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Full description on how to install:
Competition hammer
Short Disconnector
13 lb main spring
11 lb recoil spring
Extended firing pin

Before and after installing
-Competition hammer
-Short Disconnector
-Extended Firing pin & lower weight firing pin spring
-11 lb recoil spring
-13 lb main spring (hammer)

My review of the Girsan MC28 pistol in 9mm.

Unboxing: 1:00
Girsan MC28 Disassembly: 5:10
Sights: 11:08
Fitting a CZ75 magazine: 14:58
MC28 Trigger: 20:17

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My take on this wearable sleeping bag
Article at:

The CZ Shadow SP-01 was the mid-price favorite for IPSC for a good long time, but now there's the upgraded Shadow 2. Which should you buy and what are the differences?

The StripLula by UpLula is a small plastic device for loading AR15 or STANAG mags off stripper clips. I'm loving it for 3 gun.

3 gun match in Canada

Quick vid on some electric heated pants.

My take on the Wolverine Supplies WK180C by Kodiak Defense. This rifle is made in Canada and is a take on the Armalite 180B. It is non restricted. I might use it for coyote hunting or for 3 gun.

This is my review of the WK180C from Wolverine Supplies.

Come sit and clean an SVT40 with me.

My Review on the K&M Arms M17S 223 bullpup Canada version.

Full article at

Just a quick video showing hits on the Magnetospeed T1000 target hit indicators at distance.

I found that some 5.56 xm193 ammo wouldn't work in my 223 wylde chamber. Thought I'd share.

This article had some pretty good info:

2 day match for charity. We raised over $10,000 for charity.

A match held in Cold Lake, Alberta. Tons of shooting time,

Just a quick overview on the Magnetospeed T-1000's that you'd use for PRS or 3 Gun long range target hit indication

A really bad AR15 jam cost the match me the match. Oh well!

My take on the Ruger 77/44 in 44 Magnum. See the article here:


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I started my site because I find a lot of reviews out there lacking. They'd often avoid any constructive criticism and many of the reviews online use very few images. I review bows, rifles and other hunting equipment. After doing a few video reviews, it seems that people like them, so I'd like to do more.