Greta the Prophet will attend the COP25 Climate Summit in Madrid. I have no idea why "Climate" Theorists would require the attention of a 16 year old Asperger's patient, Press or "Prophet"? At any rate she's in Lisbon on her way to Madrid to share her years of arduous Climate Research and Scientific Analysis, surely by-foot.

The disturbing part is the absolute violation of civil liberties decorum and ignoring constitutional rights. I've never heard of the nonsense of subpoenaing Phone Records of a President's Personal Attorney's. Attorney Client Privilege is one of America's Sacred Institutions.

Americans see what's going on in fact people all over the World see it for what it is, a Circus, Lawless and a National disgrace.

The MSM is hesitant to use the words Radical Islamic Terrorism but not saying it reminds me of Harry Potter and "he-who-must-not-be-named". I find it difficult to imagine any religious person using violence to convey their message but we remember the History of the Salem Witch Trials.

Acts of Terrorism claim 21,000 lives a year. I didn't look for motivations and I don't care. The media will tell you he had mental health issues, or was misguided. BS. After the age of seven humans know Right from Wrong. The US State Department has put Travel Advisories on practically every European Union Country including the UK and Spain.

Here's a link with numbers:

P.T. Barnum would be ashamed of the current Circus moving into the Second Ring (phase) of Nadler's Basement. We might find this amusing except it's a National embarrassment when there hasn't been a Crime committed. The Fake News will play Ukraine as Trump's Achel's Heel and of course their Ratings are so low nobody will notice. We know Nickelodeon has better ratings than CNN and I'm quite sure the Food Channel beats MSNBC. Hence all the MSM & Google Censorship we loathe. I hear Minds is threatened.

2020 is going to be a Rude-awakening for the Democrats. For the Rest of the Story please see Video and don't forget to get your "I'm Still With Her" T-shirt on Amazon, today. (Some Humor except you can!)

The Article didn't say who wrote it but the below Letter to the Daily Herald echoes the sentiments of the Majority of Americans, I believe. Comment Freely. Thanks for Viewing.

The Daily Herald Link: https://www.dailyherald.

Trump Promised some "Barnum & Bailey" - Nadler Keeps the Circus Going (*Another Promise Delivered*)

Jerry Nadler has a lot of balls directing President Trump to respond to "testifying" on or before December 1st. Naturally the President is ignoring this violation of his Right's. I want to ignore Jerry unfortunately he's a good News Story.

I read Nadler wants IG Horwich to "testify". I find that odd because Horowitz will be Testifing on the Obama Administration's FISA Abuse before the Senate Judiciary Committee December 11, 2019.

Everyone has seen the Ukraine Transcript and there's nothing there so this is obviously a Partisan Effort which will ultimately fail. My conclusions in the Video.

Angela Merkel says in order to have a 'Free Society" we must "regulate speech". I don't know what a former Stasi thinks "offensive" is. From what I've learned of the East German Police perhaps they are offensive?

I'm not sure what I'm missing but it seems like that's taking away our God Given Right's to be on the offensive.

My concern is this attitude has taken over Companies like Google and I even hear Minds is under attack. Bit Chute doesn't seem to be controlled.

Reclaim the Net has more on Free Speech:

Farmers Rebel Against Over-Regulation in EU. I wonder if Greta is concerned with all the CO2 thousands of tractors make?

Having grown-up in Northern Wisconsin I can't think of anyone calmer and more down-to-earth than Farmers. Has been my experience these are typically more fundamental people and what we're seeing across the European Union are the same type of folk in outrage. It's not wise to piss-off the guy that feeds you!

The reasons are various and I discussed them in the video. I've already discussed a couple of them and will in the Future.

For more please see the attached DW news link,

Ukraine had opened an investigation into Burisma Holding and the Biden's under Pedro Poroshenko. Ukraine shared this Intel in February 2019 with the United States by the "Open-Source" Intelligence Treaty signed by Bill Clinton.

In other words during this Ukraine hoax Trump already knows about the investigations!!

1% Joe's reported saying he's going to stick to his guns on having that Prosecutor Fired. Good luck with that.


It isn't bad enough the DNC rigged the 2016 Election in favor of Hillary Clinton although Sanders had better numbers.

Politico quotes the former Commander-in-Chief as saying he'll "stop Bernie Sanders" should he get too "close to the Nomination".

This has many thinking it'll be another rigged election for Hillary. Why? Who else?

Obama hasn't openly endorsed any Candidate leaving some to believe he's reserving his endorsement for Hillary.

A Royal Nightmare

You may have noticed Prince Andrew has become as popular as herpes. His ~$300,000 a Year Allowance for being a "royal" and all Official Duties no matter how incompetently preformed have been Cut-off.
Apparently the queen is cancelling Andy's Birthday Gala and opting for a small family dinner. Cozy.

Andy's Office has been closed and it doesn't look good!

It has become apparent to those of us observing Adam's Impeachment Inquiry Circus it's a smoke-and-mirrors tactic to deflect Adam's Ukraine Arms profiteering as well as the Obama Administration.

I believe protecting Hunter Biden is secondary on Adams agenda. It will become apparent that there are no coincidences with Adam, he knows what he's doing. Wrong.
#schiff #ukraine


Observing Adam Schiff's "Impeachment Inquiry Hearings" they've actually exposed the "Witnesses" having connections with Soros's International Organizations.

Direct links have often been subtle but we can see famous politicians such as HRC with George. It isn't only the Open Society Foundation we're concerned with. Soros linked Organizations influence Local Politics including position's like Attorney-General's, Police Chiefs and even Congress.

We know for example AOC and her "Squad" of Accountants were financed by Georgie. We've seen pictures of HRC with him on several occasions. Some people say this is all a conspiracy theory but I live in Europe where his organization's really do affect Life.

Please check out the Breitbart link below for lots mote Lead Stories of Soros meddling.

Our favorite Asperger's Patient is sailing to Spain from Hampton Virginia. "This is all wrong, I should be in School..." is right. Asperger's in combination with Anxiety Attacks is Clinically serious.

I didn't think of George Soros and his connection to this "impeachment" but fortunately Joe diGenova did. The outrage across the planet is still echoing and I'm quite sure they'll be some Firings at Fox News. If the "Fake News Industrial Complex" is calling this a "conspiracy theory" it's true.

Third and fourth hand knowledge is nice but doesn't work in a Court of Law.

While in the UK reminding everyone of Russian interference in the BREXIT Vote and how she really won, she was asked about 2020. She told the BBC reporter "never never never say never".

Our favorite environmentalist / psych patient is coming to Spain.

The State Department has put Travel Advisories on many Countries especially Spain.

I have observed robotics taking over in many industries and Fast Food won't be any different. Some tasks such as flipping a burger can easily be done with a machine. Just look at our automobiles which are assembled by robots!

I'm not really into Spanish politics but Nationalist Parties are winning throughout Europe. When you look at the open border policy it's a bit terrifying.

The European Union Parliament is losing steam but putting pressure on every country to accept economic migrants.


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I first arrived in Europe in 1976. I've been coming back and forth ever since, now living in Spain full-time. This gives me a unique perspective of several Countries that cannot be quantified without observation over many years. Without knowing what life was like here 20 years ago it's difficult to judge the changes today. I will talk about the situation that is facing Europeans and Tourists alike, unfortunately there are areas we must consider avoiding. Occasionally I will discuss current events in Spain.

Professionally I am an engineer and enjoy bicycle and Nature.

Some would consider me a Libertarian but I'm just an American helping to defeat the "Fake News Industrial Complex".