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Navy Seal Michael Jaco and Heavyweight Boxing Champion David Nino Rodrigues reveal to the public what the corrupt, lying mainstream media refuses to do.
Governors being taken down one by one and States are reopening to 100%.
Mask Mandates being removed.
Covid SCAM and Election Fraud being revealed slowly to minimize violence.

Just a look back at some of the things I tried to show you. But very few listened and for that reason, I hope you enjoy wearing that dirty diaper over your face. I hope you wear it for a long time and maybe when you get the vaccine and disappear from this world, you will wake up in the next world to a new reality and finally see just how very stupid you were in your past reality.

Political Source - Glenn Beck
Chemtrail Videos - WIL PARANORMAL

Masks have come a long way and imitating someone's voice is Child's Play.
Watch the video and see how MAINSTREAM MEDIA is making you look foolish.
But Hey ......Just keep wearing that Mask. LOL

The KIng is about to make a comeback ..... and I'm not talking about President Trump.

If I was a Mask Wearer, I would be downright embarrassed.
TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION and watch Alternative NEWS for the TRUTH

To call these mask wearers "IDIOTS" who have gotten either the test, the Jab or both.... is putting it mildly.
There are no words to describe these people who are totally asleep.
To get tested without having any symptoms is idiotic enough but to get vaccinated? There aren't words crazy enough or strong enough to describe these Morons.
Maybe this tune is good enough - Stick Me Baby one More Time.

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It's time for the sleepers to wake up and realize that the election was stolen not just to place a loser into the fake White House but to show the world the very evil side of all these sick Pedophiles who supposedly rule over us, entertain us and guide us.

Phil Schneider, a government geologist and engineer with over 17 years of experience working on “black projects,” is undoubtedly one of the most important whistleblowers in modern history.
Phil describes his involvement with the building of these deep underground tunnels and what he came across not from this planet.
In exchange for advanced technology, millions of children and adults have mysteriously disappeared.
$500 Billion per year, back in 1995, was spent on advanced technology being giving to us by extraterrestrials in exchange for humans.

Child trafficking is Big News around the world, but not a mention of it on Mainstream Media - THE BIG COVERUP to Protect their Own

The average person on the street knows what's going on .... Big Name celebrities like David Nino Rodrigues know what's going on .... but the ignorant Sheep still have their eyes closed and those are the ones who are preventing the timeline from getting back to normal. Trump must declare that he is still the President. Four more years of this so called movie will be too late.

David Nino Rodrigues is on the fence right now wondering if Trump will return in March or are we screwed.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidNinoRodriguezChamp/videos

Ex CIA agent Robert David Steele and former professional Heavy Weight Boxer David Nino Rodrigues interact in a political discussion about Quote, "the Slut Kamala Harris and the dead, fake President Joe Biden".
Robert says his wife is a Biden supporter and Biden is an avid lover of Communism.
Does that translate into all supporters of Biden love to live under Communist rules or are they simply misguided?
Robert David Steele - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/oEqbnPG8c1fR/
David Nino Rodrigues - https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidNinoRodriguezChamp/videos

I have an EXEMPTION! I'm Allergic to BULLSHIT!

President Trump's return is imminent but first, he will speak at CPAC on Feb.28, 2021 to give an important update to the Patriots.

Just a few snippets of what everyone will soon find out - the actual TRUTH for a change.

This world is not at all what you think it is.
From the top world leaders to your friendly Masonic neighbour, this is a world filled with Pedophiles.
Do your research on the Masons. What you'll eventually find will deeply disturb you.
Kings and Queens, the very wealthy elite families, judges, politicians, businessmen ...this is one sick time line we are living in.

Schools are now being told to test your kids twice a week with or without your permission.
On the tips of these test kits are microscopic Nanobots which will be shoved up into your child's nostril thus breaking the membrane in order for the nanobots to enter the brain cells. This is called a tracking device to remain forever in their next slave.
Accompanied by the covid vaccine sometime later to activate the Nanobots, the dirty job has been accomplished and your child's DNA has been changed forever.
Most will die months or a few years later. That's how it's done.
Time to wake up People.
Pull your kids out of school. Saying NO will not stop them
These test kits for Covid19 were bought and paid for back in 2017 by 163 United Nations countries. They knew full well 2 years in advance that this thing is a scam and they are out to kill your kids. This is no joke. It is murder on a mass scale, a much bigger operation called the Deep State or Cabal, a Satanic cult including Bill Gates, Fauci and many more evil people.
World leaders, Politicians and Health Officials are all part of this New World Order to delete 80% of the world population by 2025.
You can deny it or go along with their plan. Keep wearing your dirty mask over your face and kneeling to these corrupted officials. That's exactly what they want.

Rebel News reports that the Canadian government has ordered the removal of all locks from individual room doors of Trudeau's Covid hotels.
Security can enter the rooms at any time and sexually assault the people being detained.
This is inexcusable and Trudeau needs to be held accountable.
The corrupt and evil politicians around the world need to be arrested and jailed immediately before the people get at them, which is coming if this Covid Hoax does not end soon.
Guantanamo Bay has expanded to five times its size over the past year and has now reached capacity with these corrupt pedophiles.
Military Tribunals are happening on a daily basis and the TRUTH will come out.

Everybody knows that Governor Cuomo is a murderer and con man. Now he's accused of sexual harassment?
Most of the world knows about Obama but just in case you didn't, OH - He's Gay and OH - Michelle's a guy and Oh - there's not one picture of them with their kids as babies and why's that? Because the girls are not adopted.

Ever since the day you were born, you have been lied to.
Believe nothing you were taught. Your History is all a LIE.
Subscribe and learn more at Salini Teri Apodaca - https://www.youtube.com/c/SaliniTeriApodaca/featured

I told you that when the truth comes out, everyone will be shocked.
The sleepers prefer not to know anything but would rather just go about their daily lives of being lied to by mainstream media.
Tory Smith who made these videos was poisoned and died July 20, 2016.
This LIE you're being told about the Pandemic, Biden, the Election and everything else reported on CNN (mainstream media) is now OPEN to all.
Take off your Masks and stop living the LIE.
The Truth must come out and if you don't want to accept it, then remain asleep and Ignorant.

Mike Pence and his wife Karen are both involved in Child Trafficking.
Pence has raped 177 children so far and murdered 88 of them.
Tory Smith, age 42, died mysteriously just two months after his testimony.
Perhaps this is the reason why Pence voted against Trump on January 6???

If you're too cowardly to stand up for your rights, maybe you need a lesson from these guys.
These are crazy times.

The whole world will know between March and April, 2021 all the lies they have been told by mainstream media.
This nightmare movie is all about to end. So close up your popcorn box and let's get back to the new normal, the one without masks and ridiculous illegal lockdowns.

There are two options here. There is the nuclear option described in my earlier video where China acts out a nuclear strike threat this week in order for the military to take over world governments or the Supreme Court takes on one or more of Trumps law suits and then sides with Trump.
Either way, The President is set to return with either option and the man who will announce Trumps return is going to surprise the world.
Could it be JFK Jr. and is he actually alive under the name of Juan O Savin? Wait and see.
This is getting interesting.


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