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Numberdamus Date-Kissinger Death in seconds contain the exact time Henry Kissinger Died on.

Henry Kissinger-His Death in days apart contain his Death Time

Numberdamus Date 7/15/2023 as 7+1+5+2+2+3= 20
Henry Kissinger Death 11/29/2023 as 1+1+2+9+2+2+3= 20
Henry Kissinger Birthdate 5/27/1923 as 5*2+7-1+9-2-3= 20
Henry Alfred Kissinger is 20 letters

Numberdamus Date-Kissinger Death is 3288 hours adds to 120
Henry Kissinger died 120 in months apart to his birthdate
Illuminati= 120

14 days 4 months between Numberdamus Date to Kissinger Death
144= Mark of the Beast

The seconds separating Kissinger-His Death= 666

Kissinger died on 3 stages of Freemasonry 33 Degrees

Kissinger died 2 days 100 years 6 months from his birthdate First 911 Call

Kissinger died 2911 weeks apart to First 911 Call.
Kissinger died on 11/29

Seconds: Vibration, Energy, Frequncy. Lucifer/Baphomet

Weeks: Jesuits/Day # Church of Satan found on

Days Apart: Lucifer

Hours: 7777. 7.7 million followers via Facebook an
11 Satanic Rules of Earth are 777 characters

11 days between. 20 years. Church of Satan Found on 120th day
Illuminati is 120 to #'s

Mark of the Beast in hours and minutes apart


Died on 19th 11th month
Died 911 666 apart from 9/11.

Died 9/11. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11 apart from Jimmy Carter

Died at 96. Freemason= 96

Who Built the Pyramids? Slaved Israelites and children.
Helped built the Pyramids in Egypt as a debt owed to the King.

98+21+1076= 1195. Iesus Christ 11 letters passed on 9th hour. Iesus 5 letters.

Genesis Chapter 28: Verse 11 is 40 Words. Pyramids completed on 4th day.

1734 to #’s-169-40= 1525. Christ born in Flesh in
1st book of Matthew Iesus 5 letters. Christ born in Flesh on Verse 25

God provided 715 in results. the 1 millionth day on Earth is
715 years away. on 28th 11th month 2738.
Notice the Pyramids started on Genesis Chapter 28 Verse 11.

11+28+2738= 2777

Genesis 31:46= 77-Christ
Todays Date 11+23+20+23= 77-Christ

1078 to #’s+ 110+24= 1212. 7-Genesis= 78. Christ. Pyramids 8 letters.
Iesus Christ passed in Flesh in year 121. Philippians 1:21.

1078-110-24= 944. Christ passed on 9th hour.
Pyramids completed on 4th day. Christ born on 4th day

Exodus= 81 Books in Scripture
Exodus 5:10= 1 Iesus Christ
Exodus 5:11= Christ an Jesus Christ
Exodus 5:12= Jesus Christ born on 4th day
Exodus 5:13= Jesus Christ an Matthew 1:21-Jesus Saves
Exodus 5:15= Jesus Christ. Pyramids started on 11th Verse
Exodus 5:16= 1 God
Exodus 5:17= Christ
Exodus 5:18= Philippians 1:21
Exodus 5:19= 4 Jesus Christ

Leviticus 14:40= 1 God
Leviticus 14:42= Jesus Christ born on 4th day.
Pyramids completed on 4th day.

Leviticus 14:43= Christ born on 4th day.
Pyramids completed on 4th day

Leviticus 14:44= Jesus Christ 11 letters passed on 9th hour.
1219 to #'s. Deuteronomy 1:21. (Today’s Date: 2023-1123= 900)

Leviticus= 120 to #’s-9 letters- 1 word= 110. Iesus Christ.

Leviticus 14:45= 1 Christ passed on 3rd day.
7 Pyramids completed on 4th day. (43-17= 26) God.

Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus do not directly state the word Pyramids it’s just talking about the process. Genesis is the start. Exodus an Leviticus is the middle. It cuts off after Leviticus book of Maccabees is the end.
223-Pyramids completed on.

38+185+2148 to #’s= 2371. 7 Pyramids completed on 23rd date.
Pyramids of Egypt captured 105 in Google Results.

PYRAMIDS= 105 to #’s +8 letters+1 word= 114+
7 Pyramids= 121-Christ passed in year 121.

Pyramids as 7+7+7+1+4+9+4+1
14941. Jesus Christ 11 letters. Born on 4th day.
Pyramids completed on 4th day. Jesus Christ passed on 9th hour.

To Be Continued!!

12= Resurrection
3= Week Day Christ Passed
6= Day of Resurrection
9= Hour Christ passed on

Twelve is Resurrection. Three is Right Hand. Christ passed on 3rd weekday. Legs at six. Resurrected on sixth day. Left Hand at nine. Christ passed away in flesh on the nineth-hour.

150= Iesus Christ
1701 to #'s. Pyramids completed in Year 171

1701-150-32= 1519. Jesus Christ Left Hand at 9

Watch Video!!! This is by far the craziest video of all time.

Paul George Feinman Courtroom
Paul George Feinman= 🏳️‍🌈
Trump = Pro 🏳️‍🌈

Paul George Feinman died on 90th day
Trump Trial started with 90 days left

Paul George Feinham died with 275 days left
Trump Trial started on 275th day of year

Arthur Engoron (Current Judge)
his birthday is 5/01. He was 5 months 1 day between his birthdate
from the start of Trump’s Trial. Illuminati started on 5/01. Donald= 50 1 word
Paul George Feinman died at 51

Arthur Engoron is 74 or Lucifer= 74
Trump was 74 when leaving office. or Lucifer to #’s is 74. America 7/4

Trump-Trial Date.
666 hours
666 minutes
666 Trump’s Popular Vote total vs Biden

177 in hours. 1 Trump is 77 years old at Trial

45 contained in minutes. Current Judge, Courtroom Name of Judge an
Donald Trump total 45 letters. Trump 45th President.

90 contained in minutes.
Paul Feinham died on 90th day of the year.
Trump Trial started with 90 days left in year

927 months apart
Trump Building is 927ft Tall

9.2.7= 126-Paul Feinman Birthday
All numbers separating Trump to his Trial Date= 172-46 #’s
when including 0= 1/26

28235 days
282-Illuminati USA Headquarters Date which is the Denver Airport
282+35= 317
Paul George Feinman is 3 words 17 letters.

Predicted they would move to Vegas on 9/17/2023
This was obvious in the first place.

Numberdamus369 predicted this would happen on 11/15/2023 based on comparing the date to the Athletics first game ever

Numberdamus369 predicted it would pass at a 91% ratio it was passed at a 100% ratio 911.
Athletics won a championship in 1911 and in 1910 contain of 911 as 191.

Las Vegas Athletics registered 150 million results.
Meeting took place officially on 15th date.
Oakland Athletics registered 609 million results 6+9= 15.

Meeting was held on 11/15/2023-Date Numberdamus369 predicted
Approved officially on 11/16/2023.

Remember this is the same exact situation to Trump/Jordan

Trump took office on 1/20/2017 at 12 noon.

Trump's Full 24 hours in office happened the very next day on 1/21/2017

Michael Jordan found the buyers to the Hornets on 6/15/2023 when he was 723 months old
the date his father was sacrificed was 723.

NBA officially agreed to Michael Jordan selling the Hornets on 6/16/2023 when Jordan here is 724 months old
On 7/23/2023. Michael Jordan magically sells the Hornets officially on the 30 year anniversary of his fathers death

Oakland Athletics approved to go to Vegas on 11/15/2023
on a 30-0 vote total

Bitchute Corrupting Video Files

1. Gods Earth Devils Rule this is the first video to get banned on the Platform of Bitchute

Everything follows as
All Military Illuminati Confirmed
Forces Be With You
Bush 911

Unclear what dates these videos stopped working due to
Bitchute Corrupting the videos.

