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Anon recently unearthed the director's cut of the "What is truly Scandinavian?" ad.

2016-2017 Austin Music Award winners for best punk

1. Equal Opportunity 00:00
2. Disasterbator 02:32
3. Hats & Sandals 05:13
4. World Blew Off My Face Today 07:24
5. If I Fall 09:11
6. Good Guys 10:47
7. Babies Ruin Bands 12:40
8. Cleansing Man 14:36
9. Six Feet Under 16:57
10. The Dark Hand 19:09
11. Evil Obscene 21:26
12. Better Day 23:29
13. Heathen 25:15
14. Blue 27:23
15. You Spin Me Round 29:48

Since it's an election year here in the states I though I'd share a little slice of history courtesy of Dave & crew.
Especially entertaining considering his current political leanings and how those views are being censored everywhere else.

Their first album from 1991.

1. Landfill 00:00
2. Brutal Cancroid 03:49
3. Gravid Rage 08:59
4. New Flesh 12:24
5. Catharsis 16:57
6. Skin Grip 22:36
7. Inflammator 27:56
8. Eye 32:05

Taken from the 1995 album "Slaughter Of The Soul."

Prong's 1989 recordings for the John Peel show.

1. Defiant 00:00
2. Decay 02:59
3. Senseless Abuse 05:51
4. In My Veins 09:24

It was a simpler time.


From the album "War Master" [1991]

From the album "Not Like Them" [1997].

From the album "Our Problem" [1998].

Full VHS version of 1992's "Cereal Killer" video before Kraft and Kellogg got to it.

haven't been able to upload all week, so this is only a test(udo).


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