.S. Casualty make their debut and expose the true evil genocide machine for what it is.

Considered a myth to some yet featured-exposed by Hunter S. Thompson in his movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" who ran in very deep and secret circles and who himself imbibed every drug known to man including the incredibly unpleasant "Devil's Apple" (Jimsonweed) It is already proven the financial elites record of child sex abuse (pedophilia) and blood and organ harvesting to prolong their own lives. Would it be too heinous for even them and their henchmen to torture children allowing their blood to become adrenalin-filled at that moment of torture and in that moment murder them and harvest their blood? Our elite ruling class are afterall "philanthropists" at least the woke-liberal moron retards believe them to be as such, and such sweet and loving "philanthropists" as we have running the world would never be so evil as that would they?

As they have done in Australia and Europe (not even going to get into commie hellholes like China-N.Korea etc.) our new world order financial elite fascist technocratic communist oligarch scumfuk overlords plan to eventually fully disarm the American populace, even if it takes a civil war to destroy the country to accomplish it. Once disarmed the remaining citizens will be FULLY enslaved and then the government can enact draconian policies such as forcible vaccination (aka sterilization-genocide). This subject has been covered before in songs such as "We're gonna take your guns" by "The Whores", and "Guns for the Poor" by "Guns R Atrocious", it is again the subject of song this time by the wretched globalist band "Globallistica"

What remains to be said about the serf management serum snake oil depopulation and control system demon juice plebe-sauce fake "vaccine" that hasn't already been said. For as long as this SCAM is going to be pushed and ROTL continues to make -music there will be songs about this bio-weapon tha the idiot masses willingly line up and take. Rock legends Planned Ailin' do the honors on this track

"They", some will ask who are "they" THE RULING CLASS that is who "they" T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) is who "THEY" are. Our new world order fascist technocracy communist overlords, ie the SCUM of the earth, the financial elite oligarchs who own the media, control your lives from birth till death, run your education (indoctrination) control your food supply, absolutely rule their scam financial system, have a creeping depopulation agenda, and are working towards FULL enslavement control, to a far greater extent than their present debt slave system rothschild-rockefeller central bank serfdom system. THEY, have gone too far, as is the subject of the latest song by all-time classic rockers "Stink Void"

Just playing some guitar the other day, Random jams such as this will be posted on odysee, there will also be EXCLUSIVE music videos WITH MORE TO COME that are not on Bitchute or Minds on the odysee page (even FULL LENGTH MOVIES_ such as :


Gil Bates - "Stupid and Crazy :

"Not too bright clods" - by "Tortiis" :


While the guitar is less than stellar in this latest video, (The prepper's guitarist Con ScrewScamPay was feeling rather uninspired in his playing at the time) the message is clear, the world economic forum, bill gates (buying up all the USA farmland, and their overlords rothschild-rockefeller zionist central banker class globalist new world order scum are deliberately creating food shortages and extreme hikes in food prices to usher in a new diet for the slaves, ie synthetic meat and insects to replace delicious sustaining REAL food with despicable deplorable foul dreck, and all in the name of their rotten scam for the sheep "climate change". How many more food processing plants have to burn to the ground under fishy circumstances in the last few years before peons catch on to what is being done to them and where this will lead in the very near future. We are already being bled dry by the current food prices when it gets even moderately worse it will lead to a societal collapse and reliance on government and their imposed slave diet of things like, you guessed it BUGS! While farmers are being run out, their cattle murdered, and real food plants are being destroyed the foul BUG plants are starting to emerge such as the gigantic insect plant in the backyard of another insect disgustin' justin trudeau.

The New World Order - be it the wretched western Rothschild-Rockefeller federal reserve system of debt slavery and increasing loss of freedoms, or the wicked rule of the eastern communist Russian Chinese dystopia, either way the peons of the earth are set to be MASSIVELY depopulated, drawing theological comparisons to the "Great Flood". This is the subject of the song by the legendary heavy metal band "Betrayer"


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I hope I can raise awareness, even wake up ONE PERSON to stand against the new world order and live in TRUTH, but hey sheep are called sheep for a reason.

Rejects of the Lord - The band is a hard rock classic rock heavy metal jam band, and DOES ORIGINAL AND PARODIES MUSIC EXPOSING AND AGAINST THE GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER, we hate the C-19 depopulation control system Vaccine, we hate Pedophiles, we hate the Debt Slavery federal reserve ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER Zionist financial system, we hate NEO-FEUDALISM, we hate the transhumanist make-us-clones cyborg agenda, we hate the Climate-change carbon PROPAGANDA-LIE, we hate seeing DUDES on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit magazine with bikinis on being called "Female", and are here to take the illuminati DOWN. When Joe Kain or any other artists are on vocals or other instruments, I will note it in the song description.