In an emotional video, Dr Vernon Coleman explains why doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals for crimes against humanity.


An edited Dollar Vigilante 'Wall Street' episode with much of the bitcoin banter removed and two JP Sears clips added.

The whole world's living in a digital dream
It's not really there, it's all on the screen
Makes me forget who I am
I'm an analog man

An edited and abridged video from The Healthy American.

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There are numerous uploads of this report but this is a higher quality than most that have degraded over time. Download and save this essential piece of history exposing the dangers of vaccines and the fraud that supports them.


The health official in charge of British Columbia's PLANDEMIC response reveals that out of the 587 COVID deaths in the province of BC, only 2 were not in a care home. Between the substandard food, over-prescribed drugs, inhumane isolation orders, and the flu and covid shots, care home residents are being systematically exterminated.

Investigative journalist Harry Vox and globalist and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab discuss The Great Reset.

From a Dollar Vigilante episode.

How the media creates panic and spreads fear.

Gemma O'Doherty is a multi award-winning journalist whose investigations have led to the reopening of a number of unsolved murder cases involving police corruption and political interference. Here she provides information about injuries and deaths attributed to the covaids vax, and news that the police in Ireland are being mandated to take the shot.

"In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it." - Jacques Cousteau, 1991

Del Bigtree from The Highwire and producer of Vaxxed, along with other notable investigative reporters and medical experts discuss the science of mask wearing. Share the link or download and re-post.

UK lady discusses the government's agenda to implement "freedom passes" to all citizens. With every new regulation these quislings enact, the people lose more and more of their freedoms.

Ignorance is not bliss. Edited video from The Dollar Vigilante channel with YouTube intro and less important topics like crypto-promotion removed. Full TDV video here: Check comments for additional links.

Thirteen ambiguous horses compete in the world's most corrupt and fraudulent horse race.

Think your vote makes a difference in the political arena, or that one party holds a different agenda than the other? Think again. In a radio interview on the Carl Nelson Show a few years ago, Craig B. Hulet offers his insight between the Left & Right and Democrat & Republican. Hulet is a government policy analyst, and a security, terrorism, military and international relations expert, and remains a private business and security consultant to corporations and individuals. Hulet first gained public attention appearing on a number of talk radio shows during the late 1980s and early 1990s speaking against the policies of the administration of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, particularly the war on drugs, the Persian Gulf War, and the Iran-Contra and October Surprise scandals.

[Some images have been revised in this version of an earlier video posted back in January 2020.]

"From the so-called War on Drugs to World Peace this is the man to interview; if you really want the documented facts about how this government formulates policies, and why, Craig B. Hulet may be the best guest out there. What you'll hear you'll never forget!" — Mike Siegel, Seattle, named one of the nation’s 100 top talk hosts.

Recorded in 2018. The same old con game is being played today. See High Impact Flix channel for the video "WTF? Take a Closer Look!"


Condensed version of Jeff Berwick's Nov. 24, 2020 video. Check comment section for updated image > LOCKDOWN: HOW IT SHOULD BE <

How many more will die before people wake up and realize they've been lied to? Download and share!

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
Censored: A Review Of Science Relevant To COVID-19 Social Policy And Why Face Masks Don’t Work
Updated: The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact Tracing
US Health Officials say Americans shouldn't wear face masks to prevent coronavirus — MarketWatch
The President of Tanzania bans the use of face masks and opens schools — RTN Newspaper
Face Masks: Ending the Confusion — Dr. Vernon Coleman
Masks (Part 2) - The Reasons They Want Us To Wear Them — Dr. Vernon Coleman


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Our instinctive reaction may be to assume that the demand for "transsexual/transgender rights" is mainly about protecting a tiny minority of troubled people from unfair discrimination. But, in reality, the underlying ideology of "gender identity" is toxic. Ultimately, it aims to legally eliminate male and female sex distinctions by redefining humanity.

This ideology is now promoted in primary schools. The "Gender Fairy", a story written for 4-year-olds, says: "Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No-one can tell you". The demented author says that "some children will realize their true identity is not the gender they were assigned at birth, and will choose to make a social transition to live as their true gender."

This is child abuse and endangerment of the worst kind, and only increases the risk that the person transitioning will suffer mental and physical harm. The reprobates who promote this insanity and NWO agenda are a danger to society and need to be locked up for good.

The Transgender Agenda - The Plan To Turn Your Children Transgender


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