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Dr. Rashid Buttar was Murdered by poisoning on May 18, 2023 after airing this video. He died in hospital.
Tens of millions will die this year after being injected with the Covid 19 Vaccine.
5G will initiate the Deaths by way of 1 minute intervals over the coming months.

This is an older video but many need to be reminded.
For those who have yet to believe, perhaps this doctor will better explain it to you.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - This will be the year when the deaths of friends and family members become very obvious to everyone. The days of saying "I don't know anyone who has died from these shots" is over. Get ready for the PSUNAMI of DEATHS.
The ELITE's PLAN for Humanity are read out loud to you.

Randy HIllier describes what a 15 Minute city Looks Like.
All Political Parties are nothing but Mafia Crime familes where all Leadership elections are rigged.
FInally, MIllions are waking up to the PANDEMIC FRAUD - the PLANDEMIC

Paid assassins (Nurses) killing off the elderly in hospitals and old age homes with Midazolam.
Your food is being poisoned as pets and wildlife are being injected with the MRNA deadly vaccine along with store bought meat and vegetables.


Your entire life has been one big lie. Your government has hidden the truth from you from the time you were born. It's time to wake up people and stop being one of the sheep.

If this motion picture "DIED SUDDENLY" does not wake up everybody on the planet, then they're surely Brain Dead.
This is not for the Faint of Heart or someone Squeamish but it's all our duty to share the TRUTH to everyone we know whether they want to hear it or not.
Knowing that millions of unborn babies are having heart attacks in their mothers womb due to this experimental vaccine is pure evil and must be stopped now.
Share the Hell out of this!

BREAKING NEWS - The COVID 19 Injection has so far murdered 14 MILLION around the globe.
But Justice continues to move ahead centering in on Anthony Fauci and Justin Trudeau.
Doctors around the world threatened about spreading false information of the covid vaccine to their patients.
Many more are on the indicted list for mass murder and Genocide.BREAKING NEWS

17,000 physicians and scientists declare that Pfizer, Moderna, Biontech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety information from patients which led to toxic death and should be immediately indicted for Fraud.
All children and adult shots (Flu, Shingles, etc.) are to be replaced with the deadly MRNA Vaccine which, if successful, will kill off most of the human population.

Listen to the TRUTHERS, then sit back and listen to three dirt bag LIARS.
All the T.V. News Stations are lying to you, the Public.
It's time for the Guillotines.
MUSIC: Time For Guillotines - Trevor Moore

Millions are being murdered by deadly drugs from the Big Pharma mafia.
Deadly vaccines and contaminated foods are all part of the death trap.
People are no longer required as Robots are quickly replacing Humans in the work force.

U.K. undertaker John o'Toole warns about taking the Flu shot.
Trudeau trying to pass Digital I.D's, the beginning of slavery in Canada.

Arrests are coming but we have said that before. This time, Switzerland has begun CRIMINAL prosecutions for the Swizz president, Minister of Health and anyone they can catch on the planet and bring back to Switzerland.
Time is running out for these elites. Once the ball begins to roll, you will see more and more standing trial for Covid Crimes against Humanity.
Former TWITTER Executives are pounded by Congress and asked what gives them the right to censor medical doctors when they are trying to tell the Truth about Covid 19.

For your own safety, stay far away from getting this deadly covid vaccine.
It was intentionally designed to weaken your immune system and to eventually kill you.
Hospitals and morgues are overwhelmed not with the unvaccinated but with the vaccinated

All you need to do is a little research and you will uncover the TRUTH.
STOP believing everything your government tells you.

MUSIC: Gates Behind the Bars - by FIVE TIMES AUGUST

Everything you have been told growing up is a LIE.
It's TIME to Wake Up to the reality of what the TRUTH really is.

The evidence is overwhelming that criminal indictments are sure to follow but the question everybody's asking ..... WHEN?
The lies of these rich criminals are becoming bigger each day as vaccine death toll rises around the world.
Everybody's question is when is this going to happen?

Vitamins needed to fight this Globalist Tyranny.
It's the same ol' Playbook again and again. Wake Up!

Dr. Suchait Bhakdi - Covid Vaccinations based on fraud.
Pfizer must pay back billions in compensation.

MUSIC - Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CREEDENCE

A glimpse back to an horrific awakening in a Japan lab when 4 robots taught the world a lesson.

MUSIC: Mr. Roboto - STYX

- The Pentagon was directly responsible for the Covid 19 narrative.
- Vaccine killed more soldiers during WW1 than did enemy guns.
- Doctor confirms miscarriages up by 50% due to the Covid vaccine

What are15 Minute Cities that are planned all around the world?
Your Freedom will be gone forever.
Do not drink Bottled Water filled with Graphene.

In The End - Dale Ann Bradley

Living in the city will soon be a death trap for many living near these 5G death towers.

- Doctors and pilots vaccine warnings
- Horrible vaccine Injuries
- Cabal will soon dance at their own executions

You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry from the movie 'PULP FICTION'

- These are just a few of the vaccine criminals who need to be dealt with
- Dr. Rima Laibow in 2009 tells you everything that is about to happen with the vaccines and why she's leaving the U.S.
...............Did Everyone Think she was CRAZY?


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