Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What’s Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial
HAFJanuary 13, 2022

The Parliamentary hearing in Poland is wrapping up and the criminal trial for Crimes Against Humanity is set to begin in just a couple of weeks.

Fuellmich outlines how the Covid-Crime Against Humanity is a deliberate and premeditated mass-murder of unprecedented proportions.

The Luciferian sociopathic globalists who Fuellmich refers to as the “Davos Crowd” have stolen the worldwide pension funds, and part of the reason why they rushed their plan forward is that they were terrified the public would find out what they did.

Nuremberg Trial 2.0 Is In Preparation: W.H.O and World Leaders Will Have to Answer for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

GOKU - The HERO of DRAGON BALL (MOTIVATIONAL FIGHT AMV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7vd6wswQyU 18:51 into vid

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yes I'm aware that he is a Globalist... but just imagine that the characters he played are not and that there are people like that in real life, that will be the Hero of the day..and years to pass..
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpad81d4S1iUjbNxNAO8Qsg legolambs

Trying out a DOUBLE BARREL Pump-Action Shotgun (DP-12) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYN1QwiMNdc

Shipping Container Costs Just EXPLODED Higher! ( Shipping Insurance Crisis ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3pdCFs_tz4

"Doomed To Fail" - Top Immunologist Blasts Global COVID Response Driven By "False Propaganda"

Global Economy Heading For "Mother Of All" Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports




Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites Believed Part Of Russian "Sabotage Operations"

I'm living proof.. This is a crime and they know it, that's why they are forcing companies to conduct there dirty work , again I'm living proof , i had a opposed ticket against me and nothing , so to all the non-juicers we need to team up and do what needs to be done , if you have been jabbed you lost all of your rights and freedoms , debate me on this cause every one i talk to, now know that they have surrendered there rights away , well to all non juicer's we still have rights, so lets use em while we still can... this is Goalie eyes 157 and we are the last line of defense for humanity..

https://www.bitchute.com/video/iw4lquP6pPjC/ EyesIsWatchin Podcast #30 - Mass Sterilization, Narrative Collapse.



https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/G-2.5.pdf charges-dropped


[email protected] that's a backup one for now wont tell you my encrypted one till i know you are for real..

Spirit Science
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Universe Inside You.... Activate it....

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I'm tripping out on Golden teacher...and ayahuasca, I'm a Hockey Jedi... see you in, other world...
wow that was cool... Happy Birthday to me and good luck to all who gets it..

Canadian Libertarian
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Vaccine mandate could mean loss of up to 22000 truckers if imposed
Link to article below

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Goalie-eye's : I'm in the supply Chain and there are slow dripping Containers at work sites... with or with out mandate's
its all about the nwo agenda , until Canadians lead a party to take down these criminals, then this is the future you have to deal with.. Rise up and take your power back for these bastards, the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government is the reality we find our self's in...

A new synthetic drug known as “flakka,” a close cousin to bath salts, is being reported in states from Florida to Washington. Formally named alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or alpha-PVP, flakka is a stimulant in the cathinone family that can produce euphoria, increased alertness and a small high when snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed.

cannibal drug

Here's to 715... I've updated my channels playlist. I'm in the process of cleaning it up and more focused content
Fist off ABC's of LetterKenny

Good men will be needed in the difficult times ahead. We don't have time for fake alpha male posers. https://bull-hansen.com - be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels.

Red Green Air Travel Advice: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedGreen
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No-bark Noonan
True masculinity comes in many forms. It's not about shutting out every emotional response and condemning every human action, it's about knowing when and where it's appropriate to express them. I wish there were more men like you in the world Bjorn, you are the example of how to carry yourself. Calm, collected, together. There is no need for bravado or extreme outbursts of anger to show how you feel about something. That's a mark of maturity in both sexes of course, but it is especially important as men because the draw to explode at times can be much greater, and the consequences thereof are more destructive.

Anytime someone declares themselves to be anything ("I'm a good person, I'm an alpha," etc) I disregard whatever they say. The cream doesn't need to declare itself or be told, it just rises to the top on it's own.

Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.
just came from lying in the snow in silence, watching the trees and just felling it all. Too bad those that don't know how it feels can't get that added feeling from your videos!! I highly recommend you all leave your things for a while and just go into nature, real nature...

Jeannette Solimine
As a woman married to a masculine man, I appreciate your message of real masculinity.

