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Michael Hedges covers Neneh Cherry in the best way possible. The Urban Dance Camp dancers are put in a friendly dance battle to emphasize musical layers and ... it just clicked!

Links to videos I used:
Chris Martin and EZ Twins:

Keone Madrid:

Michael Hedges cover for Neneh Cherrry:

Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance:

Gravity Dogz slow motions skating down hills to Pearl Jam.

Links to videos I used:
Gravity Dogz:

Pearl Jam:

Hilty & Bosch dancing with precision and style, to the tune of an Alice in Chains song.

Links to videos I used:
Hilty & Bosch:

Alice In Chains:

This short and genius song by the Smiths feels even better with The Nicholas Brothers dancing to it.

Videos I used:
Nicholas Brothers:

The Smiths:

Ancient Ladino song preformed by the Andalusian Orchestra. Poppin' John's movement involves a perfect balance of flow and beat.

The free divers at the DODS competition each have their own style of flying, just for a moment. I wanted to emphasize the flight and the fall. Jeff Buckley covers the Smiths in an unbelievable way, so as to make a beautiful song even more touching. The video and the song were a match made in heaven.

This Mortal Coil covering Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren, mashed-up with John Frusciante's cover of the same song. I assume John Frusciante was very aware of the of Elizabeth Frasier's version, since they fit almost perfectly. Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot skate so beautifully to this music, of course this is not the original track they are dancing to in the Olympics but I thought this was an interesting combination. (They are slowed down to 25% speed, which just shows how their routine is just perfect, even though I cut it up).

Links to videos I used:
Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot:

This Mortal Coil's cover to - Song To The Siren:

John Frusciante's cover - Song To The Siren:

This song by Alice in Chains, juxtaposed with the choreography in the video (Directed & Choreographed by Andrew Winghart). The video helps distinguish this song, one of my all time favorites, and the song gives the choreography even more meaning.

Jeff Buckley covers Van Morrison's song, and Hilty & Bosch dance to it.
In reality they are dancing to another tune, but somehow they manage to enhance this specific song so beautifully.

Links to videos that I used:
Hilty & Bosch

Jeff Bucley's cover to Van Morrison:


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Putting Together aims to connect, mix and juxtapose movement and visuals with music and sound in a way that will enhance and support the beauty, complexity and depth in both mediums. The ideas and execution are a product of trial and error with intuition, and are not meant to mock or hurt the original creators or creations that are being used for mashups and "collages". I sincerely hope the artists I've "sampled" would be happy with the end result, or at least with the idea, if they saw it.