Rumble is the only hosting platform to not ban or corrupt any video file posted by Numberdamus369

What is a Smokescreen? Smokescreens are various storylines, that are provided by many different news outlets, podcasts, radio, advertisements etc. Also certain selected individuals try an cover up other news stories that may have or may not have played a major role in any event. Don’t be a fool with a tool most people can tell you what the problem is but a lot of times they are not offering any solutions that are applicable to fix the problem.

369 Characters.

Smoke screening in humble origin is selling one a new storyline and saying no this is what caused the event to occur, and this is why such and such happened based upon one’s emotional, egotistical, or classified documentation. Some will even go as far to deny one’s past and act like certain people are innocent civilians. When some people made the choice to sell their soul in the first place. Many of us on the other hand chose not to sell our soul.

369 Characters

Smokescreens often raise a lot of questions because the ones promoting a smokescreen can't back up their claims most of the time. Classified Documents are also not going to serve any justice. When it comes to exposing the elite, secret societies, governments, and other corrupt organizations. Keep in mind these people that are pushing out these Classified Documents and claim its one hundred trustworthy never fully trust it because humans make mistakes. Also, some of these people may or may not be gatekeepers for the elites. A lot of the ones who try to “expose”
evil nine times out of ten won’t even show the document that they’re reading from. Never fully trust any smokescreen because smokescreens can appear very obfuscated, disorientated, and disorganized there is always more to the story than what a
smoke screen says.

693 Characters.

Examples of Smoke Screens

Alex Jones-Only one that has told some sort of truth and shown proof to some degree.

Kobe Bryant dying from Big Pharma

Matthew Perry being Epstein Island Related.
Not on any flight log list.

Tupac’s Death-Whole Story makes zero sense. Bullet holes were not even close to where he was sitting.

Mac Miller dying from “Drug Overdose”
Trump’s 1989 Helicopter Crash. Trump was not on the Flight.

Trump-911. 228-Illuminati HQ

days apart extrapolate the following
2016-Trump wins Election
2017-Trump takes office
2018-Trump in office
2019-Trump in office
2020-Trump Last Year in office
2021-Trump leaves office
2025-Trump Takes office again

days apart add to Trump being 45th president

2977 seconds. Exact amount killed on 911
1747 seconds. 1 Lucifer at 74 with 7 letters

1 Trump was 74 years 7 months old when leaving office

911. 911. 911. 911 in days apart

911. 911 hours apart

911 an 111 minutes apart

911. 911. 111 seconds apart. 111 days left when 911 took place

1971 weeks apart. 911 Took Place on Tuesday 7 letters.

All numbers + to Flight 175 on 911.
All Numbers- to 911 an 111 days left when 911 took place

This girl is the prime example of why people find White People dumb.
Because of her self entitlement,, an Ego Driven Individual who has zero clue what its like for her racial counterparts to grow up in rundown side of cities with a lot of Violence. This girl needs a rude awakening in her life and get humbled quickly.

Rachel Canning 11/1/1995.
Sues Parents on 3/4/2014
Loses Lawsuit on 3/13/2014

Tik Tok Username is Kiss the Ass
Instagram: I Stared Satan

3/7/2022. Makes video saying she is suing her parents for being born without her consent

6/6/2022. Remakes Video claiming she won a Lawsuit in Suing her Parents for being born without consent. on 666. She lost the case in 2014.

This here is an example of someone being a Fool With a Tool.
Issues with the Guys Video.

#1 Makes claims about past events that are not relevant to
Present Day Events

#2. Uses an Animated Voice from YouTube Channel Chills.
one already loses an audience when you have to sound like someone your not.

