In this video I review the video put out by Faithful Servants, defending the heresy of faith-works in the OT for salvation/eternal security

In this video I show that the zeal of Phinehas was counted for blessing of the generations that would follow him, not his own personal salvation. The zeal he displayed was because he was a saved man! He and the generations were blessed for he did, he wasn't saved because of it-stop listening to the liars!

In this video I address a video by Faith Servants where he attempts to defends faith-works in the Old Testament

In this video I answer some questions by Faith Servants regarding OT eternal security.

In this video I respond to a response video by Faithful Servants dealing with OT salvation and OT eternal security

In this video I discuss the great mystery of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, God becoming true humanity. Two natures and one person.

In this video I show that the true understanding of the Triune nature of God is an essential Bible doctrine. That is why it is under attack by heretics and cultists.

In this video I begin a series on why particular doctrines are important. In this video I discuss the importance of Bible Doctrine and exposing false doctrines.

Thank you to all those who expressed their concern and offered up prayers on my behalf.

In this video I recommend a work by Douglas Stauffer that correctly explains one of the most difficult verses to defend from the imminent pretribulation rapture point of view, 2Thess.2:3

In this video I explain that those who run to Romans 7 to prove that divorce is never justified are misusing the chapter, which is to explain the battle between the flesh and the law and it resolution in chapter 8 with the Holy Spirit

This is a video that Kevin Zacher did a year ago and he didn't like the answers I gave him. Note the false presuppositions that he starts with and assumes that is what I believe.


In this video I read from Riplinger's New Age Version, where she points out the attempt to make 'monogenes' a qualitive word instead of a word of derivative, which means that the Son came from the Father. That happened in time, not eternity.
Below is an excellent article on the issue

Below is what I believe to be an excellent discussion of the two views of the Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In this video I point out that we know what calling upon the name of the Lord means, it is prayer, not faith. Nowhere are we told anywhere else by Paul to confess or ask for salvation!

In this video I respond to an old video that Kevin Zacher made a while back and recently mirrored by Authorized KJV 1611 explaining why I call Romans 10:13 a cancer to the Gospel. It is not part of the Gospel and if added to the Gospel it corrupts the Gospel.

Bryan Denlinger reads from Calvin's Commentary on Col.2:9 and claims Calvin is defending what Bryan is teaching regarding the Godhead.
If Denlinger were honest he would he would have told you that Calvin meant by Godhead, the concept of Deity or Divinity
Godhead has nothing to do with 'person' or 'persons' it deals with the attributes of God. Col. 2:9 is dealing with the Incarnation


In this video I play the video by Andy Woods who explains that Romans 10:13 is for the Jew to call upon the Lord for physical salvation. I start about 50 minutes in

The Gospel of the Grace of God is simply faith in the Death for our sins (blood atonement) and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and putting one's trust in him for salvation.
It is not prayer or confession and nowhere else in Paul's epistles are those mentioned as part of salvation!
Romans 10 is not the plan of salvation!


In this video I discuss the cunning craftiness of Bryan Denlinger and others who manipulate words in the KJB to deceive people.
Bible believers are not holding teachers accountable and are being deceived.

In this video I read from the Evangelical Alliance (1846) statement of faith, which gives some essential doctrines that were always held by the true Church.

Robert Breaker keeps makes videos telling us that the date of the Rapture can be found-but he never tells us what it is!
Nothing he put on his white board tells us a single fact about how close the Lord is.
The Rapture is imminent, it can happen any day. We are to anticipate it each day, not make up theories about dates!


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This is a channel defending the following Christian doctrines.
1. The King James Bible is the perfect English translation and the standard for all foreign translations.
2. That the Trinity is 3 persons and one God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost who are united as one.
3. That the Lord Jesus Christ is the Word (the 2nd persons of the Trinity) who became flesh and is both God and perfect man,
born of a virgin and without any sin nature and lived a sinless life
4. That the Lord Jesus Christ paid for all the sins of the world on the Cross, rose physically from the dead and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.
5. The Lord Jesus Christ will return physically to set up a 1,000 year reign.
6.That salvation is by faith alone in the finished work of Christ, trusting in the Blood atonement, that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins and putting your complete trust only and in the person of Christ. Nothing more is needed such as prayer, water baptism, sacraments, etc
7. That once saved, the believer can never lose his salvation
8. That the Christian ought to produce fruit as a witness to his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and for rewards at the judgment seat of Christ.
9. That everybody will be judged, and that those who reject the free gift of salvation will end up in the Lake of Fire with Satan and his angels.
10. That there are different dispensations, that the Church isn't Israel. That the church (all true believers) will be removed in a pre-tribulation rapture (taken up) and God will deal with Israel for the next 7 years fulfilling the last 'week' of Daniel's 69th 'week' (a period of seven years), then all of the promises made to Israel will be accomplished, Abrahamic, Davidic and New Covenants
11. Any theology that rejects these truths are teaching heresies and are to be rejected as such.