The Running Man (Enzo Margaglio Remix)

Game Over....work, has now taken a scenario and wrong intentions/history out of context and has made a rcmp profile on me and now I am surrounded by surveillance....
just for the recorded on my behalf: Goalie eyes did not kill himself,
I want to live... (freely) in peace...but as we now know that will not happen anymore due to your infringement/Control
of my wellbeing... you do not own me and i will not be a slave to your doom machine...
Savage Lands here i go.

P.S stfu nwo

When technology starts to enter people bodies and people accept it, that’s when I’m ditching society
🇪🇺 Banks will lose control if they don't use a central bank digital currency (CBDC), says Christine Lagarde, ECB President (and convicted criminal).

Word on the street is we are going to see many more banks collapse right away. Do you believe they are doing a slow-burn collapse of the financial system to move us into a Central Bank Digital Currency #CBDC? If so, how do we fight this?

What is going on with the banking collapses

Is the plan to crash the economy in order to force people to use central bank digital currency and digital ID?
A perfect way to do a "Great Reset"
Listen to The FreedomCast where I discuss this with @jasmine
How CBDC will CONTROL your lives w/ Jasmine Birtles - The FreedomCast...
Listen now (61 min) | Digital currency. Digital ID. Combine this with personal carbon trackers and more...

what about the crown, that you serve, on your collar there... the Jesuits the Bricks ,vanguard/ black rock the ngos the U.N The World economic forum technocrats and the occults....

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation (aka "Sanctuary AI") is a mission-driven company founded in 2018 and based in Vancouver, Canada.0 It develops intelligent robots that combine artificial intelligence, social science, neurology and robotics to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots that will help us work more safely, efficiently and sustainably. (or so they say...) you need to be able to read between the lines in order to understand what I'm getting at..
Their headquarters is located at 201 - 1825 Quebec Street in Vancouver. https://www.sanctuary.ai/
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjN9ov_2zJs The World's Smartest Robot Is Living in Vancouver
https://www.dwavesys.com/ Burnaby D-Wave Systems Inc. Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC

TD BANK GOING DIGITAL https://www.bitchute.com/video/3MVF0kYbjZU2/

if anyone with legitimate info on the symbol would be much appreciated

https://www.bitchute.com/video/JGKfiWuI3CHY/ EPISODE 27 "BBC TAIWAN TARGETS GPT TESLA BOTS"


so till nov23 ???/??? is the still the word on the street ??/??
Shout-out --Shout-out --Shout-out --Shout-out --Shout-out

when life tells you to keep going ... and you get a Shut-out...and help carry teams to championships In these crazy times...
Berserk - Guts Theme [Gatsu] (Metal Cover by Little V) (In Honor of)
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Here's my Epic Metal Cover of Guts Theme (Gatsu or Gats) from the Berserk 1997 Anime Soundtrack originally by Susumu Hirasawa.
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Documentary, Esoteric, Hermeticism, Occult Philosophy
A General Look At Alchemy REMASTERED without text! This is an introduction to the origin of alchemy. Starting with the “Father of Alchemy” Hermes Trismegistus, an Egyptian Sage from an unknown period, through Biblical figures, the Rosicrucians, and to our days practices of alchemy. The book also describes a series of concepts found in texts related to alchemy such as: The seven metals, The seed, The first matter, The Philosopher’s Stone, Dragons and many more, making this introduction a valuable little guide to further readings. Presented here with permission and written by Luxamore, courtesy of http://www.indotalisman.com/

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Hey look its Simon Gruber.... Simon Says.....Got Gold ???
what are you doing with our money.... oh, same globalist shit heads up to there old tricks again, eh..?

What the Media Won't Tell You About the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
so I’m going to explain the SVB collapse, how it happened, point to some similar events that have occurred in the past, and discuss what it means for the future of our financial system here in the United States.

