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A tictoc video I found in a free pile downtown in some damp alley.
To some degree we all know the system is rigged against us. We are constantly under attack through toxic food, toxic medicine, toxic education and entertainment, toxic news propaganda, toxic water and air and much more. It's too bad it appears we are still too stupid to work together to fix things.

I got 99 problems, and yeah, this is one.

Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner.

Dictated but not read

The vast majority of people at the Gym I attend are tolerant, they are friendly and not what I'm describing in the video. It's been only on 3 or 4 occasions that I've had to deal with it.

The guy picking a fight with me is one thing. The other dudes who just seemed weird is another (w a huge maybe) and the dude holding up the phone in the parking lot another. What does it mean? Nothing. An excuse to make a video and vent off some steam. Its not the first time I've felt this, life goes on

Flat earth finally debunked. Let's put this one to rest 2.0. Also as an audience member at a magic show let me tell you what's real and what's not, etc.

Are you ready for the big show? Just in time for that little WHO global pandemic treaty to override your countries laws. Look on the bright side, looks like there will be plenty of work for all those military age men who have invaded western countries. They can operate the camps and check points and dont forget the ovens. Some of those invaded countries have even made it illegal to question the migration warfare taking place. Makes you want to scream how obvious all this is, but that really didn't work out all that well for me last spamdemic ^^ still worth it and better than being one of those poor souls who went along to get along or worse one of the mask nazi statist boot lickers. I wonder if any of them understand how bad for our future their compliance was and is. Picture a boot stamping down on a face for eternity, but now picture that face wearing a mask, genetically modified³ and with pink hair orange sherbert- terrifying indeed. So anyway I'm back and here we go again, BAM. Also who knows if this is the video that will actually turn out to be true. Sure is a circus everywhere these days, just say'n and so on

And the rapid depopulation agenda keeps marching on. Let's all fight eachother over bs whilst the quillotine is being built all around us.

Apparently this is a very simple way to generate hydrogen power. I have no idea if this is real, true or whatever. All I know is.....

Make your own for a fraction of the retail price.

Buy local, make your own, boycott braggs products. When a product gets big enough it is bought up by the feces eating pedo class and tainted. They hate healthy people, they hate people, they love pretending like they're in control because they are weak. They run this way, they run that way, they are cowards, they are afraid.

I feel sorry for katy perry, a fool history can't wait to forget. She's obviously an mk ultra slave to hollywood Baby eaters.

Little beats big when little is smart. First with the head then with the heart.....
.............................hollywood baby eaters etc. Power of One

-Wikileaks released video of nasa faking the moon landing- is the claim made by the original post where I found this. What do you think? True or sketchy or somewhere in between?

From the nature channel. This is science. Trust the science

Could it be true? I can't say if the images presented are doctored and if this is just another psyop to demoralize the west. All I know is...

I thought this was satire, but only for a second.

Big head scratcher I know... so what are you doing about it? I know, nothing. Im also doing nothing...

Who whispers you to sleep?

(1) You were born in a COLD prison

(2) You have to pay the prison FEE, they call this TAXES

(3) You have NO SAY to what will be done with your money, BUT you have to PAY

(4) To pay the money, you have to work!! The prison encourages you to buy shiny products, so you feel better about yourself

(5) You are not allowed to exit the prison

(6) Only a few have walked far enough to see the PRISON walls (Antarctica)

(7) The prison gives you NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT, so that you don’t DISCOVER the PRISON WALLS!!

(8) The prison doesn’t allow STRONG family bonds or STRONG BROTHERHOOD, Unless you are part of the people that RUN this PRISON

(9) The prison you live in wants you WEAK, SICK and DIVIDED, because WEAK people will never be able to get to the WALL and CLIMB it

(10) The prison is mostly run by other prisoners, it will COLLAPSE if people start WAKING UP

Please, think about this for a second!!🤔


We all understand this. For the record

The walls are getting closer. Digital prison system is right now at the turtle head stage. If you can't smell what's coming you might crap your pants when the levy finally breaks.

Fox is owned by Blackrock, vanguard and statestreet. They want us to think this way. Now why would they do that? Hmmmmmm?

Let's all go to the lobby and have ourself a snack... Let's all go to the middle east and have ourself a world War 3 etc.

It's really about what story works on you to get you to abandon your better nature, to get you to sin and murder, hate, participate. Great

Right from the whoreses mouth.

While satirical this none the less encapsulates what's wrong with a lot of lefttard parents and young people. Ultimately it's not their fault imo, it's next generation warfare and generations of people being dumbed down and misled. When you worship anything other than God you eventually worship yourself and your own stupid ideas and you get what we have today- infantile adults playing make believe and demanding everyone play it with them/they. Plenty of these stunted morons are even using violent rhetoric and some are acting on it in their/they pursuit of make believe utopia. Again making anal Schwabs case for him that we are too stupid to be allowed to keep sucking oxygen etc and need to be put down. Maybe Jeff Berwick is right...

Another clip from a 1950's sci-fi movie. Literally pride before the fall. I remember hearing she survived and came out against the toxic gene therapy, but I can't be sure....

The fact checkers have assured me this is a clip from a 1950's sci-fi movie staring British actor Sr. Kevin McCarthy.....

Just following orders, also "public school (aka television) made me"

As a fat man dealing with food addiction I can tell you...... Anyway who knows if this is true? I certainly believe it's true, but belief is like a room with no windows or[insert]something clever and so on. One thing I know is you gotta be brainwashed to think the Kakistocracy isn't poisoning us in every which way they can, first and foremost in our food, but also spiritual poisoning by getting us to participate in human sacrifice/murder aka abortion. That Hek 293 is delicious and horrifying etc.


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I'm only trying to say one thing with this channel and my website. It's something being screamed at us from all directions. I'm not sure I have a clue, but we all are participants in this reality, simulation, experience together. It seems to me Community among a number of other things including dumb luck is what's going to get our world back in shape. I still am optimistic, still have a sense of power and responsibility and I know we can't do it without You.

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