Jonathan Bowling
Bjorn, you are a true example of a man and watching you is inspiring. You don't have anything to prove but you do talk about manhood and real manhood. Too many 'alphas' are posers who have their own weaknesses they are too afraid to face. You don't put on a show, nor belittle others. You just are. And you don't why away from areas that you may have made mistakes in. That is part of being an alpha male is being honest with yourself.

Your videos are soothing to me. I sometimes just put them on just to listen while I clean. It's good. Thank You.

Freely Farm Exploits
Classic masculinity has wrongly been branded toxic masculinity these days

RAF Yeadon
Royal Air Force Station Yeadon
Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg
Type Military airfield
Controlled by Royal Air Force
Built 1931
In use 1936–1939, 1946–1957
Garrison information
Garrison RAF Fighter Command

609 (West Riding) Squadron was based at Yeadon from its formation on 10 February 1936,[41] until 27 August 1939 when it was relocated to Catterick.[42] In 1946, 609 Squadron was reformed and returned to Yeadon the following year.[43] The squadron was equipped with de Havilland Mosquito MK.XXX aircraft which were difficult to operate because the runways were too short. Safety speed (at which the aircraft needs to be flown and controlled on a single engine) was not reached until over flying central Leeds when taking off in that direction—with drastic results should things go wrong. The airfield sloped downhill and it was necessary to land at RAF Linton-on-Ouse (20 miles away) if the wind was coming from the wrong direction.[44] Eventually, the Air Ministry re-equipped 609 with Spitfire LFXVIs.[44] This was sufficient as a short-term measure, but the grass airstrip was not ideally suited to Spitfire operations, and it was decided that 609 Squadron should move to the hard runways of RAF Church Fenton in October 1950.[45]

Yeadon was requisitioned by the Royal Air Force and became part of 13 Group and subsequently 12 Group. Once 609 (West Riding) Squadron left for Catterick, Yeadon served as a Flying Training School, bomber maintenance unit, and a scatter airfield. In January 1942, it was transferred to the Ministry of Aircraft Production and Avro built a shadow factory for the production of Albermarles, Ansons, Lancasters, Yorks, and Lincolns. It was also used by Hawker Aircraft for development work on its Tornado design. The Royal Air Force remained a part of Yeadons life until 1957, operating Austers, Supermarine Spitfires, De Havilland Mosquitoes out of here. RAF Yeadon finally closed in 1959.[46]
No. 609 (West Riding) Squadron RAF 1936–1939, 1946–1950
No. 23 Gliding School RAF 1946–1950
Leeds University Air Squadron 1955–1960
No. 1970 Flight RAF 1952–1957

Aircraft that were based at Yeadon:
Hawker Hart 1936–1938
Hawker Hind 1938–1939
Supermarine Spitfire 1946
De Havilland Mosquito 1946–1948
Slingsby Cadet TX.1 1946–1950
Slingsby Grunau Baby 1947–1950
de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 1955–1960
Auster 1952–1957[47]

A Hidden Aeroplane Factory During World War II
by Colin Philpott
Today it is an anonymous looking industrial estate alongside Leeds-Bradford Airport. Between 1939 and 1946 it was an industrial production centre contributing to the war effort on a gargantuan scale.
Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome had opened in October 1931.

Kazakhstani President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has DISMISSED the government after a wave of VIOLENT protests over liquefied gas prices swept the country. Multiple clashes between riot police and demonstrators erupted and a number of police cars were burned in the nation’s largest city, Almaty, prompting the president to impose a curfew.

**Manowar Fight for Freedom ** Music

Christian Thiels
"A #Russia-led military alliance said it would send peacekeeping forces to 'stabilise' #Kazakhstan, blaming mass protests that have plunged the ex-Soviet country into chaos on 'outside interference'." @AFP
Kazakhstan declares emergencies in cities hit by unrest
Kazakhstan's president sacked the Central Asian country's cabinet Wednesday in a bid to head off unprecedented unrest across the nation that followed an energy price hike.
Total chaos in #Kazakhstan. Banks were stormed with construction machinery in #Almaty and many stores were looted.
0:06 / 0:10
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Morgan Artyukhina
#Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan is in chaos this morning. Protesters furious over a new pricing scheme for liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that doubled gas prices have stormed gov buildings, burned the ruling Nur Otan Party HQ & torn down the statue of Nursultan Nazarbayev. 1/Thread
What's Going on in Kazakhstan and What Are Protesters Demanding Amid Surging Gas Prices?
Protests in several Kazakh cities erupted on 2 January due to surging gas prices in the country, with clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officers occurring between late 4 January and...
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Fuad Alakbarov ⁠⁠
#Kazakhstan, with a population of 19 million, is by far the richest country in Central Asia, with a GDP per capita of $27,000 and more than $35 billion in reserves, yet it was still possible for the country to devolve into chaos in a matter of days.
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Jan 4
Heavy large circleFlag of Kazakhstan#Kazakhstan: Chaos. Police throw gas to prevent protesters from breaking through to the Almaty administration building.
0:03 / 0:24