MYSTERIOUS MUSHROOM COMPUTERS https://www.bitchute.com/video/g6DX3DkhHFWJ/

I would like to ask our 🇨🇦 People, “If our leader is a sexual predator, is it any wonder that we have a transhumanism sexual attack happening to our children with a huge 🇨🇦$ Budget!”
Someone lost their license to teach students.

#wef2030agenda #TrudeauDestroyingCanada
A short but accurate history that explains why we are in the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Context matters, not propaganda. History didn't begin a year ago.

They Scammed This... from the Sheep News Network....

welcome to Canada… would you like some Cocaine ???

Surrey might reduce property tax hike, but only if RCMP remains, mayor says
The drop to 12.5 per cent is predicated on the assumption that the Surrey Police Service transition will be halted....from the 17.5 %
(do you believe in that ???)

Cocanium! | Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jim Belushi and more...

Angry Canadian

Hockey player on Cocanium!

and forget the other 2.... oh well...

so in the Uwantsun video of the individual in the bus driver seat, it was clearly an experiment to see, if "they" could remote hack a person to be under there control, as you can clearly see "they are still in its testing vase of the trail.. as the individual fights back from takeover ie high jacking override, we see the nervous system then shut down..

oh boy, did a lot of reading yesterday about biohacking/biochemistry - and the Sequential activation of human signal recognition particle by the ribosome and signal sequence drives efficient protein targeting

A team of scientists has grown "minibrains" in a lab, with the eventual goal of linking them together to form super-efficient "biocomputers."
Bioengineering System - Use of the Integrative System and chimeras.... "whoopie"
credit: DESTRYUR - Spellbook
She Had The 24th Chromosome - 24th Chromosome Explained - Scene From 2005 Movie Doom
and Uwantsun

do the research its all there , yes some of it is censored or unable to understand and liar's, but in hindsight they have to tell you in order to cast the mad scientific spell casting/high jacking and so forth just like the 4g 5g 6g radio active microwave technology they can high jack the individual using this technology...to be a subservient nbc slave and to knock you down a notch or to if you help others fight back
some can fight back others cant but we are all as a species are, in, or indirect contact with it...


Please read and pass this on to others!

How municipal politics in your local community has been stolen by a company called Canada. The Newley hired CEO is continuing the globalists United Nations plans to a key!

It's important to get this information into as many mayoral candidates’ hands as possible.

There was a restructuring of "mayors" by the United Nations that started in 1992.... it helps to know how it was done in order to undo it....

On the globalist website are all the founding UN documents are listed under Resources. This is how we learned about the fraud of public/private partnerships & how they got to our town & Mayor.


A brief summary:

CANADA - which we need to comprehend is and never been a country nor have they ever had the authority to govern any of us. Once more grasp the magnitude of this fraud the faster we end it and restore law and order for we the people.

Canada CEO Brian Mulroney at the time signed on to UN Agenda21 in 1992 A total of 178 other CEOs who have unlawfully hijacked these nations and they call themselves the Kings or Rulers of these 178 countries agreed to this international agreement that guaranteed them huge bribes. "big money" to go "green".

Once signed, CANADA Board of directors - Private Membership club most call politicians or Crime Ministers . became a UN Member State (Nation State) & no longer a "sovereign country" under the rule of law & the supremacy of man and woman.

All the nations were unlawfully stolen and the private Membership club of criminals used their illegal activities on uneducated men and woman.

These criminal board members conspired that any of their de-facto countries that signed on to UN Agenda21 ceased to be a "nation" & all their governments were restructured as UN MEMBER STATES. All towns were to be either abandoned or merged with others to form UN CITY STATES.

By 2000, we saw countries being "governed" by directions of the United Nations, G7, G20, Council of Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization, International Council on Local & Environmental Issues (ICLEI) etc... instead of soverign men and women who are the true owners of the land and their community.

The entire parliamentary system has been a 100 percent fraud.

The Municipal Primer, was sent to all of our local towns in 1994 & it outlined how they were to restructure their governments.

