Dr Buttar explains in great detail in medical terms how the government is lying & scamming the American people by hiding the 5G relationship and the agenda to manipulate the masses into thinking a vaccination will be the answer when in reality it will be a kill shot! The medical team Trump has around him is led by the creator/inventor (Fauci) of the super bug covid 19 and is working against the American people's best interest......

Dr.Rashid Buttar details in medical terms & documented evidence how everything we are being told by the so called experts are LIES. The current state of affairs is all show to instill fear in the masses to manipulate opinions into accepting the real death shot via a vaccine & cover-up the real reason people are currently getting sick which is caused by 5G being rolled out/turned on.

Dr. Buttar details how the Corona Virus/Covid-19 Virus is a Conspiracy and how Toxicity has been Ignored by the media and those medical professionals who are supposed to be working for our best interest_ Part 2 -

Dr. Buttar tells in medical terms how 5G & the CV-19 Vaccine are the real culprits in the pipeline to be used against us and the current CV-19 lock-down is all a big deceptive show in order to manipulate the masses into accepting their own demise via the Vac & 5G.

Former Vodafone Boss blows Whistle on 5G CORONAVIRUS


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