#3. Is an Adversary for Secret Societies. Uses an Illuminati logo as Profile Picture.

#4. Can't back up where he derives his numbers from

#5 Can't explain how someone is tied to the other organization

#6 uses Gematria as the Lone Tool. Gematria is extremely confusing because there is to many variations of Gematria. Some of the other uses of Gematria have no value in how these people orchestrate events.
Watch this video to understand a breakdown of What Gematria is an as to why one needs to be careful when using it because Gematria is used as a devils tool

Only credit numberdamus369 will give this fool is that he had
good intentions. However his good intentions held zero value.

Guard your light and protect it from self-harm. Your body is a temple for the light. This fact: Your body is a temple for the light---is very important. Take care of your body. It is your temple. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Do not smoke herbs that alter your mind and do not indulge too much in alcohol. You must protect your inner organs. Your brain is the gateway for which light creates. If you destroy your lungs, you also destroy your brain, your entire temple will fail. Only put things in the temple that will help to build it up. Do not eat or drink those things which will tear it down. Smoking is one of the worst acts that you can do to the temple. Be good to your temple, for you will only get one. The kinder you are too your body in your youth, the better it will be in your old age. Not only is your diet important but also seek to be as stress free as possible. Negative stress is a silent killer and it will destroy the light. Guard your temple which protects your light.

10120 to #'s. Illuminati.

11120 all added up.

11+120= Illuminati

Your body is a temple for God 7 words 23 letters.
7 Pyramids completed on 23rd date.

Your body is a temple. It's a place of worship for God. Who is Christ.
656 to #’s. Resurrected on 6th day Iesus Christ. 56 letters. Iesus Christ.
15 words

656+56+15= 727. 2 Christ. Genesis 7 letters.
Creates Humans on 27th Verse

Temple is used 77 times in OT. 125 Times in Apocrypha. Matthew 1:25

Temple in scripture means Place of Worship,

Place of Worship can be anywhere it is not solely a building.

Going out in nature can be a place of worship.

Joe Biden Birthdate 11201942*Birthyear 1942= 21754171364. Illuminati Confirmed

Ice Cube-2Pac. 24 months
MC Ren-2Pack 24 months

Ice Cube-2Pack. 104 Weeks
MC Ren-2Pac. 104 weeks

MC Ren-Tupac 731 days between each other
Ice Cube-Tupac are 731 days apart

Tupac/Ice Cube are 17544 hours apart
Tupac BMW 1.75M So Many Tears is #44 on Top 100 List

MC Ren-Tupac are 17520 hours apart.
Home was searched in Tupac Murder on 720. BMW 1.75

Ice Cube-Tupac are Freemasonry/Illuminati apart in minutes
MC Ren-Tupac are Light of Lucifer Illuminati apart in minutes

Ice Cube-Tupac 631584 seconds apart
Tupac Action Figure # 158. Instagram Post about Tupac 634 likes

Tupac MC Ren 6372 seconds. Tupac Died Friday-63. Unreleased Songs from Tupac came out in 2000

Killuminati= 131. Illuminati= 131
Killuminati= 120. Illuminati= 120

Makavelli 86 to #’s 9 letters. Dies in 9th month. 1 word. (76-Illuminati)

Tupac died on 257th day. Album released on 310th day= 567

the Don Killuminati Makavelli= 313 Vatican

What’s that demonic message telling us. Jesus Christ Tupac died 7 days after he was shot 822 to #’s 73 characters 16 words= 911

Killuminati= 119. Makavelli 9 letters Killuminati 11 letters

Tupac dies with 109 days left. Album released with 56 days left
109+56= 165. 1 Christ Jesus. 1 Shakur Tupac.

Shakur 6. Amaru 5.
Christ 6. Jesus 5.