Our public officials/office - which is your elected Mayor & councilors - were "partnered" with a private corporation (CITY) that would "help" the local agenda implement these global goals HERE.

Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) were brought into every town to "work" with the Mayor to implement the global agenda instead of a local one.... to commit local public funds to private sustainable development goals & foreign investo

Tribute to the father of synthwave #johncarpenter #synthrock
I guess its time i take one for the team eh....oh what possibility could i be hinting at ???

A B.C. cannabis company says it has approval from Health Canada to include cocaine as a substance the company can legally possess, produce, sell and distribute.

Adastra Labs in Langley, B.C., said it has been granted an amendment to its dealer license to “interact” with up to 250 grams of cocaine (nearly nine ounces), to import coca leaves to manufacture and synthesize the substance. It said it received its approval from Health Canada on Feb. 17. (~ or so they say... ~)

W.T.F.....An illicit drug store in Vancouver?
As the province continues to see staggering numbers of deaths from toxic drugs, more then one man is hoping to set up shop to sell a clean supply.

A B.C. cannabis company says it has approval from Health Canada to include cocaine as a substance the company can legally possess, produce, sell and distribute.

Adastra Labs in Langley, B.C., said it has been granted an amendment to its dealer license to “interact” with up to 250 grams of cocaine (nearly nine ounces), to import coca leaves to manufacture and synthesize the substance. It said it received its approval from Health Canada on Feb. 17.

“Harm reduction is a critically important and mainstream topic, and we are staying at the forefront of drug regulations across the board,” Adastra CEO Michael Forbes said in a release.

“We proactively pursued the amendment to our Dealer’s License to include cocaine back in December 2022.

“We will evaluate how the commercialization of this substance fits in with our business model at Adastra in an effort to position ourselves to support the demand for a safe supply of cocaine.”

The company said it also is allowed to possess, produce, sell and distribute up to 35 ounces of psilocybin and psilocin.

On Thursday, Global News asked B.C. Premier David Eby for his thoughts on Health Canada’s decision to make the amendment for the Langley-based lab.

Eby was shocked to hear the news. "Yeah I bet" (wasn't in on the script yet i see...)

~ what was that ?..... ~ that would be telling...
Is the Airforce seriously chasing a ...?

read between the lines, i guess its the best they can do with the censorship and all

Not my Canadian lumber........................Nooooo..................................................................................

Controlled Op.s are deep into the movement to ensure you follow distractions and deceivers - All done by design - ART of WAR - Once you discover who they are - Now you won your first battle- !!!! HLP P2015 Report We The People - Constitutional Conventions https://www.un.org/en/development/desa/policy/untaskteam_undf/HLP%20P2015%20Report.pdf
Jordan Peterson a UN Globalist: Edited a Report for the High-Level Panel on Sustainable Development
Source: voxday.blogspot.ca Culture Wars

Tags: 4chan globalism immigration John Podesta Jordan Peterson mass immigration migrant crisis Psychology United Nations Western civilization
/pol/ is onto the Jordanetics fraud. Update: The 8chan thread already got nuked, so it has been reposted at 4chan, and has also been archived:

Jordan B. Peterson worked on the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Sustainable Development, editing a document that was released in 2013 entitled 'A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies Through Sustainable Development '. One of the panel members of this UN High Council was none other than skippy himself, John Podesta.

In July 2012, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the 27 members of a High-level Panel to advise on the global development framework beyond 2015, the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Panel was part of the Secretary-General’s post-2015 initiative mandated by the 2010 MDG Summit. UN Member States have called for open, inclusive consultations involving civil society, the private sector, academia and research institutions from all regions, in addition to the UN system, to advance the development framework beyond 2015.

There is a global ethic for a globalized world, based on our common humanity, the Rio principles and the shared ethos of all traditions: “do as you would be done by.”

Look what it says on page 18 under the heading 'Global Impact by 2030':

“International Migration: The universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants must be respected. These migrants make a positive economic contribution to their host countries, by building up their labour force.”