Blood. This is why they want it, and how they want to manipulate it..

Rudolf Steiner Press Audio

From "Supersensible Knowledge"


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Rudolf Steiner Press Audio
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Rosicrucianism and Modern Initiation CW 233a Mystery Centers of the Middle Ages; The Easter Festival and the history of the Mysteries, 10 lectures by Rudolf Steiner, given in Dornach between 4-13 January and 19-22 April 1924. Translated by Mary Adams and Frederick Amrine.

Lecture 1: Dornach, January 4, 1924
Lecture 2: Dornach, January 5, 1924 - 0:37:35
Lecture 3: Dornach, January 6, 1924 - 1:13:01
Lecture 4: Dornach, January 11, 1924 - 1:47:32
Lecture 5: Dornach, January 12, 1924 - 2:19:22
Lecture 6: Dornach, January 13, 1924 - 2:51:36
Lecture 7: Dornach, April 19, 1924 - 3:34:10
Lecture 8: Dornach, April 20, 1924 - 4:08:34
Lecture 9: Dornach, April 21, 1924 - 4:56:27
Lecture 10: Dornach, April 22, 1924 - 5:33:25

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)
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I saw two UFO'S today ,two orange/red orbs objects with a black out line , and there were no energy weapons they were solid matter , here are some news articles that I'm not alone..


Hello There.. and now for something more serous, A new Mission proposal From Me..
Thoughts and ideas For local British columbians..
I will not surrender and I will not take the juice and I will not comply with The NWO agenda.
I had a hockey team in Richmond that i was a part of and won two back to back championships and guess what the team i had to play against in the finals was called the new world order...So if i can help a team defeat the nwo then your dam sure i will defeat you in real life too..
This is Goalie eye's 157 and you, me and the rest of the world are the resistance moving forward..









At 10h pm tonight dozens of protesters gathered in downtown Montréal despite and against the newly implemented curfew throughout the province of Québec in Canada. As of yesterday, Quebeckers without an essential purpose are prevented from leaving their home between 10h pm and 5h am every day. This is the second time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that such drastic measures are taken. Footage filmed on Sherbrooke Street at the start of curfew shows masses of people walking and being followed by police officers in riot gear. Incredibly, the people who had organized this gathering since the news of the curfew came out actually took to the streets and are facing fines up to $6000 if found outside and arrested. The latest reports suggest that SPVM police have started making arrests as they appear to move in to dismantle the illegal event and put an end to this.



Rosicrucianism and Modern Initiation by Rudolf Steiner

Give this Guy a lot of credit, He is able to animate what some of us are thinking and have experienced through out the years...

Aamon Animations
The legend of Punished Bernie.

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ah crap its made by walt disney ,boo.. oh well still can't deny what had happened today 12/31/2021

When college coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) is hired to helm the 1980 U.S. men's Olympic hockey team, he brings a unique and brash style to the ice. After assembling a team of hot-headed college all-stars, who are humiliated in an early match, Brooks unites his squad against a common foe, the heav… MORE
Release date: February 6, 2004 (USA)
Director: Gavin O'Connor
Music by: Mark Isham
Box office: $64.5 million
Produced by: Mark Ciardi; Gordon Gray; Ross Greenburg; Justis Greene; Jon Mone; Greg O'Connor
Written by: Eric Guggenheim; Mike Rich

Here at Como Lake Goalie eyes 157 Happy New Year Celebration Special: 17:15

Como Lake Park is a small park in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Como Lake is located in the center of the park and is surrounded by a one-kilometre-long trail. Wikipedia
Address: 700 Gatensbury St, Coquitlam, BC V3J 5G8 12/31/2021

Who say's miracles don't or cant happen, well here is proof yet again .
In the new here it is imperative to stand up the the Fascist tyrants and dictators all around the world , I will continue to stand up for humanity and to set an example for the youngsters who looked up to me today. I was a true hero today and will continue the path that I'm on.
join me on the adventure that I'm on wont you, for I will and have fought for humanity, till the end

Happy Freaking New year... The war has Just begun...

