Why Would They Put A Fake President in Office it’s mind blowing , while Peoples are Struggling To Survive and to have our Freedom Back…
Our Governments has not stopped On Destroy us Forcing us To pay outsiders , like Ukrainian, Migrants that they flooding our homeland making us to feel we living on in Foreign Country, They Shuts us up in every way they can think of , while Their Minions destroying our Country , and Destroying our lives and our children lives….
They Forcing to Grooming our Children by Gay Pride, LGBW, and Some Parents who’s Following Them on their Gay Pride,
They Poising our water, foods, Drinks, and the air we breath, They Lied about over population , This Earth has plenty Resources , plus Enough land to grow foods They hade fun for over 200 years….
Now it is Time for Us To Say Enough is Enough , by Pushing back and Stand to our grounds, Helping others To See The Light and Help to fight back to have our homeland and our lives back….

Who Creates The News And Creates The News Who Control The World?
The News Benders Are Telling Us Nuclear ☢️ Bombs And Satellites Are Fakes…

They All Know Each others With ALex Collier,David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Barbara Hand clow, Steven Greer, Bill Cooper and more…


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