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President Trump will revoke birth right citizenship. illegal caravan, invasion of U.S. Commander in chief Mr. Trump will revoke birth right citizenship and the truth about the 14th amendment bill will come out. Birth right citizenship, why should illegals and non u.s. citizens parents give births to u.s. citizen babies. Illegal immigration is the worst for any country, using illegal immigration to invade a country legally is insanity.

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if you were on your death bed and they ask you, are you ready to go, can you truly said i am ready to exit and i have lived my life to the fullest extend. Can you said 100% you have lived a life of no regrets.


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I am an Intuitive and Empathic Spiritual Advisor. I started at the age 11 where I would have dreams, they would come true, and I would have visions and hear my spirit guides crystal clear! My gifts include many, clairvoyance, love advisor, career advisor, healing readings, aura reading, life coaching & motivational, astrology, and crystals. People from all over the world, and all walks of life have received my special insight and guidance to their life's problems.

I receive accurate answers from my spirit guides concerning your relationships, business, and all other matters with accuracy of 95% usually. Most importantly, I am a caring, straightforward, compassionate and inspirational advisor, who is driven to help solve your circumstances and change your life with positive results. My readings are extremely descriptive and very detailed, so that you will receive the help to overcome obstacles and start living a more fulfilling life. Not only are my readings highly accurate, but they also offer you advisor direction to make your dreams come true! I really enjoy my God given gift because I can help clients with honest answers for their questions. I have been counseling people in the matters of love, life, and relationships for 15 years! I want you to know that I am here for you every step of the way!
Do you have questions & concerns? I have answers! I'm dedicated to the client (YOU). Remember I am here to help you enrich your life in the matters of love, life, and relationships! Remember you are my #1 priority! Always remember that you deserve positive love, life, and relationships! I will not waste your money or time!!!! I want you to get the most information out of your reading!!! Before your reading please take a deep breath and have an open mind! Negative energy will mess up your reading!! There are a couple things I will need from you before we get started: 1. Take a deep breath and relax. 2. Say your first name 3 times. 3. Please keep an open mind. I look forward speaking with you soon! May God Bless you in all aspects of your life!!!!

~ Many Blessings with Light & Love, Sunahmen

I also provide energy readings and prophetic prayers by appointments only. Angel card reading is available
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