From the Acknowledgements section of the report:

The deliberations of the Panel were informed by the broad consultative process conducted by the United Nations, as directed by the Secretary-General in our terms of reference. This includes national and global thematic consultations under the aegis of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), regional consultations undertaken by the Regional Commissions, consultations with businesses around the world under the guidance of the UN Global Compact, and the views of the scientific and academic community as conveyed through the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. We are grateful for the perspective these extensive consultations provided.

Some initially doubted that Peterson was actually involved with this UN agenda, since he is not listed among the 27 members of the panel.

Creating a Natural Law Republic & Parts 1 -10
Where We Are & Where We're Going Part 1
Imagining A Better Future Part 2
Exposing Fatal Flaws of Government & Top-Down Societal Control Part 3
The Death of Government & Rise of the Natural Law Society Part 4
How A Public Service Admin Works in A Natural Law Republic Part 5
Creating A Social Contract With Real Protection Part 6
Crime, Reparation, & Reform in a Natural Law Justice System Part 7
Keeping Corporations in Check! Part 8
Reclaiming Media & Restoring Truth in Society Part 9
Creating a New Education System Part 10
Welcome http://constitutionalconventions.ca
Telegram group. Please connect with us.

You may email [email protected]
Zoom 5 - 10 Eastern Time, Daily

Activate Global Shortages... Low Budget Stories
Next Generation Body Armour • PPSS Group Launch...
and the infamous Metal Gear warnings... not a conspiracy any more huh ?
Nanomachines son...
except the virus part

I explain what ISED Canada is and the Canadian Government's partnership with OpenGov and how that relates to the Sustainable Development Agenda. I also explore the fact that many "Freedom" groups are incorporated using the OpenGov platform and what this means.
Links Used

Dance my spear... Uh, to boldly go, on a spiritual quest, shaman style : just a preview of what i have been working on in the back ground, like the lost city of Atlantis and other shamanic gifts to unfold...
I have accent powers that "they" are trying to oppress
and you do to....dam you f-ing N.W.O Monsters... Ahh...

so here in Canada we side with monsters instead of full potential human spirits

A beautiful psychadelic of the (Can you help unlock your full potential:1.3), by (Dave Dorman and Alex Grey:0.8), (Sotto In Su and digital:0.8), (painting:0.3)

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just a little of golden teacher and Ayahuasca

the substances that were up against :
0:00 - wtf ending 1
5:53 - wtf ending 2 ALL ENDINGS - Atomic Heart

Overview of the technology
NANOALLOY™ technology is an innovative microstructure control technology developed by Toray that can bring about dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to existing materials by minutely dispersing multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale.
The technology enables high performance and functionality in polymers which could not be achieved in conventional alloys of micron-metric scale (one millionth of a meter), and is a revolutionary technology whose basic patent, core process patents and utility patents are owned by Toray.

* NANOALLOY™ is a technology brand that represents Toray's high technical skills. (Technology brand denotes a brand that serves as a business source indirectly contributing to a company's operating revenue by visualizing patent-protected technologies with the brand to improve corporate image of having high technological ability and by differentiating products using such technology.)

A technology that forms polymer alloy structure combining multiple polymers in the nano-metric scale.

Polymer alloy structure includes

a structure that minutely disperses multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale
a structure that enables formation of a continuous 3-D structure that precisely aligns the polymers in a nano-metric scale by suppressing the self-organization effect where they combine on their own upon mixing polymers, and
a structure that includes "nanomicelle," several tens of nanometer sized particles with properties of the respective materials.


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When I created this channel, I wanted to give out a Canadian perspective of the working class man, of all the shenanigans going on in our community.. I will not be a slave to this invasion.. plus my adventures in the goaltending world and my hobbies in the alchemy world...

This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it is a emotional response. No, not vengeance... punishment.” - Frank Castle

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