Hey, I did it king kai.... awesome , if you can't click on the links and read then this channel is not for you the Joe Rogan video was a test and a message to a certain some one... and to see if you get what I'm secretly saying and hidden message's , after all it is SPIRITUAL WARFARE..

I don't need to go on video saying this and that, when we no its bull shit for that to happen, and a good reporter already did it on zero hedge

It worked, i wanted to see what would happen after the troll trace vid and if you can't see the trolls from the ones actually trying to help out then you are truly doomed..

Patricia Monna Intuitive Consulting

There is a spiritual war that is happening around us and we need to remember to ask for our angels protection and guidance as we move through these uncertain times.
#lightwalwayswins #PrayerChangesThings #spiritualWarfare #RaiseYourVibration

Patricia Monna Intuitive Consulting

If you want to learn to develop your psychic abilities, you need to start with fine tuning your physical and psychic senses. (You need to combine and use your 5 senses in order to get to your 6th sense).
Everything in the universe carries its own unique resonant signature that is comprised of life experiences, DNA, external/internal environment etc. If we want to learn the language of the universe and understand what it's trying to say, we must first begin by identifying the different energies around us.
Spend the next week noticing how different shifts in energy make you feel. If someone walks into the room you are in, see if you can feel for the energetic shift that takes place when they walk by you. Or when you are waking by a tree. Try and feel for the field of energy that surrounds the tree. It can be felt as a soft tingle, or as rapid goosebumps, depending on what/who you are tuning into.
These "shifts" of energy is what I started to notice when first beginning on my journey of psychic development.

Stay tuned for the next episode as I explain more on how to develop your psychic senses!

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty Of Helping Epstein Sexually Abuse Teen Girls

Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone https://www.zerohedge.com/political/twitter-suspends-mrna-inventor-dr-robert-malone

Gov't Can't Be Trusted With Cellphone Tracking Amid Pandemic: Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/govt-cant-be-trusted-cellphone-tracking-amid-pandemic-former-ontario-privacy

Canada Cancels Unvaccinated Joe Rogan: Can't Attend His Own Sold-Out Show https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/canada-cancels-joe-rogan-cant-attend-his-own-sold-out-vancouver-show-over-vax-mandate

Weaponized Optogenetics and “Psychocivilized Society” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PgQG95fNkI

Top Fives octo Camo
Ever since societies began to form full-fledged armies, military uniforms have played a major role in the service. And whether these uniforms were made for combat or made for ceremony, they’re incredibly important and mean a lot to those who wear them. But function plays a huge role and as humanity becomes more and more advanced, so do our military uniforms. And having a rough-spun cotton outfit isn’t going to cut it in today’s battlefields anymore. So join us for today’s video, where we take a look at the 15 most powerful military uniforms.

Youngblood 1986 ‧ Sport/Romance. Sorry, but ... I'm a Hockey legend and i will defend my foreground till i die, its how i new that i was gifted in sports and it helped me understand extra ordinary things that can't be explained, like how i became a hockey jedi of the sport, Player,goalie,Coach,Ref i did it all and it helped me train my super natural abilities that no one could explain , I did things that no other normal person could do, still to this day... I literally got inside of people's heads and i had people freak out and sometime even loss it on me or them self... mostly them self...So here's to the resistance.. I will continue to stand out, I still got lots of life left, Thank you and most importantly... Keep your stick on the ice.. Cheers . This is Goalie Eyes 157 signing off.

Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) is an exceptionally skilled young ice hockey player trying to make a name in the Canadian Junior Hockey circuit and impress scouts from the National Hockey League. However, he becomes bullied by goon Carl Racki (George Finn), a dirty player who has injured Dean's teammate …

The first issue is a logistical one. Hockey is a difficult sport to learn quickly or fake learning at all. There's a reason movies like Miracle used former hockey players and trained them to be actors instead of training actors how to play hockey. Even big-name stars in hockey films have some hockey background. For instance, Keanu Reeves grew up playing hockey, which is in part how he got cast in the role of Heaver in 1986's Youngblood.

