A collection of the original Mr. Bill skits.
Fun for the whole family!

A fan made video for "Hook In Mouth" from the "So Far, So Good... So What!" album.

Blackened metal from Portugal with a NSFW cover. I'm not tagging it NSFW because compared to other videos here it's fairly benign.

1. Introduction 00:00
2. Impious Congregation 01:08
3. Nocturnal Offering 06:28
4. Hellish Revelations 11:14
5. Celebration Of Isis 15:23
6. Nail The Nazarene 19:44
7. Pagan Melodies 23:43
8. The Dragon Lords 30:30
9. Noitcudortni 37:44

2012 documentary from (((The Blaze))) on islamic influence in the United States that I picked up for a dollar at a garage sale.
Despite being chock full of boomer-tier Tea Partiers (and a product of Glenn Beck), it is an interesting snapshot of the right during this period.
As far as I can tell they stopped selling it, though there are still copies on Amazon.

[rescued from 8/pol/ and recently unearthed]
Just in time for Halloween!

Time to take another trip down memory lane, presented in all of its low-res glory.

Continuous mix from Manu le Malin from the Industrial F**cking Strength compilation.

Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Middle East bureau chief Neil Macdonald's purged report on the Israeli Army's treatment of Palestinian settlers.
Macdonald is a hack, the CBC are right up there with the BBC and CNN. I back neither horse in this particular conflict, but it's safe to say the coverage has always favored one side, so this little anomaly deserves attention.
Sorry for the poor quality, it's an old one.

The Relapse re-issue of the 2nd album from Sweden's superstars of genocide.
R.I.P. Mieszko Talarczyk.

1. We Are Born Of Hate 00:00
2. Fuck The Enemy 01:28
3. Under Attack 03:02
4. Going Down To Die 04:56
5. Feed My Hate 07:30
6. Warchrist Supreme 09:10
7. Be My Bitch 10:43
8. Extinction Extinction 13:52
9. They Walked In Line 16:02
10. In The Mist Of The Aftermath 17:54
11. Blackout 19:19
12. Firestorm 21:53
13. Victory Or Genocide 23:57
14. Dead In The Shadows 25:42
15. Crazy Motorcycle 27:04
16. Devastating Power 30:11
17. Bloodred City Streets 31:46
18. Genocide SS II (bonus track) 35:51

Who indeed?

Jackson's first film, and still one of his best.
If you can't laugh along with this you should probably stick to superhero movies.

I'm testing something and don't expect anyone else to sit through the whole thing.
But kudos to you if you do.

It's time for everyone's favorite HR experience, watching the mandatory sexual harassment training video!
I miss the old internet.

Old interview with D.R.I. from a San Francisco cable access show.

Music video for Death Breath taken from the album Stinking Up The Night.

The film version of Death Breath's "Death Breath" music video.

Whatcha' doin?

One of the three "hidden" tracks from 1998's The Elephant Riders album.
This is the one I got with my copy.

I was told a story while I warned them of the sky
And I could see no good reason why the old man would have lied
Oh, he looked to be about as strong as a fish
And I tell it as I wonder what's the poor man's only dying wish
The winter of ought five
Left with two score and five lives
For the red eyed coal dogs howl
Could be heard for miles around
In the book of Genesis
God grants man dominion
Over animals, and the black dogs
Of P. Pont caught a glimpse
Come springtime there was food
But the widows all refused
And the poor man's black dogs came
To escort those who remained
Brothers, Sisters
Go across the river
Don't look back once there
Trust in God and take care
The winter of ought five
Left with two score and five lives
For the red eyed coal dogs howl
Could be heard for miles around

Gutalax - Czech Republic
New official videoclip 2019!
Camera & Edition : Brice Hincker
Masks & Make Up : Jakub Grundler
Direction : Brice Hincker & Gutalax

Free Speech Dies Undefended

Dressed in all black from head to toe, wearing masks, wielding bats, and throwing urine bottles while chanting “No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All!”, the communist movement known as Antifa has caught the attention of the nation, gaining fame after the violence this past year in Charlottesville, Virginia and Berkeley, California.

America Under Siege: Antifa is a documentary film that answers three critical questions:

Who is Antifa? Why are they organizing? What are their goals?

Trevor Loudon, an investigative researcher and author from New Zealand with 30 years of experience studying radical political movements, unveils the history, motives, and goals of the so-called “Antifascist” movement in America and around the world.

The film features exclusive interviews from well-known conservatives, many have whom have been personally attacked by Antifa, including author and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, radio host Steve Deace, journalist and free speech activist Lauren Southern, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, author of Citizens for Trump Jack Posobiec, and activist Lindsay Grathwohl.

Italian Dark Ambient from 1994

Segment 0 - 1 00:00
Segment 1 - 2 05:35
Segment 2 - 3 13:12
Segment 3 - 4 18:05
Segment 4 - 5 24:47
Segment 6 - 7 29:40
Segment 5 - 6 36:49
Segment 8 - 9 42:30
Segment 9 - 10 45:47
Segment 10 - 11 49:25
Segment 11 - 12 54:23
Segment 12 - 13 58:14
Segment 13 - 14 60:55

Bitch Witch - Bitch Witch
1. Mother Crust 00:00
2. Running Away from Nightmares 02:19
3. Charlie Crust is Rising 05:21
4. Bitch Witch 07:57
5. Starchild 08:42
6. Dressed to Kill 12:58
7. A Hell On Heels a.k.a. Disfuck 15:16

A deleted scene from the Disney classic 'Frozen' as directed by John Carpenter.
All credit due to Lee Hardcastle.
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Credit to Mike Polk


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