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The Hunting Gear Guy

The StripLula by UpLula is a small plastic device for loading AR15 or STANAG mags off stripper clips. I'm loving it for 3 gun.

3 gun match in Canada

Quick vid on some electric heated pants.

My take on the Wolverine Supplies WK180C by Kodiak Defense. This rifle is made in Canada and is a take on the Armalite 180B. It is non restricted. I might use it for coyote hunting or for 3 gun.

This is my review of the WK180C from Wolverine Supplies.

Come sit and clean an SVT40 with me.

My Review on the K&M Arms M17S 223 bullpup Canada version.

Full article at

Just a quick video showing hits on the Magnetospeed T1000 target hit indicators at distance.

I found that some 5.56 xm193 ammo wouldn't work in my 223 wylde chamber. Thought I'd share.

This article had some pretty good info:

2 day match for charity. We raised over $10,000 for charity.

A match held in Cold Lake, Alberta. Tons of shooting time,

Just a quick overview on the Magnetospeed T-1000's that you'd use for PRS or 3 Gun long range target hit indication

A really bad AR15 jam cost the match me the match. Oh well!

My take on the Ruger 77/44 in 44 Magnum. See the article here:

My review of the Kel-Tec KSG.

I gotta turn my lights down a bit, I'm super squinty in this video.

Monthly 3 gun match. I had some failure to go into battery problems on my AR that I'll need to investigate. To find a 3 gun match in Canada, head over to

Just a quick video showing my match. Find more Canadian 3 gun matches at

If you get surplus ammo that may or may not be corrosive, you might want to do a nail test. I thought I'd do a quick video showing how to do a nail test with a minimum of equipment.

More info on corrosive ammo here:

The ammo tested was:
2008 7.62x39 from Lever Arms: tested non corrosive
1973 7.62x39 ammo from ??: tested corrosive

1971 7.62x54R ammo: tested corrosive
2002 7.62x54R Ammo from Lever Arms: tested non corrosive

This stuff is from Lever Arms and it's supposed to be non corrosive. The test will tell!

Factory 61 in China
Made in 2008
123? grain projectile, suspected to be steel core, boat tail, tar sealed, lead exposed base
copper washed case
Comes in crates of 1500 rounds, 750 per sealed tin.

Intro: 0:00
Rifles: 1:07
Pistols: 9:49
Shotguns: 16:10
Shotgun Capacity in Canada: 20:41
Belt setup: 23:32
Ear/eye protection: 27:00
Conclusion: 28:03

3 gun Matches in Canada:
3 Gun Canada article:


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