Yoboi A-Aron

Any wine from Bordeaux must be good for me, despite preferring the reds over the whites.

One of the few Chambourcin wines I actually like.

In this video, I will (finally) go over the four categories to tasting wine: colour, nose, palate, and finish. In my future videos (the most up to date being on YouTube), I will attempt to adhere to these four guidelines as best as possible and continue developing my own palate and nose as I continue to share it with my audience, whoever and how many ever there be.

Oh dear, this video is the one with the British accent. And although there will probably be more videos with the British accent, I will apologize in advance if my accent is downright terrible because more than likely it probably is.

The first of many red wine tasting reviews to be done on the channel

Attempting to do a wine review in the silent voice as roommate studies for the BAR exam. Which is for lawyers and not bartenders and never understood how that worked out.


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