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Stoners are not lazy.. we can be productive as much as our physical ailments allow. Now I'm home from the store and you can watch me put my groceries away and clean (sped up) and then have a relaxing bake session

Just a quick bowl and ramble about Raynauds Syndrome .. finally feeling better after a few days of feeling down. Depression can be so debilitating at times on top of having other medical issues that affect your body. Thank you for you kind words!

Feeling sad and depressed listen to my rants as I clean my pipe using only 91% alcohol and salt.. Will I feel better towards the end of this video?

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Roll up, toke up, dab up, as long as you get up high! Medical marijuana and what recreational marijuana means to me. I actually prefer to call it free use. I also suffer from panic disorder and anxiety disorder along with depression and fibromyalgia

*I do not own any rights to any music you may hear in the background.

Getting my day started with a medical session and a little hair styling

Legal marijuana, I have nothing for sale, free use (recreational) 420 medical card recipient

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I really thought that starting this Vlog was going to be easy and I quickly found out that it's not. I have been apprehensive about disclosing a lot of information about me because it just makes me very nervous opening up to new people regarding endometriosis infertility panic disorders anxiety and depression. There's so much going on inside of me that it's really scary to let everyone see that side but I promise to give you more on a weekly basis this is a longer clip then I'll be doing I'll be doing about 7 Minute clips I hope that you like share and subscribe and maybe I can help other little girls that were once like me.

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Celebrating our birthday in Las Vegas Nevada

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and easily got upgraded to the new Flamingo Room

We ate many great places, Hash House a Go Go, had my birthday dinner at Texas de Brazil, and was served by the best Bartender Billy at the 5 o'clock somewhere bar inside of Margaritaville inside the Flamingo. We played a few slots and won about 60 bucks. Had a good time on Fremont Street and visited Essence Dispensary right off the strip as well a Jardin where 2Chainz was recently filmed at

My reaction to the winner of the Daytona 500 2018 February 18th I'm rooting for Kurt Busch and the whole Stewart-Haas team.
Daytona 500 NASCAR Indy 500 Kurt Busch monster

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I just wanted to give you guys an update I haven't been vlogging (blogging) for about a week personally due to being sick. Along with endometriosis I also have uterine fibroids which makes my Cycles very painful. I want to give you guys an update on the experience that I had trying to vlog each day.

we recently got our Foster and adoption license updated to be able to still hopefully grow our family in 2018 whether it's via surrogacy natural birth from myself or adoption we are looking forward to starting our family and vlogging our new family experiences.

I will also be going to Vegas in about 2 weeks for my husband and I's birthday. I want to know what is there to do in Las Vegas?

before Vegas I'm thinking I'm going to get some braids so I will like to Vlog my hair braiding experience as well

where should I eat in Las Vegas?
best places to eat in Las Vegas
best drinks in Las Vegas
best bars in Las Vegas
best dispensary in Las Vegas
life with endometriosis
life with fibroids
life with fibromyalgia

I didn't know how many people enjoyed these ASMR videos on YouTube to help them relax until recently! I love the sound of water and would love to share with you the various sounds of water that help me feel relaxed. This was shot in 4K but I didn't use a special mic but let me know what you think and if I should invest in a mic specifically for these ?

Can you stay away long enough to see how many times the light shines on the bowl?

If you're like me and absolutely love cheese you will love these little healthy cheese bites.. they're crispy flavorful and I would like to know what you guys think about them.. let me know what spices you will put in yours and let me know if you tried mine and how they were

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if you know me then you know that I love to cook!! I made oven roasted chicken marinated with smoked paprika, cumin, sea salt, seasoned salt, and black pepper.. Should I do more detailed cooking vids? Please comment, like, share, and subscribe ?

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