David Parry called this THE CULT OF EXTREMISM; it was delivered at THE EXTREMISTS CLUB on April 26, 2016. Actually, I was not in particularly ill-health as David said here, but my back had been giving me more problems than usual earlier in the week. By this time though, I was over the worst of it.

Although I had a few notes in front of me, this was totally unscripted, so there is no transcript, but see links below.

The speech includes a question and answer session.

Victim Narratives & The Sexual Abuse Industry

The Victim Narrative From The Holocaust To The Cosby Scandal

In Denial Of Female Evil:

Zoora Shah actually poisoned Mohammed Azam with arsenic.
Court of Appeal judgment in Zoora Shah murder case:

Article on the Jian Ghomeshi case:

The truth about Satpal Ram:

Article on undercover police officer Mark Kennedy:

This is what it sounds like. The following notes are not in strict chronological order.

I mentioned Rape Crisis Scotland sending a couple of their mischief-makers to Cyprus re that controversial case last year.

I discussed the case of Danielle Perrett and compared her accuser with Frances Andrade.

I discussed the recent on-line event held by Liam Allan, and compared his case with that of Harvey Weinstein.

I took Julie Bindel to task big time covering the way she and her lover Harriet Wistrich canonised prostitute, serial false rape accuser and murderesss Emma Humphreys.

I covered a case reported recently of a woman who was attacked by five reprobates in the small hours as she walked home through a South London park and managed to fight them off. Real victims fight back!

I covered the case of a police officer accused of raping a drunk woman, and a couple who should have known better than to have sex with a woman for dropping a traffic ticket.

I discussed various cases including my two recent failed FOI requests and the misadventures of certain police officers.

I mentioned the three recent videos made by the Timeline: one Jimmy Savile, another on Jim Hopper, and the latest on Emma Humphreys.

Donald Trump claims...without providing evidence.

Did somebody mention Russian collusion?

This is what he needs to do now. It remains to be seen if he will.

Transcript of this video (my narration only) at this link:

All you need to know about Emma Humphreys:

In a nutshell!

From the 1991 film OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Utterly brilliant.

This was recorded in the small hours of October 29, 2020 and uploaded to YouTube on October 31, then to Bitchute.

It covered the following subjects:
the two recent videos:


I gave some brief details of the latter.

I covered the case of Jack Mount who recently died aged 100. I haven’t reached any conclusions on that yet.
Greville Janner, who is still in the news.

The use of CCTV and film generally in rape and other investigations.

More of the nonsense of Women Against Rape. And a refutation of it!
Rape Crisis Scotland and their latest mischief-making, interfering in the recent alleged Cyprus gang-rape case.
A dubious historical case from South Africa - not on the Timeline.

The case of American serial rapist Kellen Winslow. I played some audio of that, and of a couple of anti-sex trafficking airheads from YouTube espousing ludicrous narratives and even more ludicrous statistics.

The American actress Charisma Carpenter, a genuine rape victim.

The persecution of John Leslie, a case I discussed in some depth along with some discussion of how claims of sexual impropriety are embellished, using this as an example with documentation from the tabloid press.

The Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, which I will probably cover in a future video.

A short rant against feminist victim narratives with particular reference to the case of Lisa Montgomery, who as things stand will be executed on December 8 for the truly shocking and horrific murder of a young pregnant woman.

I finished with some general talk about the Timeline.

This excellent address by Lucien Greaves exposes and debunks the nonsense of Ted Gunderson, a man who was given much more credit than he deserved by the American media primarily on account of his antecedents.

This talk was delivered and recorded on March 3, 2017, and was uploaded to YouTube (in two parts) three days later. The two parts have been combined here.

A transcript (my narration only) can be found at the link below:

A preview clip of an important documentary.

Transcript of my narration only at this link:


Professor Jesús Huerta de Soto delivers the 2010 Hayek Lecture at the London School of Economics in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre on October 28.

This is a speech given by Murray Rothbard at the Mises Institute in 1984. Although he does not acknowledge it, his talk draws heavily on the conspiracy theories popularised by Gary Allen, W. Cleon Skousen, A.K. Chesterton and Eustace Mullins.

This was pre-recorded with no illustrations or clips. We have reached five thousand entries, just over five thousand.

I described the content of the Timeline, which isn’t only false allegations of rape.

I gave a shout out to my two site sponsors, and to various people including Ciaran Goggins.

I went over some newsy stuff including the latest try-on from Rape Crisis Scotland, and some not so new try-ons.

