Hurtin Hippie

- Hurtin Hippie


Alberta Tables Cannabis Legislation and Private Stores are a GO!

LP's slam Private Enterprise in a News Conference calling them Criminals

12 yr old SUES Jeff Sessions on the classification of Cannabis

NCI Admits Cannabis Cures Cancer

How many die from Cannabis Yeary (Hint - less than 1)

100% Automated Grow box for us brown thumb gardeners

Off to Forgetmenotpond - or are we?

Keep exercising, treat your body well, it will return the favour

Yes, if you mix strains you hit more cannabinoid receptors

I attempt to answer that old question, what is the difference?

Another walk through the neighbourhood

Ian asked for this talk, let's continue it in comments

The last few days have been hard, but I wanted to share them with you all - be at peace - love each other - make it real :)

Sick boys need toys!

No hippie news this weekend, sorry

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I am a hippy from the 60's. I am a legal medical cannabis patient in Canada, and report on activities in regards to our most precious commodity - Freedom