It's borderline psychedelic, someone let me know. Also, I didn't watch to the end. I had it playing while I was doing something else; that's the only reason I got as far as I did. Still, worth checking out for a moment just to see...

I can't keep track of all these coincidences. It's almost like they're not coincidences. "Holocaust! Holocaust! Look over there, feel sad! Don't bother thinking about how they didn't recover their loved ones' bodies - they just put concrete down as if to hide something... Also, don't even think about the other things that don't add up. Holocaust! 6 million! Does the census support that? Holocaust!"

She also adopted some kids, apparently. She's anti-birth, but pro-adoption.

He raises his hand to his forehead toward the end of the clip, and I thought he was saluting the camera or something. Then I realized he was just blocking the sunlight.

If you haven't figured it out yet, "month" means "forever" in hell. What a sick joke.

There are a lot of these elite narcissist groups of people, and they all want to make our decisions for us. This is fact.


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