Sidney Powell: “This is the people - We the People - versus the global elitists and establishment that is the Uniparty, as you mentioned earlier... We have only one political party. They’ve been trading power as they have seen fit over the last 3 decades probably - scratching each other’s backs - and it’s led to entrenched corruption beyond our ability to even imagine it.”

This Patriot is blowing the lid off the Democrats enslavement of Black People by exposing how they have twisted history. Uncle Tom was a hero that gave his life for his people, yet Blacks use his name like a pejorative to malign other Blacks while calling one another by the slave title "nigga" as if that is somehow cool. Serious Truth Bombs being spoken here to encourage Blacks to wake up and leave the Democrats Plantation.

It was a letter from the current president, Donald Trump... Not Biden. Watch.

The nurses danced but the hospitals were empty.


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