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I do believe it's the people's time to fight back and stop all this bullshit and these media lies.
This can only get worse and the thing is - THERE IS NO PANDEMIC - just 11 Deaths from the Flu!
This is what's coming to VIRUS FREE CANADA in the Fall.

Everyday I hunt the globe for the TRUTH and The SILVER BULLET to prove that the MEDIA is LYING to YOU about this FAKE PANDEMIC.
Ladies and Gentleman .... I GIVE YOU "THE SILVER BULLET"

Months of holding the world hostage is now over. People are going to jail for this crime.
The Truth comes out.

Wait until you hear what's in the coming vaccine ...that's right ...the one produced in record time unlike any other.
If you race out to get this vaccine then you're probably one of the stupidest people living on the planet.
"But why do say that - I mean, just because THIS VACCINE FREAK never gets his own kids vaccinated, WHY WOULD I NOT GET VACCINATED"?
What's so harmful about this specific vaccine? ---- Well ....then get it if you're not concerned.
There's no going back once the needle is shoved into your arm!

In this video you will see that even though some parts of Canada have been certified 'VIRUS FREE', a mandatory order was issued
after this certification requiring 'Face Masks' to be worn at all times which makes absolutely "No Sense".
They are not about to give up that power and control over you quite that easily.
The best advice one can give you is to simply turn off your T.V., stop listening to all the bullshit and live a normal life.
This is by far the Biggest Lie that the world has ever been a part of.
More than 56% of the population believes this is a Huge Power Grab but these lying politicians and vaccine pushing lunatics can never lose their Pride even though they know the Truth is not on their side.

This video speaks the truth and those who refuse to see this have their eyes closed and are basically cowards bowing on their knees to the same politicians they elected into office.

If by chance, Joe Biden wins the 2020 Presidential Election and that's a big 'IF', he would most certainly be forced to step down within 3 months to his selected Vice President.
The Clinton's and Obama's will make the Democrat's choice for Vice President. Who will it be? Watch the video. Quite a SHOCK! But is it Really??

COWARDS refuse to acknowledge and share the TRUTH.
My accounts at YouTube were shut down temporarily due to my previous video at https://www.bitchute.com/video/ehdjaZcaPpZk/ ....
So, I opened a new one. What a bunch of Morons!
As soon as the vaccine is ready, it will be forced on you door to door if need be.
It will literally change who you are.
We are now living in a military state. You will see what's coming in the Fall and it won't be Pretty.

The News Media LIES?
People follow like sheep and would rather follow each other over the cliff than to NOT believe the news media.
Bill Gates spends 1 Billion dollars a year on training journalists and bribing the news media in what to say about his vaccines and this fake pandemic.
Big Pharma spends billions more to bribe their way for favors in pushing their medicine and vaccine agenda.
It's all about MONEY and DOMESTIC TERRORISM, a scare tactic being used to push the people into believing and eventually taking the deadly vaccine

For all the believers in FAKE NEWS, especially those who LOVE the Millionaire anchors at CNN paid to tell you LIES 24 hours a day.
Why do you think we have an Immune System?

From One American to Another

Frontline doctors are now exposing Dr. Fauchi as a serial killer along with others.
These doctors are so afraid of losing their medical licenses because of what they know.
However, more and more are coming forward with the TRUTH about their murderous Agenda.
This is the BIGGEST LIE Humanity has ever faced.
It is Plain outright MURDER!!. BILL GATES and Dr. Anthony FAUCHI need to be arrested now!!

There is a cure she says and she has 400 patients testing Negative as Proof after taking this drug.
There is already a drug that works.
This is Just MURDER!!
Fauchi is lying to protect Big Pharma . Absolutely no need for a vaccine.
It's all ONE, BIG LIE and Dr. Fauchi and his pal Bill Gates need to be put away in prison.

Joe Biden is finding it harder with each passing day to remember things which include knowing where he is at any given time and even his own name.
Even though he does have his good days, it's hard to imagine that the Democrats will actually continue to go with him on the 2020 Presidential ballot.
A switch in candidates could soon be made.

Frontline doctors are now opening up more about the Pandemic.
On Facebook Live, a group of frontline doctors came forward with accusations against politicians and news media stations of spreading lies and terrorizing the general public.

After one month of deep blue skies and normal cloud systems, all of a sudden the planes are back in full force and we are once again thrown into the twilight zone.

Now that they've got the seniors hooked into believing this fake pandemic, they'll go after the youth, the ones that like to party and mingle.
The wealthy do not want you to be a free thinking and successful individual. They want you to be controlled and poor and they will kill as many as they possibly can while they instruct their controlled lying media to push the lies even further. A socialist world is at the top of their agenda where everyone listens and obeys the commands like 'Wear a mask, Stay 6' apart, Stay at Home' and when the Covi-Pass comes out in a year or two when you will be required to get tested once a month, you will be refused entrance to all stores and sevices unless your Covi-Pass is updated for a monthly fee.
George Carlin talks about these people (sheeple) who are still asleep. These are the people who believe the rich politicians who pretend to care about you, the hard working little person who doesn't really seem to notice or even care about what's going around them as long as they have enough food and security.

