On this Mash-Up me and Emily get into the Gillette so called controversy, the Freemasonic connections with King Gillette and the weird syncs with the Covington kids.

On tonight's LiveStream, I get into the charts of Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger, The Scorpio Moon and the eclipse in Trump's chart.

Heather Eland (Astrology with Heather) and I team up once again to break down the New Moon in Sag and the Full Moon in Cancer.

To sign up for "Thinking Astrologically & Beyond" go here:

What do both Bushes, Carter, Clinton, Obama and Trump all have in common? The sign of Leo (Kings).

Thinking astrologically webinar:

Holiday Reading Specials:

I'll be looking at the astrology for the week ahead along with some audience charts and peeping at the Galactic Center..

On this edition of FAR, Steve and Krys Crimi are back to finish up the life and legacy of John Dee, the Dee Tower and Francis Bacon and their impact on esoteric USA.

In the latest new moon/full moon download, Heather and I get into the nature of relationships, emotional resets and the intensity of the upcoming full moon in Taurus. We also talk about our upcoming webinar on Jupiter in Sag, the Nodes and intense eclipses in 2019. Here's the link to our webinar:

On this edition of Matrix Mash, me and Emily Moyer get into the language magic of the Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh circus.

On our first weekly episode of "11th House • Off Planet Mash" Me and Emily Moyer break down the latest media and tennis activity of Serena Williams, looking at her latest commercials and her U.S. Open meltdown. It's all hidden in plain sight, as Serena TRANSforms her image. We also touch on the high strange of the Musk/Rogan interview.

On this edition of our monthly updates, Heather and I break down this Virgo New Moon. It's an important one--a calm before the storm. Big picture astrology at a personal level. You can get more info on Robert here: & Heather here:

Steve and Krys Crimi of Logosophia Books are back to break down more info on John Dee, and Edward Kelly and the esoteric roots of the USA.


On today's show, we'll track down more of John Dee's past, and bring his mystical vision forward into contemporary America.


Things are heating up with Trump/Cohen, Sessions and Trump open war fare, is SpaceForce already here? And what the hell is happening in South Africa?

In this ninety-minute-video we break down the solar eclipse in Leo, the south node in Aquarius and the achilles heel of free speech. We talk Alex Jones, Bill Hicks, Muslim kids in New Mexico terror camps, and a whole lot more.


On today's special show, I do my best to take out the flame thrower and torch the kudzu of lies and deceit around Trump and the latest call for his head.

On today's FARcast, I get into the latest on Gaia TV, the fallout, Peter Sztrok, the sham hearings on Cap Hill and the avoidance of pain.


Back on the case with the Friday FARcast, with my good friends, Steve and Krys Crimi as we look at the strange, profound and influential life of Nicholas Roerich.


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This is yet another channel/venu for Robert Phoenix, an astrologer, radio hot, and blogger. I broadcast "Fifteen Minutes of Flame" M-TH on Spreaker, 9AM, CST and The Friday FARcast, also on Spreaker 12 to 1:30PM on Fridays. My talks range from current events, to spirituality, hidden history, esoteric agendas, and radical departures. On Sunday nights, I do a live stream that's focused solely on astrology.

Guests I've interviewed over the past ten years include; Jay Weidner, Neal Kramer, Mantak Chia, Max Igan, Sophia Smallstrom, Elena Freeland, Dr. Phil Valentine, Dr. Bruce Lipton, George Noory, Don Miguel Ruiz, Freeman, Randy Maugins, and many, many others.

In addition to all of this, I had a 25 part series on GaiaTV called, "The Eleventh House" which turned mundane astrology, inside out.