Joel Bourne

Joel Bourne

Or is it some type of catatonic state ?
Anyway, he stayed like this for over 5 minutes after his massage tonight !
Scared me at one point !

Taking the dog for a walk. It was a challenge to get both of us in the same frame !

Christian's dog also gets into the act as I play my acoustic guitar in the living room.

Barkley was not himself in this video. He usually is much more lively. I later found out at the veterinarian he has a heart problem.

The journey begins for a man in search of his own sanity.

Barkley suddenly decides to go his own way.

I was sure the airplane was flying out from the South , but I lucked out and caught a nice arrival shot anyway !

I got lucky with a nice steady arrival shot.

Playing some new open chord progressions with new strings tuned to 432 Hz

Dogs meeting randomly at Nose Hill Park.

A 180 view from east to west on the south west area of Nose Hill Park in Calgary, Alberta.


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I enjoy carving stone and playing acoustic guitar. Travelling around Canada and meeting different artists is a constant source of inspiration.