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Providing depleted uranium to Ukraine has taken us to the edge of nuclear war. Vernon Coleman explains why depleted uranium is truly dangerous and has taken us into lethal territory. He also explains why this is part of the globalists' depopulation plan.

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19th. Jan. 23
The latest of Dr. Coleman's reports.

It’s the end of 2022 and this is video 319. If you’ve watched all 319 you can give yourself a pat on the back – but if you are in the UK, please don’t dislocate anything as you do so because there are no ambulances, no GPs and no hospitals; and possibly no Royal Mail to bring you a get well card. GPs, who earn huge six figure salaries, want a 21 hour working week, without having to see patients face to face, and are threatening to go on strike. How will anyone tell if GPs do go on strike? They gave out millions of toxic jabs that cause heart attacks and now there are no ambulances and no hospitals.

It’s November 2022 and this is video number 317.

So, they’re now going to give the useless and toxic covid-19 jab to infants. They’re going to add a jab that doesn’t work and isn’t safe to an aggressive, untested, officially promoted programme of mass medication; the most alarming, experimental and grandiose example of centrally approved child abuse in human history; a programme that I believe has done infinitely more harm than good; a drug administration mania that should have been halted decades ago by the medical profession, and would have been if the medical profession hadn’t been bought by the drug industry; an untested experimental schedule that would have warmed the evil heart of Josef Mengele. Is it more dangerous to give the mRNA jab to babies whose mothers were jabbed before or during pregnancy or while they are breastfeeding? No one knows.

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Patrick Henningsen of interviews Vernon Coleman about the conflict in Ukraine and why this fits in with the covid fraud and the global warming fraud as part of the Great Reset. Dr Coleman explains why the war in Ukraine was deliberately designed to cause the global economy to crash and to kill hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia. He also discusses other topical issues such as the hepatitis outbreak affecting children.

Dr Vernon Coleman has been exposing truths about drug companies and the medical establisment and governments for over 50 years, which is why he is the most banned doctor in the world.

Dr Vernon Coleman explains why he believes World War III has already started.
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Dr Vernon Coleman explains, analyses and destroys the UK Government's plan to jab 5-year-olds with a poisonous drug.
Dr Vernon Coleman is the world's leading expert on iatrogenesis and drug side effects.
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Dr Vernon Coleman has challenged the UK Government's medical advisors and SAGE to a debate about covid.
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