Many happy memories for the annual Conner Family Reunion, Casey Park, Town of Ontario, NY. Enjoy the video slide show w/music soundtrack.

BITCHUTEBENNY broadcasts his inaugural Trump Talk in which he explains his natural attraction to Trump's primary and presidential campaigns.

After 1 1/2 years of President Trump in office, do we think he's a Populist, Prophet or Provocateur? Or a little of each?

Enjoy the Benny's initial edition of #TrumpTalks, a story of why he liked what he saw in Trump from the moment he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in NYC.

Enjoy BITCHUTEBENNY's video slide show, w/musical soundtrack, of colorful flowers in residence at the Kent Park Arboretum, Webster, NY.,

Maxine "The Wig" Slomo Waters in rally mode incites her disciples to confront her self-appointed enemies.

For the upcoming mid-term elections, we will make her the Poster Child of Democrats, progressives, leftists, socialists, anti-fa and communists.

Here's a quick video slide show of humorous, somewhat politically incorrect ads from America's good ol' days. Enjoy.

If we don't clean house in the November 6, 2018 mid-term elections we shall suffer more of this.

For your viewing enjoyment is a video slide show of a Lake Ontario sunset accompanied by a jazz soundtrack. The location of the shoot was at nearby Webster Park, home to a small stone beach and pier popular among locals and visitors for the sunset views in the deep of summer.

Presenting for your enjoyment is a video slide show taken at my favorite Cruz Night held Friday evenings from June to September at a nearby Damascus Shrine Masonic Temple in Webster, NY.

I use the walking photo shoot for exercise and the potential surprises that might be at the show. The Shriners play classic rock & roll offered by an onsite FM music station crew though loudspeakers, outdoor grilled food and drinks, outdoor gift & memento booths and a 50-50 raffle used for donations to the Shriners Hospital.

BITCHUTEBENNY went out on his 2nd photo shoot at a nearby Cruz Night hosted at the Damascus Shrine in Webster, NY. Enjoy - ~5 min. video

BITCHUTEBenny's video poem dedicated to Sister Cyril, a Holy Rosary nun who in 1958 8th grade took him under her wing to teach him how to draw better that he was doing in her weekly art class. She was a cool lady and one of the best teachers he ever had.

For your fun and enjoyment is BITCHUTEBENNY's 1st video slide show w/music soundtrack of Benny's Mammalian Memes. #bennysmammalianmemes

We are fortunate to have a beautiful arboretum nearby where we live.

It is early in the season and the dahlia's are just starting to show their buds. Many of the springtime flowers are past their prime. The bushes and trees are just beginning to show their many red, yellow and green colors.

Enjoy the video slide show of the Webster, NY Arboretum with classical music sound track.

BITCHUTEBENNY presents a video show w/live sound taken at the season opening of Cruz Night of the Damascus Shriners in Webster, NY. Thanks and hope you enjoy the show.

BITCHUTEBENNY presents a video slide show w/music taken at the season opening of Cruz Night of the Damascus Shriners in Webster, NY. Thanks and hope you enjoy the show.

Enjoy a walk through a section of Rochester, NY's downtown Cultural District, home to the historic Little Theater and other unique retail establishments.

BITCHUTEBENNY's first night out at Webster Park to shoot a promising sunset. Initially there was a solid fog bank that slowly burned off by the time I got to the pier. Here's a video slide show w/music of what remained after the fog. Enjoy.

Here's a short second set of pix w/music taken on my jaunt to Rochester, NY's Highland Park to shoot the aftermath of a lilac festival that draws visitors from all over the world. Enjoy!

Rochester, NY has an annual Lilac Festival that draws visitors from all over the world. Mattering on the weather, to avoid the crowds and parking situation, many of we locals go to Highland Park just before or after the 10 days of the festival.

Here's BITCHUTEBENNY's video slide show w/background music of The Lilac Festival's iconic pansy bed and a few lilac scenes (the lilacs were just beginning to wilt but still had their intoxicating aroma.) Enjoy.

Irondequoit Creek at Linear Park was a restoration project that recovered a wastewater treatment facility into a productive trout stream by eliminating the plant discharge into the creek and ultimate flow into Lake Ontario. Because of its close proximity to dense suburban and urban environs, it is considered an urban fishery.

Enjoy the video slide show w/music of the trout run taken 05.17.18.

Benny presents a video slide show with his narrative of the effects last year's flood levels on Lake Ontario. A combination of endless rain, snow runoff and the St. Lawrence sea level commission decision to raise the normal level of the Great Lakes to enable seagoing ships easier passage through its locks. This year the water level is not as high as last year and we have not had powerful NW winds across the lake. many property owners have not yet fully repaired the extensive damage from last year's flooding.

BITCHUTEBENNY is fortunate to live close to an Arboretum that has a premier dahlia garden and other natural amenities that provide a wonderful photography experience. Enjoy the video slide show taken in the Summer of 2017.

It looks like Winter is finally going away. BITCHUTEBENNY presents a video slide show of scenes around the Lower falls on the Genesee River and a county park know for it's rose gardens that take bloom in the late spring. This year it looks like things will be delayed some as the last of the snow melts away - hurray!

Last Spring of 2017 the north shore of Lake Ontario experienced prolonged high waters along it coastline. Many shoreline residents experience heavy damage to their homes and cottages. BITCHUTEBENNY presents a video slide show of one evening with a colorful a sunset and unusually high water at the Webster Park Pier in the town of Webster, NY.

Benny presents a video slide show of the beautifully designed memorial park in honor of all those from the Rochester NY region who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. The stone and metallic sculptures, including individual commemorative markers, provide visitors a gripping pathway to the realities of war.

Less than 3 min. long - vid slide show of a modified Peterbilt truck that attracts enthusiasts at a local cruise night I often go to take pix - my hobby.


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