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Full Moon Ceremony (Purnama) which has been the highlight of our trip to Bali.
It is believed that when the moon is brightest, Chandra the moon god gives his blessings through the lunar light.
This is honored by the Balinese people by preparing offerings of fruit, food and flowers, the ritual lasts for several days and we witnessed the opening. The connection of the Balinese with the spirit is very strong so that they create their offerings with the utmost attention to detail and a loving spirit of thankfulness,
I managed to be dressed up in traditional attire of sarong and white shirt for the evening, if Justin Trudeau can do it, then so can I! Was the only foreigner at this festival.
After the dancing and offerings the priest gives everyone their blessings and applies purified water and a few Bija, wet rice grains, on their forehead to strengthen their connection with God.

Street buskers hanging onto an angkot bus in Bogor, West java

Journey through Sumatra, Indonesia in the winter of 2018-2019.
Places visited: Medan, Bukit Lawang, Samosir / Lake Toba, Bukittinggi, Lake Maninjau, Padang, Siberut island for week with the Mantawia tribe, Painan,
Tapan, Ipuh, Bengkulu, Lubuklinggau, Lahat, Baturaja, Bandar Lampung, Kiluan Bay. Real people in Sumatra filled with happiness and great hospitality.

Crossed the Java sea and into West Java for what become a bit of a spiritual journey, and having to find the spiritual side of ourselves as we teamed up with first a group of Balinese on Mt Salak and then some Sundanese at Sukabumi and Bandung.
Visited the ancient site Gunang Padang which IS maybe the oldest Pyramid on earth which is very sacred, and its first layer dates back 22000/26000 BC. Researches believe could be evidence of an advance civilisation that predates any currently known to the World. Places visited: Jakarta, Bogor,
Mt Salak, Sukabumi, Gunung Padang, Bandung, Karawang.,Tamansari.

While tucking into a lunchtime noodle soup At the local market this young lad came up to us and sung with some passion! Though there is room for improvement for his backing vocalists!

One week with the Mentawai tribe. (Siberut island)
After arriving on the island it took another 2 days to arrive at our final destination deep in the jungle.
The paths were very slippery and muddy and we kept getting stuck knee deep in mud!
The family tribe we stayed at were organizing a ritual that removes the bad spirits they believed were in the house. They believe that if it isn’t taken care of well, they might haunt and bring bad luck. They do this ceremony every 8 months but was bought forward due to one of the boys being sick. The Mentawais are still practising the ancient traditions and rituals of their indigenous culture. The ritual went on for hours and finished around 01.00 in the morning. It involved lots of tribal singing and dancing, and also a sacrifice of 2 pigs, and 3 chickens!
We learnt their way of life, and felt a very long way from the crazy modern western World!
Almost all smoke tobacco and spend a lot of the time just sitting about chatting. The kids are always smiling and playing about without any fear as they had to use there creativity and imagination to keep themselves amused.
Some facts about the tribe and some funny moments I will mention that happened.
A baby scorpion was around my feet and one of the kids that must be no older than 6 picked up a machete and killed it instantly!
The grandpa of the tribe liked to stroke the hair on my back. (No ‘Me too’ movement out here?)
Man and woman always sleep separately.
They have no recollection of their age or what time or day it is.
Every kill from a hunt the skull is hung up on the wall.
All sleep on hard floor.
Learnt so much on how everything they need is provided from mother nature.
For me this has been a truly memorable experience to be so close to people that’s traditions haven’t changed for thousands of years and one that I will treasure!

Crossing Lake Toba with the locals. The Power of Music!

Followed the Lycian Way from Keymer to Kas on one of the world's most beautiful hiking trails, full of Mediterranean sea and mountainous views, mixed with charming Turkish culture and ancient ruins

Traveling through Java / Lombok / Bali in Indonesia in the Winter of 2017-2018.
Visiting Sundanese culture and 2 volcanoes Broma and Ijen in East Java.

From Jiri to Everest base camp.
Trekking over the Himalayas 2016.
Started at a small village called Jiri, and trekked to Everest base camp which took us 4 - 5 weeks.
Such an amazing experience exploring the deep valleys of the Himalayas of Nepal, the experience will live with me for the rest of my life!
Live The Dream......

Travelled mostly off the tourist trail in northern Thailand. The most enjoyable adventure yet and met so many kind and generous people on the way.
List of places explored.
River Rafts/River Kwai ( Mon tribe)
Chiang Mia
Chiang Ria
Doi Bo (Ban Yafu Tribe)
Golden Triangle (Mekong river)
Lom Sak
Khon Kaen
Roi Et
Ubon Ratchathani
Pho Sai (Mekong river)
Nakhon Ratchasima
Live The Dream.............

Trekking on the island of Naxos/Greece.

Baltics, Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary

Trekking over this beautiful island


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