How the left did the steal.
Please feel free to re-upload.

Just another tool to tax the sheep whilst selling us a fake narrative? You decide.

Autism anyone? - step right this way up to the needle.

Sound advice from a legal professional and a detective.
Anything you say will be used AGAINST you.

This stuff is real - strawman.

Former inmate tells of football games at Auschwitz.

Asking questions of history is not hate.

More stuff you won't see on the BBC.

History not seen on the BBC.

Tricks used against you in court.

How the government uses you as collateral.

The dark side flash their 'diablo' handsign including fake truther Alex Jones.
Miusic by The Seekers.

Learn to use common law & never give a name.
The police are just council workers in fancy dress.

How your birth certificate creates a corporation in your name that you are unaware of.
This topic is called 'freeman-on-the-land' and is very real.

Occult hexagram symbol mistaken to be the 'star of David.'

A toddler gives some words of encouragement..

Close to footage of twin the towers on 911.

Peace activist gets a visit. Watch & learn.

For those with eyes to see.

A few funny signs and some bluegrass. Enjoy.

Google - because earning $100 billion a year is not enough.

20 topics you need to know that the government lies about.
Not my list - I will do my own soon.

Messianic Jew nails church apostasy.

A youtuber films the police investigating a complaint from a TV scammer.
Whilst the man seems hard on the young plod, he has every right to film.

Microwave stealth weaponry explained.


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