Jones is a Masonic tranny, IT is linked with some big names in Hollywood and the story of its 'discovery' is complete BS on the (((WIKI))). it is coded as always. I will also show how the politics is a complete theater.

A very famous sex icon, Bettie still fools many, but when you study and look closely at IT, you see it is NO WOMAN! It will be hard for many to accept it, and they will get angry, but that is just how it is.

I don't usually do any news related things, as it is all Masonic distraction and theater, but a viewer asked me to look into the tranny show.

The Masonic Tranny deception is everywhere, through all cultures, no longer just in brick and mortar temples, they control the media and influence you to their desires, music is important to them, they subliminally spread their dirty messages through it.

It needed a bit of cleaning up, but I also took the opportunity to look at a few more "ancient" sites.

Blocked on YT Internationally in less than an hour, they really do not want this information out there.
I continue looking at City of Demons while also looking at the comic/animation industry in general.

A side video to compliment the Constantine series, we take a look at Nergal, the DEMON.

What are your children watching? You might be surprised and shocked at the answer.

This is the video that got my YTube account deleted, YTube is protecting the
Masonic police trannies.
And "Pustel" it was not your comments that got me deleted, LMFAO.

My YouTube Channel was deleted last night, 31 Jan, after I posted the "Police Trannies" video, I will upload that here today as well.

(Not on YT), I would not even try put it there.

A young député joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how the Freemasons are conspiring with the Jews and the Anglo-American nations to encourage France into a war against Germany.

Produced by: Robert Muzard, On 25 November(7/11, code) 1945, Muzard was condemned to 3 years in prison and Marquès-Rivière was condemned in his absence (he had gone into self-imposed exile) to death and degradation.

THE WHOLE WW2 was a stage to by the MASONS to move people and borders, to rebuild areas for the ELITE MASONS, see more about this from DaveJ, Hristos, Krishnan -Resurrection, Jungle Surfer, Matrix Breakout channels, as well as scattered throughout my videos. You have all been had! Your history is a lie. I have read many testimonies of people who seen NOTHING HAPPENING, you can find footage of their models being used as war film, dummies for dead people, etc....

Looking through the internet one finds the same regurgitated jew written text about the film.
I thought this film might be something different and of interest.

I do NOT say that I am a "Flat Earther", I do not know what we live on, but I can tell you it is not a ball flying through "space", what a lot of sheite that is!

Video for Russian Soyuz, lol fake repairs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvDHsfwOSM8

NCM Epic Music Ender Guney

Track 1: Victory
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEioEoqyFPsOiW8CepDaYg
Sound Territory

Track 2-end: Dub Techno Mix #85
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyQKoLtVor_r1OCOBgeOofQ

For those who think that it is easy to spot a tranny, you might be surprised, it is getting harder, but if you know what to look for, you will see them. If you learn the tells, it will eventually get easier, I can spot them in seconds, it takes a bit of training.

The German CDU is getting this tranny prepard to take over from Anglea Merkel, it is basically a man in a wig!

Johnny Gat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ynbS-PMSMJIniFVHIWm8g

All music by TEKNOAXE

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgf00GvfFQVsYBA7V7RwUw

Track 1 Basic Metal 6 - Heavy Metal
Track 2 Waypoint J - Suspense/Background

Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3av...

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/0Hyqsw...

**These tracks are Royalty Free and are free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. **


Blocked and deleted by YouTube
Channel: ThePrimeThanatos
Link on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmYTgpKxd-QOJCPDrmaXuqQ
TRACK: Back To The 80's' | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 2 Hours | Vol. 4

This video was blocked and deleted on YouTube.


Track 1: Strange Dealings Afoot

**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. **

BitChute Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/teknoaxe/

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/0Hyqsw...



Track 2: Necromancy (BATHORY Cover)

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwNSY8TKfvw

I only put this on as a kind of nostalgic reference, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!

It did not even last 1Hr on YouTube! They blocked it, then deleted it.Protecting the shills!
Johnny Gat Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ynbS-PMSMJIniFVHIWm8g



Track 1: Travels into the Unknown
Track 2: Further Away

**These tracks are Royalty Free and are free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. **

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZRbQC6bjg8


Free Music House

Track 3: Reloaded

Artist: SAVFK

Social links:



Track 4: Unblinking Eyes Above

**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. **

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZRbQC6bjg8


Free Music House

Track 5: Fallen Angel

Social links:

FMH: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDD8DSHPAXIYJMyiTWSM2g



Track 6: Intriguing Solo Piano Music - Broken Key (Copyright Free)

Credit me when you can. How? (Just wherever possible distribute following: Music by Whitesand - Title of the piece, URL link to the original and my channel, social media accounts.)

