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If you're looking for cheap combo trigger locks, I've got a few for you to look at.
Masterlock trigger lock
$18/ea retail at Canadian Tire

Huntshield trigger lock
$12/ea retail on Amazon

RioRand Trigger Lock
$7/ea retail 5 for $35 on Amazon

Chinese ones
$10/ea retail off eBay

My review of the 22LR Savage A22.

Disassembly at 7:30

I modified a damper that controls air flow using a servo, 18B20 temperature sensor, and an Arduino nano.

Just showing a quick part replacement on the Remington 581 22LR rifle

Trigger Kit for Savage Axis 1

A review of the Catch 22 ammo holder

3 Gun in Canada

How an M1 Garand operates, including PING and other essential whatnots.

My take on the Ruger PC Carbine. Article at

A revolver 410 shotgun from Turkey.

My review of the toggle lock ISSC SPA (Straight Pull Action) rifle. Article over here:

My take on the Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)

How to setup or make your own USGI M1 style sling for Appleseed or Mapleseed.

I thought I'd show the differences between these two side by side.
Yes, it's a SPARC 1 and not a SPARC 2.

My take on the GSG 1911-22 22LR Pistol

I thought I'd do a new review on the SKS rifle, this time with a Soviet SKS.
The SKS is a semi automatic rifle in 7.62x39mm.

Article here:

My review on the Safariland 579 GLS holster.

It's a bugger to find mags for the Norinco NS522. Here's how I modified a Scorpio EM332A mag to work on my Norc.

My review of the 3M Peltor Tactical Sports with gel cups.


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I started my site because I find a lot of reviews out there lacking. They'd often avoid any constructive criticism and many of the reviews online use very few images. I review bows, rifles and other hunting equipment. After doing a few video reviews, it seems that people like them, so I'd like to do more.