7-Day Theory. Shot on 7th dies 7 days later

Tupac Me Against the World Album 1hr 6min 6sec. Outlaw 6 letters
Tupac is born 666 apart from Bloods Gang

Crips uses #6 6 pointed star 6 pointed pentagram
Pac moved to Marin City. 2010 Marin City Population 666
Lesane Parish Crooks Shakur= 6666. 6/16=6.
Tupac Last Home 666

BMW found 6666 apart from Pac's Death

BMW found 3rd month. Tupac born 3rd day of week.
BMW Found on 7th date. Tupac shot on 7th date

BMW Found in Germany 7 letters Tupac shot on 7th date. Munich 6 letters. Tupac dies 6 days between getting shot.

Death Row Records found 6666 part from Tupac Death Certificate being signed

When it comes to celebrity deaths. One or two things are most definitely true. Option one the celebrity or celebrities in question are not actually dead. Death was faked based on how consistently their numbers are lining up. It's impossible to die having so many different numerical connections to different events throughout ones life. If this is the case the celebrity or celebrities in question will never again show themselves in the spotlight. Because their past history of selling their soul will eventually come back to haunt them again. The Celebrity or celebrities in question are currently living incognito. Option number two is the celebrity or celebrities in question are actually dead however their demonic spiritual nature still currently lives on even years after their death.

666 Half Good Half Evil
333= Evil-sold their soul faking death
333- Good-Alive. Trying to live normally away from the spotlight.

126 words. 1 God
7881 to #’s
(7881+666+126= 8673

8673/396= 151-Light of Lucifer
8673/693= 125 an 151. Jesus Christ. Matthew 1:25

8673/936= 666. Neutral. Half Good Half Evil.

8673/222= 396-666. Neutral.
8673/396= 151-Light of Lucifer

8673/555= 156. 1 Iesus Christ

8673/666= Skull and Bones

8673/First 911 Call= 777777
8673/777= First 911 Call.

5 Evil
3 Neutral
3 Good

Drivers License expired 228 apart from Pac’s Death
Tupac Dies 228 apart from his birthday
Illuminati HQ opened 228/1995
Tupac Prisoner Id issued 228/1995
Tupac died at four zero three pm= 228

95+111+40= Freemasonry
Inmate ID #

1*7*7*4*6*7*7*1= Freemasonry
Drivers License

Prison ID # as
ninety five one eleven one forty. 628. 344 to #’s +111+95+40= Freemasonry

95+111+40 Freemasonry (24*6= 144-hours later Tupac died)
Inmate ID #

Prison ID 2/28/1995-Pac’s Death 9/13/1996. 616 apart
His Birthday is 616
His drivers license expired on 616.

Prison ID as 95+111+40+228 issue date= 474 days -Tupac.

Prisoner Id is 7 numbers. Shot on 7th date. Dies 7 days later

License issued on 13th date
Tupac Dies on 13th
Suge Knight bails out Tupac for $1.3 Million

License Number 7777

License Numbers x's to Freemasonry and exact minutes apart the licensed was issued to Tupac Death

11*20*19*42= 17556. Freemasonry.

175-56= 119 (175/6*6= Flight 175)

1+7*5+5*6= 66 (check out Bidens 666 video).

(17*5+66= 151-Light of Lucifer)
17*5+6*6= 121-Fellowcraft Freemasonry)

1*7*5*5*6= 1050 in stimulus checks

2*1*7*1*9*6*3= 2268. 6 Rings. Illuminati HQ 228.

22*6+8= 140-Michael Jordan Birthtime.
226+8= 234. Michael Jordan Jersey #’s.

22*6*8= 156-1 died at 56. James Jordan
228/6= 38. Bullet Caliber that kills James Jordan

22*6/8= 16.5. Won Last Ring on 165th day of year.
2268*4 digits= 9072. Wore 9 won 72 games in a season.

two two six eight= 217-Michael Jordan Birthday
2268 as two two six eight= - 217= 2051. Michael Jeffrey Jordan

20*51= 1020. Lumberton. James Jordan. 205-1= 204

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