In response to some airhead on the Austin Chronicle website I quoted rape and false rape statistics from South Wales, 1981, a recent addition to the Timeline.

I discussed Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and India which have particular problems with false rape allegations, and Canada, the worst country in the world in which a man can be falsely accused of any sexual offence.

This video is a response to the intellectually dishonest and self-indulgent whinings of the Mumidiots, in particular Johanna Fernández, who actually made a film about this loser. Interviewed about Abu-Jamal and the significance of his “case” she responded with a broadside against the American criminal justice system, as can be seen here.

According to her, 30% of black men in America aged 16-29 are in prison, on parole or probation, and guess what, it’s all Whitey’s fault.

As the man said, there are lies, damned lies and statistics, not to mention “statistical racism”, so let’s have some fun with official statistics. The following are extracted from a table compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstracts of the United States: 2011:

In 2008 there were 678,677 male inmates in American prisons, but only 99,175 female.

Now what was that about “racism” -- surely if anything the criminal justice system is “sexist” ?? What is the reality?

The reality is a lot more complex; crime is not a homogeneous entity; crime is anything that is proscribed by law; at times this has included drinking alcohol, having consensual sex with other adults or even reading from the “Bible”. The biggest genuine debate concerning crime in the United States and most other countries is not race or sex but the use, possession and distribution of recreational drugs from marijuana to heroine and crack cocaine, but this is not what most people are thinking of when they talk about crime.

For most of us, crime means someone burgling our house or apartment, being mugged in the street, someone stealing money from our bank account; it means being assaulted or murdered simply because we happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; it means having our car stolen, or being run down by a drunken driver...

It is a sad biological reality that men are more predisposed to criminal acts than are women; violent crime, in particular street crime, is a young man’s game for reasons that have nothing to do with any ludicrous race or gender bias.

While some “right wing extremists” also make much of the fact that black men are “disproportionately involved in crime” -- whatever that means -- it is often conveniently forgotten that blacks are just as often the victims of crime. The most serious genuine problem blacks have in this field is murder, in particular young black men killing each other, often over trivialities. But there are other crimes which transcend even this, as you will see in this short video.

When Johanna Fernández claims it is all Whitey’s fault, does she really mean Terry Blair murdered six women because of white bigotry, or that the “Grim Sleeper” was driven to perpetrate his heinous crimes by “racist” oppression? Get a life.

Incidentally, all the claims Fernández makes here about her hero are totally without foundation, as anyone who has taken the time to read the trial and appeal transcripts will realise. Abu-Jamal murdered a police officer, shot him through the head. He was arrested within two minutes of the crime -- two minutes! There were witnesses, there was his gun which just happened to have five spent cases in it; one of his bullets was found in Daniel Faulkner’s back, the other in his head. All this and more, yet incredibly braindeads like Johanna Fernández claim he is innocent. What is so frightening about this woman is not that she has such a wide (and dumb) audience but that she is a PhD.

In spite of the enormous publicity generated over his case, Abu-Jamal is a run-of-the-mill murderer. If the death penalty were to be reserved only for the worst of the worst cases -- like the serial killers alluded to here -- there would be little if any manufactured controversy over it. And, in spite of its being “racist” -- whatever that means -- it is clear that most blacks support the death penalty in principle, so even if it had any basis in fact, the “racially stacked” jury argument doesn’t wash.


Extracts from video clips used in this presentation are “Fair use” for the purposes of “criticism, comment...reporting, teaching, scholarship, [AND] research” in compliance with Chapter 1, S107 of the Copyright Law of the United States of America - in which this website is based.

The above was uploaded to YouTube on January 24, 2011 and was for several years my most viewed video.

A short dissertation explaining why and how we should and can get rid of the City of London, get the financial parasites off our backs, and lower our carbon footprint into the bargain.

As usual, a transcript can be found on the Speeches page of my main website, InƒoText Manuscripts:

The above video was uploaded to YouTube on November 7, 2009 - in two parts due to limitations at the time.

I used to like this woman when she was First Lady; she was certainly more classy than Hillary Clinton, but over the past couple of years she has turned into a right cunt. Her video endorsement of Joe Biden has provoked widespread mockery. Here is my contribution.

This is an address made in Central London to The Extremists Club on November 28, 2017.

This was recorded the previous evening from 8pm:

Edition 93 – Alexander Baron – Holocaust, Revision VS Denial, Questioning The Paradigms

The forty-eighth meeting, March 22, 2014.


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