Subscribe for more Music: https://goo.gl/au5GJK
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My Second Youtube Channel: https://goo.gl/p8Nuoa

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe96JG5gdgSRtmqStx0isXA

This is a mirror of a Nettie NoJohnson 3 video from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpI3qlStqQxe2vOFAAj386g/featured
I have only increased the volume, nothing else, I think it is a great showing of just how deep the rabbit hole goes, be careful of what you show your children.

Blocked and deleted on YouTube.


Track 1 Army of Cyborgs

**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.**

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgf00GvfFQVsYBA7V7RwUw

Track 2 Sumadat

You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description:
Sumadat by Subatomik https://soundcloud.com/subatomik
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Music for Creators https://youtu.be/qtR5K0uu6GU
Turbo Knight

Track 3 Space Cowboy Pt. 3

Activist-News: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SYaiQKIGjwzzrK-rH4_XA

This was BLOCKED INTERNATIONALLY on YouTube in under 1 Hour! They do not want this info about, they want to tell you what you can and cannot think! I will not cut any part of this video, they wanted it watered down. Screw 'em! I am soon to be gone from JewTube!

Dj Lee

Track 1 Leonard Marcel and Kevin McMahon - The Video Dead Theme (Dj Lee's 2012 Extended Mix)

No Response on usage, it is a remix and I am not using it to make money, so I will include it. And he gets some exposure, so no harm done.

Track 2 Cthulhu - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

Cryo Chamber said I may use their music as long as I am non-profit.
José da Vēde

Track 3 Last Stand – Epic Drums - Intense War Battle Chase Copyright Free

Last Stand is a Royalty Free track with no restrictions via Creative Commons. All that I ask is that you give credit to José da Vēde, and send me a link to your video, just curious.

Corrected and improved version.
If you are scared of horror, ghosts, ghouls and zombies, then you are still brainwashed.

All music done by the very talented PIANO HORROR.

Track 1 Suspense Horror Music - "Pandemic" (Slow Strings Composition)
Track 2 Emotional Horror Music - "Safe Haven" (Slow Strings Composition)

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYaPSKdx33FNRZUb7_gShww

Introduction theme by Mike Shinoda, from Into the Badlands. I had no choice but to use it.
Nobody has made a remix of it yet.
1 Hour Royalty Free Rock Music by Ethan Meixsell

Artist: Ethan Meixsell
Genre: Rock
Our Minds channel: http://bit.ly/2z6VmZZ
Our Facebook channel: http://bit.ly/2BixC7a

All Monetizable Free Music is a library dedicated to providing exclusively free music for monetization, ie, commercial purposes.
Everything we provide here is royalty free.

Tikkun serpent press are so proud of what they do to the USSA, they even write articles about it:

Piano Horror

TRACK 1: "Aliens 1986" - Main Theme (This I used in the Intro, the flyby)


Subscriber: I’ve got a horror channel on YouTube and if I can I want to use your interpretation for my video .
Piano Horror: Sure thing :)


Cryo Chamber

TRACK 2: Ambient in Dark Space (The middle section of the video)


HYPERBYTESTORM: I am very interested in using your music in my non-profit videos, will be okay to use some tracks?
CRYO CHAMBER: If it's non-profit that's perfectly fine. Appreciate any credit and link back to http://cryochamber.bandcamp.com


TRACK 3: I Dream of Monsters (Remix of Jerry Goldsmith's Alien Theme) (The Dance type music, from the Alien Ship)


HyperByteStorm - Could I please use it in a documentary I am busy with; I am not monetized. This is an awesome track, I am very impressed, it would work well with my video style.
Salvosuper - Yeah go for it, just please add the credit in the description. I am also curious about the doc itself so I would be interested in seeing the final result!


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I have a channel on BitTube with some of my older videos: https://bit.tube/HYPERBYTESTORM

My YouTube channel was deleted on 31 Jan 2019, the scum! Right after I posted the Police Trannies video.
The Majority of the videos on this channel have been blocked and deleted by YouTube.
I have returned to YouTube now as HyperBitStorm on 15 March 2019, and it is full of shills and sock-puppets.

Get the Masonic Serpent cult out of the Western countries and any positions of authority, including the business / education / entertainment / NEWS sectors, it will then be much easier to preserve our Western culture!

All your MSM news is created LIES! All the channels you see on YT & BitChute pushing this same 'NEWS' are in on it as well, even when they 'try' look like they are arguing against each other! It is this keeping you busy and them getting money. Almost all of these are Masonic tranny channels, just watch them, even their thumbnails and headlines will tell you, even the text on the images, all have Masonic code. Look how they always make everything an issue, THEY ARE CREATING THESE EVENTS , THEY ARE ALL WORKING TOGETHER, THEY ARE PARASITES!

The hidden jew Alt-Right and Liberal channels that work (together), against you are just there to do E-Begging / divide / confuse and anger you with their bullshit lies!