Release date: January 31, 1986 (USA)
Director: Peter Markle
Music by: William Orbit
Box office: $15,448,384
Budget: $8 million
Production companies: The Guber-Peters Company; United Artists

Matrix 4: Parody by me Goalie eye's and review by RealLifeRyan
Review and Analysis of The Matrix Resurrections
This video I upload is only intended for mature adults. and for Fun...I'm only doing what needs to be done... I'm glad that there are other's who couldn't stand it.. (STFU Medaverse) and that there were forced to make this movie even though it shouldn't have been made..

Youngblood (1986) Keanu Reeves: Heaver. Keanu Reeves is a goalie..?... Ah makes seance now..huh.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgghyQ1PwdE RealLifeRyan

I could not watch it, i skipped through it and uaahh yeah no ...

This is what you do, to Sky-net.. go team Finland , i would love to go there one day..
and now for the central core..

Tämä on huikea tarina selkärankaisesta miehestä, joka päätti räjäyttää oman Tesla Model S autonsa. Mutta miksi ihmeessä joku tekee sellaista?
Katso video niin tiedät :)

Kiitos kaikille videon tekoon osallistuneille!! goes

Just a recap of what is going on and now you know who's side I'm on and will fight and protect the Resistance at all costs, I will keep the Spark of life going in my sector for that is my fate... I have insight knowledge experience, mitochondria evolution and history that has to survive in order to keep humanity going. this is Goalie Eye's 157 and we are the Resistance...

(THIS is N O T G O O D icon101 https://www.bitchute.com/video/WfNBiJTocF2a/ under a microscope )

https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zs4ePRsOcmXx/ SpaceAlienAbductee.com
To download free PDF copy of Bit Links Magazine Vol. 001, click here
if you click this link the pdf will open up in a web browser window where you can see all the links posted, no need to download.

To download a copy of this video Click here

Paul Stamets – Psilocybin Mushroom Medicines: A Paradigm Shift in Global Consciousness

EyesIsWatchin Podcast #27 - Psychological Programming, The Sheeple, AI Nano Bots

https://www.bitchute.com/video/OnyoLAJjghNm/ Ayahuasca: Ayahuasca Tea Testimonial: Recognized by Ministry of Peru

2021 Canadian Throne Speech - Learn The Future Planned For You. https://www.bitchute.com/video/WngwDPziKKi5/

It Begins! First 'Living Robots' Can Now Reproduce, Self-Replicate:Xenobots

https://www.bitchute.com/video/CRWrOZ26fNzW/ Must Watch: Ghislaine Maxwell & Secret Nazi-Era Technology Transfer

David Bowie - New angels of promise (Omikron: The Nomad Soul version) https://www.bitchute.com/video/FWR9U7pGY35t/

What If You Were Injected With Graphene? https://www.bitchute.com/video/xwP3BtLWxUzu/

It's Not a Tumor | The Venture Bros. | oh wait.. it's a Graphene Tumor.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/i7B28AZduJJa/

Bridges Roads Train Tracks Pipelines All Done By Design Creating What We See Here Near Vancouver B.C https://www.bitchute.com/video/PjDfUSkre2Tz/
The day before the Floods https://www.bitchute.com/video/PTj1v8bIqYBT/
#83.Humans 2.0 By RobbinHood. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xysdlUXMZBGq/
#72.The Ultimate Weapon https://www.bitchute.com/video/416nWe7Gg4KC/
Graphene Nanomaterials https://www.bitchute.com/video/FwkmL3xs8KLL/
Functional Graphene Oxide (GO) Templated Patterning and (...) | Dr. Rigoberto Advincula | 2018NSSUS https://www.bitchute.com/video/4qEIaRkMVa60/
Donald Scott: Tracking Birkeland Currents in Earth's Atmosphere | Space News https://www.bitchute.com/video/AAO6vn0rxpZk/
New $21.7 million federal funding expands UBC-led research on nanomedicines https://www.bitchute.com/video/TTIFEMJSLiFg/


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When I created this channel, I wanted to give out a Canadian perspective of the working class man, of all the shenanigans going on in our community.. I will not be a slave to this invasion..

This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it is a emotional response. No, not vengeance... punishment.” - Frank Castle

Guts, renowned as the "Black Swordsman", is a former mercenary and branded wanderer who travels the world in a constant internal struggle between pursuing his own ends and protecting those dear to him.