Can you say? That you have seen a few previous videos and you're getting familiar with this and more from my Posts??

Hard to 'title' this one-- Just trying to wake a few more up-- I have been censored for 12 years maybe longer- And wtf-for? This video was blocked even back then--youtube blocked this--

Artificially created EMFs are entering your body 24/7

Benn saying this for 15 years: Big Channels are spoon feeding their captivated--

But the Numbers of many others have already come up for them- Hope all are well, and thank you for your visit- Skype 309 379-8765

Hope all are well- I appreciate your visit--

It's difficult to evaluate one's self- Parents often see the differences between themselves and their children, and so-on-

It is very difficult to evaluate one's own self- From generation to generation each lacking more and more from the better parents, and so-on-

For many; their awakening will come when they are too far and in too deep, all because they were not informed or paid no attention when told-

Those the most listened to, just keep spoon-feeding their followers to keep down the anger that should be kindled if more of the whole truth were to be known all at once and quick enough to stir the emotions, that are not stirred with spoon feeding-
Bush's DHS was voted into Power without disclosure to Congress- Today that Department created for the NWO is absolute control-

Today is a good day to start awakening to mass insanity of those who prepare your Foods and Beverages- Do you really know what's in your Foods??
How about what's in your Air, now filling every ones lungs? Do you know what 5G can do with those substances now filling your body??

Assimilate these thoughts and connect the Dots together, and then just use your imagination to see where you are going to be in your Future thoughts?

Biden Uses Tax Dollars; One-Billion Dollars, to have Hunter Biden's Prosecutor 'fired' and replaced with a puppet that can be bribed- There are many Compilations in the library of posted videos- Don't be lazy and just looking for something entertaining-
People better wake the fuc up and STOP 5G- The big Channels are cloaking 5G with regurgitated unimportant shit- Take a LOOK at Obama's Reptilian Teeth!

Compilation of short and informative video clips- How many noticed the Hybrids in FEMA Uniforms shooting and then encircling the Prey, waiting for the witnesses to be cleared-

Notice in the FEMA Prisoner video how the vampires shoot the man and then they [Gather Round For The Feast]-- They encircled THEIR Prey- Ever seen normal cops acting like these Hybrids?? Mind controlled for sure------

A 'thank-you' post for my real people subs----- Don't thing this video can be purchased-

Compilation by westruther, is all you need to read- Thanks friend-

Crystal Bowersox

Theme from the Irishman


Yes this is more- There are lots- Having a tough Time with this one to get it uploaded-

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More ---4 This Buds for You

More --- 6 Yes More, and whose downloading or wanting to send this to someone- I send copies of the hard file thru mail- [email protected], or text me 541 295-0769 Don't get many contacts any more- about 10 years now-- And by the way; Anyone believe that mortal men constructed the cover image depiction?


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For those that read= Hi there- Hope things are well with 'you & yours'- Maybe for some of you, that have listened to me for a long while; you should recall of me repeatedly mentioning 5G-Transduction & Induction- I want to share something that 'partially-describes' and 'partially-explains' how 5G-Transduction and Induction works by the use of 5G Wi-Fi Digitally Bio-Layered Frequencies-
You must respectfully, give this material your attention and silence of mental thought process except your perception that will be stretched beyond the comprehension of all simple minds- Know this: I completely and fully understand all of this material- I knew how this worked over two years ago when my Posts warned of the 5G-WiFi-AI-Cloud, [The Internet of 'all things' with function], that also includes the minds of all Humanity; but for the seer's, and the intellects of which few remain with others who hold fast their spirit within and know their own souls-
And of that few; even fewer have any audience unless controlled and censored- I have cast Pearls at the feet of many swine, but too, have shared my spirit to all including them, save just one to listen with some understanding- What I share to you is of the most horrific knowledge that any should be in great fear with anger-
If 5G is allowed to exist, then Humanity will be changed away from humanism- What I understand is so-deep, that few can touch- Without 5G-WiFi their Agendas will suffer set-back, even loss- And Covid has to have 5G-WiFi to 'operate' within your body-
I've said this from the very beginning of 2020 in many Posts that I still have copies of; and some are still published; just censored to most- And since I understand how this all works, I am censored more than any except for the Dead or locked-away in body or in mind-control-
You'll need your 'thinking-cap' for this! My Videos have been giving any that see them; the 'short-versions' of this material, and this material is very incomplete and is also [in my opinion] censored- 5G and this Frequency Technology will destroy the Human from mankind, and eradicate more Life than perceivable to almost everyone- westruther/bitchute; Wesley Thompson/facebook, WesTruther/Brighteon, gwt