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Senate Hearing Reporting nano Particles Of Aluminum In Vaccines. "There has never been any research to determine how much of these nano particles that go into the brain remain active, or how much damage cause the brain."

As of today, January 12, 2021 I am in day six of my COVID19 virus. I wanted to record this video to educate and inform the general public about this Bioweapon that is COVID19, not only here in America - but worldwide, what the "real" COVID19 is versus the Politicalized weaponized COVID19. As I state in the video, when you contract this COVID19 virus, immediately you know it is a Bioweapon to depopulate. Immediately, this COVID19 virus attacks the brain functions and suppresses the ability to process thoughts. As well as controlling and shutting down basic functions. This is nothing remotely related to a flu virus. I don't believe that the mass numbers of people being reported as having COVID19, I believe these numbers are inflated, as I believe we would be hearing about the brain function issues being addresses, above all else of the information being put out there.


Full video of Capital Hill Police letting Antifa, dressed as Patriots, Into The Capital Building

Antifa Disguised As Patriots, Let Inside The Capital Building By Police-2

Patriots And Antifa, Disguised As Patriots, Fighting The Police Inside The Capital Building January 6, 2021

Antifa Disguised At Patriots being Let Inside The Capital Building By Police-1

BitChute has repeatedly blocked and removed this video my niece, in California, sent me days before Christmas. California's setting up COVID19 Concentration Camps, which they call "detention centers" for COVID19 positive people.

I wanted to film a special video to wish all of my friends, near and far, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. :)

I wanted to show all of the beautiful LED Christmas lights, hand carved wooden ornaments and flocked snow. :)

I wanted to capture my Christmas Eve day:)

Since nobody else had this on Bitchute, I thought I should post this. I apologize for my shaky video, as my digital camera isn't working rights, so I used my cellphone. The website is still up by the way....

Joe Biden's Latino Racist Speech

Tucker Carlson Ties BLM Terrorists To Rosenburg

President Trump And Homeland Security Used Blockchain Encryption In The Ballots

Rick Grenell Speech In Nevada

Project Hammer - Rigging The Election

Doctors On Live T.V. Taking Fake COVID19 Vaccine, Empty Syringe

Black Community Thanking President Trump

Poll Watcher Asking Question

Joe Biden Has The Last Gaffe

Ballot Harvesting For The Democrats On The Streets

Text Message From Hunter Biden To Joe Biden About Sexually Assaulting His 14 Year Old Cousin

President Trump's Inspirational Video

President Trump's Speech After He Healed From COVID19


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