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A tribute to a wonderful little dog. Barkley was my son Andrew’s dog, but I adopted him too. He was also adopted by Andrew’s girlfriend Charlene. He was part of the family. He passed away recently on the evening of January, 9, 2022.
We miss him.

A nice dystopian melody. Seems appropriate for these days.

My most recent version of this song.

This is a bit shorter than the first one. I will continue to do new versions.
I hope you enjoy this in some way.

A new song. I will record more versions of this one.

Having fun with a new jam.

I went to Elbow Falls today for a great hike. It is located in the Kananaskis area of Alberta.
Beautiful day with lots of sun.

Another new song.

One of my new songs.

I have reworked this one a few times. This latest version is very close to what I want. I hope you enjoy this third song in my recent trilogy.

The second song of my recently created trilogy.

One of three new songs I have created.

A jazzy little number inspired by and dedicated to my first subscriber whoever you are - Thanks for following ! I just recently passed the one year mark on Bitchute !

Another new song in the works. Second take.

My first new song of 2019.

There are more verses. I will record this again when it's finished.

Or is it some type of catatonic state ?
Anyway, he stayed like this for over 5 minutes after his massage tonight !

Taking the dog for a walk. It was a challenge to get both of us in the same frame !

Christian's dog also gets into the act as I play my acoustic guitar in the living room.

Barkley was not himself in this video. He usually is much more lively. I found out later he has a heart problem.

Dogs meeting randomly at Nose Hill Park.

A 180 view from east to west on the south west area of Nose Hill Park in Calgary, Alberta.


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I enjoy singing and playing original music on acoustic guitar. Some of the songs I upload on this channel will be recorded in a studio.