I see humans but no humanity!

Nashville Police Arrest Woman in Trump 2020 Shirt for Not Wearing a Mask Outside


crashes his Porsche Taycan while conducting a speed test Crash News TURKEY — Driver was testing

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I think I will upload some of the sensitive to bitJew videos on wtv. There is no wait time for publish but the free account has 1 gb limit!



how the mainstream media was high jacked by JP Morgan and how it was eventually controlled by the CFR (Council ok Foreign Relations). The CFR is the ruling establishment in the US. They make policy.

Busta Rhymes' New Album. Extinction Level Event 2



Lately I have been noticing that my videos are being delayed for several hours to be published for last couple of weeks. I contacted the support and a few times and they are keep blaming the servers or some other shit! I even got a copy and paste reply which I realized that they didn't even read my email! fucking BITJEW
Only 1 video has been published today! All the other videos were uploaded last night and took about 10 -12 hours to be published!
I am 100% certain that they are delaying my videos because of the Tittles. I sent another ticket to support today with subject "BAN ME OR PUBLISH MY VIDEOS".
BITJEW says they do not care about the title or content of videos but they recently have banned many channels (white) for presumably spreading hate!
I know exactly what their agenda is when they are delaying my videos and keep reply with same shit as I should delete and re-upload the videos! They dont want to ban me because it will make bitJew look bad on a free speech platform so they delay my videos thinking that I will eventually leave on my own or change my video tittles from nigger, chinks, sheboon or baboon to black or chines or other proper words for sub-humans!
I will wait until I get a proper reply from support or if they actually decided to ban me then this video is my last video, unless one of 6 videos that are currently stuck in publish goes live!


he Venezuelan owned tanker, which was abandoned 20 months ago, is causing particular concern to Venezuela's neighboring country, Trinidad and Tobago.
The tanker has been pictured looking unbalanced and the Trinidad government believes it could spill up to 1.3 million barrels of oil into the ocean, causing a major ecological disaster.

The tanker was abandoned by a Venezuelan oil company because of a financial dispute with American President, Donald Trump.
Trinidad and Tobago's government is sending out a team to inspect the boat, following concerns that it could spill its contents, as oil spills are really dangerous and can cause lots of damage


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