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Little Winter cheer here

People in the camps died by sickness and disease

Back to the discussion on Michael Hoffman's
book Adolf Hitler Enemy of The People

Jim talks about the crematories

I start off with Gas Chambers.
Short and sweet!

Funny school video

Here is a movie that was made about Fred Leuchter.

Great video about a real day Nazi Christmas.

Jim and Diane discuss my crazy phone call from idiot that has no clue

Dennis Wise one of the great WW 2 truthers out there.

We discuss the latest happenings and going ons.

Short interview with woman from Associated Press.
Ernst had a gag order on him at this time.

Michelle Renouf did a nice tribute to Ernst when he was released from prison 2010

James Bacque writer of other losses, I have video also on bitchute
Most people calling in weren't not happy with the book.

Jim discusses what happened between Hitler and his # one Brown shirt (SA) man Ernst Rohm

This was a feisty interview he had and we learn even more about him.
Picture showing is the last one of him alive when he resettled in his ancestral
home in Germany, no longer able to come to the USA.

Zundel says show me what happened

This is a rare video that was found in 1990 the good old days when Hitler was on good terms with Ernst Rohm.

Great German movie made in 1934 with Ernst Zundel introduction

The Truth about Auschwitz with Zundel and Cole

Another great talk by David Irving

Ernst Zundel on how the allies wanted to eliminate Germany even
before the war a true Genocide.

Jim and Diane review the latest videos we put up

What the Americans did to the Germans after the war.


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