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Wetiko LOOK IT UP?? westruther has seen; and understands much about this-

Coming to your State and to your Town- You will comply, go to jail or be put down where you stand- Don't believe this?? Time will tell you-

Most folks may not understand this- This is not too complicated for the awakened, or for those that never actually went to sleep-In this video I attempt to unlock your minds to a totally different perception- Even if this goes over your head, you will not be bored- Many people are are in the Group that I will explain and I doubt many knows anything about this force that controls your mind unawares to you- Subscribe but most importantly try to grasp the meaning of what you're about to learn- 'Smiles' and Good luck with your perceptional take with my description-

This 5th part concludes my message of common sense and conscious awareness for March 2024- My next post will explain Wetiko in terms that even an idiot can understand; unless of course that person that gets nothing from my videos is stupid- And in the case of stupidity, 'you're---fucked' because there's no cure for stupid- 'SMILES'

This is part of what my videos have stated and explained since 2016- You are partly to blame because you didn't listen then and your Wetiko Mind Control will keep you from awakening to this now '(as it kills you and yours)' Your ignorance is not Natural- It's a AI Satanic Mass- Consciousness Mind Control that you will have to focus to awaken to- Try to Be-Well; and subscribe and share my knowledge to someone else even if you can't understand-

The DHS and the UN and the US Military are responsible for the Immigrant Invasion- If this is too hard for you to believe then 'WITEKO' IS your Brain Inhibitor- Follow my Posts, and Subscribe and if you can't believe or can't understand the things that I post; then share my shit to the smartest person that you know and see what they tell you- 'SMILES'

Take this fucn serious, as you should every video that westruther posts- If you don't then your Future is on you and when something takes you by surprise that is going to be in your faces soon if not already, then that subject was here in my Posts for you to know about before you learned the hard way- 'CHEERS'

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This says what's coming to depopulate Humanity- The WHO is Armed with Needles and Guns to get-er-done- This says a mouth full if one has any working brain cells left-

There should be surprised reactions for those who can understand English-

With 500 Subscribers and 100 Views ; Is everyone dead or 5G Mind-Controlled to the point that the very serious information is no longer considered- We are the victims, Fauci is being protected by Gates and Trump; Your Idols, and Gods- People that refused to listen to the Alternative Media, are everywhere now crying themselves to death from the vaccines, and their own stupidity- Subscribe and use the Bell to get Notifications- Folks need to know what I am telling you- It's Free-

Since my last two uploads got shit for views, maybe due to Censorship, but still no views is no views and the last two videos are nothing to ignore unless a person is so stupid that the IQ is smaller than their shoe-size which may override censorship because next to me most are real stupid-

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Josh del Sol @ UNITE, sent me this, and asked me to share- He is a good man and friend; so; this will not make you happy but this will OPEN YOUR MIND about Anthony Fauci, Trump and Bill Gates and the WHO, more than you know! Subscribe why don't you?

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We Are In A Military Kill Box- You Will Comply, And You Will Die Anyway- With The AI 5G Cloud, Mass-Consciousness, You Can NOT Hide- This will Kill Hundreds Of Millions, as I have been saying since 2016 In My Videos- NOW all those that laughed and made fun of me; Prepare yourselves- Your Time is at hand- [email protected]


Small Compilation with big impact- Yes no doubt you have seen some of this before but maybe it will have more 'impact on you' to be seen in this order- I have much to add but maybe later- Your local Grocer is allowing the Government to inject Poisons into your foods: Be WARNED; This is not a joke!

I strongly suggest Download; And this will 'keep your attention' more than the last Post- So try not to pussy out and not view it in its entirety- When someone composes something like this be polite- This is not bullshit-

This Compilation assembled by westruther will knock your perception of what you think that you know in the dirt- Any one that views this in its entirety will be much more awakened, I will guarantee this- Questions, [email protected] and George Thompson of Poplar Bluff, MO. in Facebook

A few words deserving some critical thinking 'if' some people can handle that- Been off for some weeks and NOT One Person has checked on me, so LOL I can understand that Nobody cares that much about a knowledgeable and hones Truther-Hit the like and subscribe- I will not be here much longer- I'm quitting due to no views, no comments, no emails, no text to my phone, and well, U:NO no pussy either-

Anyone watches this all way thru will definitely get something from this compilation-


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For those that read= Hi there- Hope things are well with 'you & yours'- Maybe for some of you, that have listened to me for a long while; you should recall of me repeatedly mentioning 5G-Transduction & Induction- I want to share something that 'partially-describes' and 'partially-explains' how 5G-Transduction and Induction works by the use of 5G Wi-Fi Digitally Bio-Layered Frequencies-
You must respectfully, give this material your attention and silence of mental thought process except your perception that will be stretched beyond the comprehension of all simple minds- Know this: I completely and fully understand all of this material- I knew how this worked over two years ago when my Posts warned of the 5G-WiFi-AI-Cloud, [The Internet of 'all things' with function], that also includes the minds of all Humanity; but for the seer's, and the intellects of which few remain with others who hold fast their spirit within and know their own souls-
And of that few; even fewer have any audience unless controlled and censored- I have cast Pearls at the feet of many swine, but too, have shared my spirit to all including them, save just one to listen with some understanding- What I share to you is of the most horrific knowledge that any should be in great fear with anger-
If 5G is allowed to exist, then Humanity will be changed away from humanism- What I understand is so-deep, that few can touch- Without 5G-WiFi their Agendas will suffer set-back, even loss- And Covid has to have 5G-WiFi to 'operate' within your body-
I've said this from the very beginning of 2020 in many Posts that I still have copies of; and some are still published; just censored to most- And since I understand how this all works, I am censored more than any except for the Dead or locked-away in body or in mind-control-
You'll need your 'thinking-cap' for this! My Videos have been giving any that see them; the 'short-versions' of this material, and this material is very incomplete and is also [in my opinion] censored- 5G and this Frequency Technology will destroy the Human from mankind, and eradicate more Life than perceivable to almost everyone- westruther/bitchute; Wesley Thompson/facebook, WesTruther/Brighteon, gwt