Yup finally got to uploading part 7 of vol 1 of nekopara. We can tell that Chocola is starting to get in heat and we know what happens when they get that way. It's near SEXY TIME!!!!!!

This is the doki doki ending or the normal ending of the spin off from Moe Ninja Girls. This one was actually better than most endings I've seen in the game and shows us how strong of a prev Kazuki's father is. Wish he can teach me his ways one day

Yup I finally got the moe ending done from the spin off which is my favorite ending out of the two. I found a decent amount here pretty easy in editing but the ending itself made me laugh hard for good reasons

This is the final chapter of the spinoff from Moe Ninja Girls. I found this one funnier than the others and the ending of this will make ya wonder what'll happen next

This is chapter 2 of the spin off for moe ninja girls. It's funnier than the last chapter at least so I can say this one is worth your time especially if ya like funny commentary

This is the first chapter of the spin off super smash brassieres team battle. It was ok in my opinion but with my funny commentary, I made it a bit better

This is pt 6 of nekopara vol 1. This one was definitely awkward but funny to read especially the part where Chocola and Vanilla are being "taught" for their bell test. You'll understand when ya see the vid

This is Akari's new birthday story on MNG. I found it both funny and romantic but mostly funny and my reactions made it even better to watch. Trust me you won't stop laughing

This is Tengge's epilogue for season 25 of MNG. I actually found this one the most amusing so far cause of how everyone tries to ask Tengge out in this. A lot of decent yuri ships for reference

This is Tengge's ending for Season 25 of Moe Ninja Girls. This was a pretty entertaining one to read by far. If Tengge was real, I'm pretty sure I would lose to some of her... persuasive methods

This is Yamabuki's epilogue for her ending in season 25 of MNG. I didn't really find it that great until near the end where things got awkward and funny

This is Yamabuki's ending from season 25 of MNG. I found it very touching and funny at the same time. I felt really bad for Yamabuki cause of what she's forced to do in the story after reading this but I can see why. Sorry it took long to make btw but I'm currently working and making vids at the same time so it's hard to do these quick but I deliver in the end

This is part 5 of Nekopara Vol 1. Aside from seeing certain perks of these catgirls, it was hard not thinking how cute they were. The title was kinda hard to think of though so I thought I'd just use something random

This is part 4 of Nekopara Vol 1. I was laughing hard at Shigure's attempt of disguising herself cause it was pretty retarded. I did like seeing the other catgirls though especially now that they've matured if Ya know what I mean.

This is an extended version of the song Cyberangel featured in the game Honkai Impact 3rd. Extending it wasn't too hard really and it's a great song. I plan to do more of these until I can finish editing some MNG vids

This is the new song featured in MiHoYo's new Honkai Impact 3rd animation which I'm a big fan of. When I saw it and heard the song, I was like HOLY SHIT the whole time. MiHoYo really knows how to impress their fans and I hope they keep it up

This is the Doki Doki ending or normal ending of Super Smash Brassieres. I didn't really like this ending to the point where I couldn't even make it funny. Basically it's the epilogue to the Moe ending

This is the moe ending for MNG Super Smash Brassieres. I like this one more than the other ending cause it's funnier and more entertaining. This fucker gets all the fun in the game

This is the last chapter of the Super Smash Brassieres Classic Rpute spinoff. I found this strangely odd but entertaining to watch. I REALLY wish I was the one doing all the unhooking though

This is the second chapter of the spin off. I thought it was a bit more funnier than the last one but not good enough to wake my salchicha if ya know what I mean.

This is the first chapter of the spin off from Moe Ninja Girls. Some people have been requesting this for a bit and I did it. I only managed to edit the first chapter but the rest will come soon. I felt good reacting to these again

In my final vid, we got the cute country girl Hotaru as my little sister. Personally I'd get a bit annoyed with the way she'll talk but when she starts to act a bit more attached..... you know fuck it I can deal with that

In this vid, we got the lovely otaku Nanao as my little sister. Honestly me and her would get along pretty well since we got similar tastes in hobbies and we're gamers, which is better. Not really into the BL crap that she's into though

In this vid, we got the beautiful and intelligent Lily as my little sister. Personally I think people would have a hard time telling who's the oldest since we both have pretty similar personalities. In private however.... well that's a different story.

In this one, we got the pervy otaku Yamabuki as my little sister. I personally think we would get along pretty well since we both share similar hobbies and we're both pervs which is better


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I make a lot of ecchi vids on games like Nekopara, Moe Ninja Girls, etc. so yeah I'm a real perv but that's how people liked me on YouTube and in real life so why not be my real self here too. If you're looking for funny or pervy content, then you've come to the right place