Slavic marks, symbols - strange alphabet

From Range Rover converted to Concept Car. Registered in EU as vintage with his own unique name Range Rover Landcruiser

It is environmental tragedy what we have now. No one seams to control it. No responsibility. Just mamona and money over public interest.

No comment but you can watch to know.

Q symbol was created in 2012 Olympic Ceremony. I don' want to to give opinion what is it. See the video and make your opinion. What I can say is: Josef Stalin said

" not important who is pretending on election - important is who is couting the votes".

" If you want to must create and have your own opposition party. Who ever will win...that will be our victory.

This is how always Communists were thinking.

What we have today was planed many years ago.


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Human Rights and Freedom to express opinion are above any Laws. We just have them from the moment we have been born. We don't have to ask for those Rights. If someone is trying to take away our a Criminal.