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We have taken this paranormal event by YouTuber 'Sunfire Sky' and did a little editing .....snapshots blown up, slow motion and a little music added as well for your entertainment. Everyone involved has been given credit for their contribution. If other YouTubers would like to share their paranormal events with us, please leave a comment below or email to [email protected] . Similar editing may be done as well.

This video shows the reality of The Mandela Effect, a belief in a memory that differentiates with half of Earths people.
If this is your memory and understanding of what you believe is happening, share it with the world.
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/1BGvPoRGBYo

Cancer causing Dirty Black Chemicals (Fly Ash) are becoming commonplace here in Ontario Canada.
This ash can contain lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and uranium. The EPA found that significant exposure to fly ash and other components of coal ash increases a persons risk of developing cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Twelve new cloud formations have been added to the skies recently and teachers and meteorologists are spreading the LIES.
Schools around the world have added a new teaching agenda to their curriculum and that's making sure your kids will grow up as Ignorant and Stupid adults.

You are continually being lied to by your government, meteorologists, local News and politicians. This is a military project that even the United Nations knows about and will do nothing to stop it.
24 scientists run this project and meet secretly every week.
U.S. Presidents and world leaders know the truth but are warned about revealing it. The United Nations are involved with this lie but due to fear of massive retaliation by the people, it is never openly talked about.
GEOENGINEERING is plain Genocide, open for all to see with their very eyes.
The clock is ticking. Wake Up before it's too late!

Black mist (coal ash) hovers over us as planes spray dark chemtrails. An orb appears at 25,000 feet, same altitude as plane.
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This is definite hard to believe alien technology proof flying above our heads. Many people and I mean very ignorant people find this hard to believe even though there are many videos like this one to prove their existence.

If you don't look up, you see nothing and believe nothing which makes you stupid and ignorant to what is actually in plain view of everyone. Orb Spraying chemtrails.

This amazing chemical attack lasted all day and of course, with the governments blessing.
Showing how chemtrails begin and end with the whole sky being sprayed directly over our heads.
The people as a whole must rise up and retaliate against such atrocities.

Showing chemtrails being deliberately sprayed and the resulting toxic mist left behind resulting in cancer, tumors, world depopulation now taking place overhead.
YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/oQkmwWLa6IE

Chemtrails in the sky also come with the Supernatural ..... Orbs and more.

Nothing but white lines fill the blue sky and then the planes start spraying.
Toxic chemicals overhead whiten the entire sky.

A plane from Dubai, United Arab Emirates was caught in the act of terrorism over Ontario, Canada .
Labour Day week-end in Ontario Canada provided a look at many planes and massive amounts of chemical spray over the population.

This video reveals who the people and organizations are that are behind the research and development of the deadly chemicals inserted into chemtrails, including MORGELLON'S DISEASE.
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Thousands of people have been affected by Morgellon's disease around the world. This is not a mental issue as thought years ago. This is a very real medical condition and more studies are needed to find out why people are getting this disease.


NEW WORLD ORDER, the Elites at the top of the food chain have set into motion a plan to kill off 70% of the population of the United States or one third of the world's population by 2025.
All the Presidents of countries around the world are simply puppets when it comes down to making decisions on global policy.

Showing a very aggressive late day gas attack over our house with many planes whitening the sky and dropping huge amounts of chemicals over our house.
Plus, listen to the best Male Vocalist on the Internet today.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vWIqTOkHdfuQ/

Two different styles of videos .... in one, not a chemtrail in site for a week while in the other, we're being hammered with chemical spray.
This is just a RANT about you ....yes...YOU!
No matter what kind of video I put up, there's always someone that goes in the opposite direction and disagrees.
SO..... This is just an Unofficial RANT about Thumbs Down. ENJOY!

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Aliens, working together at Area 51 with the U.S. Military are sharing secret technologies in exchange for some pretty big packages, one of them being ....sharing the planet Earth without interference.
A depopulation technology is being shared which will eventually stop humans from reproducing, thus the rush to find other habitable planets for human colonies to live on thus assuring our survival as a species.
Our planet is being bombarded with chemtrails filled with nanoparticles that fall to earth and attach themselves inside the human body having a drastic effect on the reproduction process.

Full Documentary:

Depopulation of the planet Earth. Nobody will explain the reason for spraying the skies. A group of wealthy individuals are trying to rule the world and part of their agenda is to kill off as many humans as possible.
MUSIC: Here Lies - Josh Woodward - cc

Geoengineering / Chemtrails linked to Freemasons / Illuminati.
Showing the two sides and differing views of Freemasonry.
This is the uncensored video available here at BitChute.

Many planes in the sky leaving chemtrails one after the other.
Showing our business .....the pussycat hotel in Brinston.
Pool time on a sunny afternoon before the nightmare begins.

There are plenty of misinformed people that have never even heard of a chemtrail before but there are so many more ignorant and just plain stupid individuals living amongst us as this video will show.
You will understand why so many are blocked after you see this.

Showing one alien object in the sky plus another possible alien craft on July 1, 2019 sitting above the exact same area where the first object was spotted 2 weeks ago.
Hundreds of orbs surround me in mid April at -5 Celsius, a temperature where no bugs exist.

The news media around the world is lying to the public about chemtrails and the weather itself. This no longer about ignorance. It is about our survival.
People still do not believe in chemtrails but video proof doesn't lie.

song: Everybody Hurts - Cover by Jasmine Thompson
Video covers the various detox methods from dealing with heavy metals in the body due to the chemicals being released from chemtrails.


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This channel explains the difference between chemtrails and contrails and why the public should be informed.
World governments will not tell the public what is going on to avoid mass panic as this spray program kills millions of people worldwide every year.
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