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Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli


Dr Shiva gets it when it comes to what's happening today.

Great explanation of what is really happening with 5 g from an expert in the field.

THE LEUCHTER REPORT *2020, Apr 2, 2020 - DISCUSSION OF 5G - Jim, Fred, Diane, Joe, Keith

Small part of our discussion with Barbara and Fred

How 5 g will take control of the world

We are not going to agree 100% with people but we should take what we do agree on and use it.

Waiting for them to capitalize on it.

Good to see a Jew telling the truth

Pretty informed black guy tells the real story

You can't trust the Soviets with their captured German documents

Back to the HoloHoax issue

Who is Dr Judy Wood and what is her DEW (Direct Energy Weapons theory

What will be the long term affects our economy

Jim and Diane, GOOD NEWS, Not the Virus, Bad News: Agenda 2030, TechnoTerror (5G), Health, International (U.S.) Economic Destruction ... Mar 23, 2020


Funny cartoon

Fred and Jim talk about Freds gun right case

Why they are restricting people gathering together

The End is Near!!

My City wants to give licenses to Illegals

Great talk about how the Jews work to stop Free Speech

Leuchter Report 2020 Corona virus

some of the better liars.

More on the Antarctic expedition and the Germans

Were the Germans on to something here with UFO's etc


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