There is a flu virus for sure - Released intentionally. But it's not the killer of all killers as you're being led to believe.
The whole idea was conceived years ago to shut down the world economies and to crash the entire system all in an effort of creating a one world government and total control over the masses. The main ingredient is FEAR. In order for this to work, everyone had to believe this virus thing and climb on board. It's now neighbour against neighbour and reporting those that don't comply. This is what they call Communism - TOTALITARIANISM.
Anyone who dies an everyday death, be it a heart attack, Diabetes, stroke, falling out of an airplane - you basically died of covid 19.
The numbers are being deliberately inflated to scare the people.
This is just the beginning. The planned second wave is coming around the November election all in a effort to oust the present administration and to place a more obedient puppet in the Oval office.
The media is controlled by big corporations like Big Pharma and such. It is their job to stoke the fire and to frighten everyone into submission.
Those who remain asleep to this new reality are the ones responsible for dragging us all down.
This is all leading up to the fake cure, the VACCINE, and once you take it, you may as well be DEAD.
Watch this video and wake up.

Joe Biden unfortunately will not be up to debating President Donald Trump due to the onset of several mini strokes.

This is from a friend of mine in California who just happens to be a nurse. This is what she tells me about the reported out of control Covid 19 in her hospital:
"We have not had any Covid patients yet.
I don't believe we've had anyone in Med Surg either.
We were originally supposed to take over flow patients that were fairly healthy to make room at a bigger hospital across the street, but, we never did those over flows.
The stupid Govenor here (Dem) is a tryant. He has ordered masks be worn all the time. What I've heard was many law enforcement across Cali will not enforce this. I've not been listening to the news lately as it exhausting to hear the BS they spin.
Believe me, I think they are still trying to ramp up the numbers.
I do think and know that more people are getting tested and they only like to report the numbers of positive cases, but, not the death rate. From what I understand too is that the Death rate has not gone up.
I do believe that they will try to keep this going into the Election period, and they are trying so hard to do mail in voting.

The deep state is really trying to ruin the whole world."

The doctors testimony in this video is definitely mind boggling as to what is truly happening.
It's not science fiction. This is real and Bill Gates is at the head of it.

One American has the solution to say "NO" to Mandatory Vaccines.
Good to see the Appropriate Response.

This video shows what's coming for 2021 and if you thought wearing a mask is bad enough or getting micro chipped, you're not ever going to believe this new plan of theirs until it actually happens to you in the next year or two. Say hello to COVI-PASS.
I was upset today after seeing an old friend of mine wearing a mask and staying 6' back from me. This elderly person relies solely on the Evening News for the events of the day but every day is the same ...... thousands dying of covid 19. After killing off tens of thousands of seniors, you don't hear anything anymore about seniors dying. It's all of sudden now the younger people dying. Strange ...isn't it?
For those of you following my videos week after week and learning and knowing the Truth, it's hard to imagine this is actually the same world we are living in. Things have changed overnight but this change was planned long ago and now that there is someone in the White House who was not supposed to be there, apparently anything goes in order to get him out including murdering thousands upon thousands of senior citizens and putting fear into the masses. To take down a democracy and to cripple the world economy overnight is not hard to do if everyone believes what they are being told. FEAR is their Power! The people in charge of this evil plan (NWO) need to be singled out and taken down. There is strength in numbers and this needs to happen.

If you think there is no pandemic, you are living in an 'alternate world'.
This is what all the News Media stations around the planet are telling viewers.
The fact is .... if these broadcasters wish to hang on to their jobs then they will tell the people exactly what they are told to tell the people. This plan must not fail no matter how many lives are lost.
The manufactured COVID 19 and intentional release of the virus in Wuhan China has been planned for a long time. The current occupant of the White House today was never to be Donald Trump. This came as a complete surprise to almost everyone in 2016, including many Republicans.
After the failed attempt at impeaching the President, a most evil sinister plan was put into motion, one which would affect all 7 billion inhabitants of the planet Earth.
It was a plan unlike any other plan and everyone had to buy in, no matter the cost. This coming election in 2020 will define whether or not that building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue remains known as The White House or The House of Evil.
It's up to America to choose.

The CDC, World Health Organization and The New England Journal of Medicine now Admit that wearing a mask can lead to severe health issues.

Top Democrats have been meeting secretly in what's described as URGENT to replace Biden as their Presidential candidate.
This video shows why.

JULY / 2020
People are now being described as being a DUMBASS for wearing a mask in public. For what doctors around the world are describing as just another seasonal flu with greatly inflated numbers, many people are believing the Fake News on CNN and elsewhere. While being described as a Pandemic, it's impossible to find anyone who actually knows someone with even a cold.
If you need to go grocery shopping, it has become mandatory to wear a mask. If you don't, they don't care if you go hungry. This is just one more way of suppressing you and forcing you to obey this New World Order.
You, my Friend, are a DUMB ASS!


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