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Huck and Dave talk politics, Louisiana Redistricting, closed primaries verses Open Primaries with Chairwomen Lenar Whitney, and Legislative Liaison Susie Labry.

Huck and Dave talk current events. Was Trump ever charged as an Insurrectionist? Barbra Hoover Tweets on Louisiana Election Fraud.


Huck and Dave review 2023 and are expecting GREAT things for the body of Christ in 2024. Also, expecting hard times ahead but have faith in Gods provision.


Huck and Dave talk current events. Air Marshal Council Director says we are ushering in illegals. and following J6ers through a program called QUIET SKIES.

Hack and Dave discuss current events.

Open phone lines. (504)556-9696 5 pm central Thursdays

Huck and Dave have a conversation with Pastor Devin Oneal regarding Israel, Palestine, and biblical prophesies.
Twitter: @MarthaHuckabay
Disclaimer: This is NOT an anti semitic show. Today's Host and guest are Christians, and they love all of Gods people. We are opening the conversation up to Jewish, Muslim, and Christian descent. This is called a conversation and no one is to be disrespectful to our guests or hosts. If you are a student and wish to join our show please email us at [email protected].

Huck and Dave welcome their studio guest Michelle.
She is on staff with CJF (Christian Jew Foundation) Ministries. She will share her Jewish heritage with us, and we will discuss the Israel and Palestinian conflict.
Call in (504)556-9696

Huck and Dave talk about current events. Dr. John Merrifield Author of School Reform How and Why a Price Less Tale, Fiscal Cliff, Unproductive School Choice Debates.
Everyone @followers

Huck and Dave talk about Israel, Israeli girls kidnapped by Hamas terrorist, and College student for Palestine protest. Open phone line (504)556-9696

Huck and Dave will interview Dr. John Merrifield Author of Scholl System Reform How and Why a Price-Less Tale, A Fiscal Cliff, Restoring America's Fiscal Constitution.
John Merrifield, President
John 6:6, John, the Economist
IOPA | Institute for Objective Policy Assessment

Martha Huckabay's Candidates.
John Schroder for Governor,
Bill Nungesser FOR LT.
Governor, Brandon Trosclair FOR Louisiana Secretary of State, Scott McNight FOR LA. Treasurer and endorsed by LA. Treasurer John Schroder.
Attorney General Liz Murill is the establishment's favorite, which is concerning. She has been working closely with AG Jeff Landry who receives Millions from trial lawyers. into PROTECT THE CHILDREN PAC, but refused to protect #jusctiseforchasela in August 2018. if you looking to avoid establishment vote FOR Marty Malry.
Dominick Impastato FOR Jefferson Parish City Council.
VOTE RINO Scott Walker OUT! Scott Walker is for Lockdowns, Mask mandates, and forced COVID poisonous jabs on the school Schedule with RINO Cynthia Lee Sheng. Scott Walker closed three of the four doors to his donut shop. Forcing everyone to walk through the same door. He then accused local woman Martha Huckabay of spreading COVID because she refused to wear a mask. Mrs, Huckabay was medically exempt according to JBE Proclamation 89 2020.
Melinda Bourgeois FOR Jefferson Parish City Council.
Tim Templet FOR Jefferson Parish City Council AT Large.
Templet's opponent Jennifer Van Vrencken is termed out. She running for At Large. The problem we see is Jennifer Van Vrencken contracted a 10 years to pay for the millions of dollars BIKE project on Severn. Jefferson Parish residents do not like the bike project. Several Cars were damaged because they didn't see the cement wall separating the bike path. Also, residents say bikes are NEVER on the path. It's not looking good for Van Vrancken. Why didn't Van Vrencken check with the residents before signing Jefferson Parish up to the AGENDA 30 globalist project?
Charles Marsala Representative FOR District #94.
Get RINO Stephine Hilferty out!
Mike Sigur Representative FOR District #92 His opponent is RINO Joe Stagni. Get Stangi out!
Kathy Edmonston Representative FOR District #88
Timothy Kerner FOR Senate seat District #8.
His opponent is Paul Connick whose voting record proves he' is selling the people out over there in the west bank. Get the RINO out!
Valerie Hodges FOR Senate District #13
Ray Garafalo FOR Senate District #1.
Today's guest is from Guatemala.
Giovanni Fratti with Imortal Guatemala. Why is Guatemala on fire? Why are the liberals burning Guatemala down and blocking roads?

Todays guest is Mike Sigur Candidate for House Represetive District #92.
Huck and Dave talk about Biden inquiry into impeachment.
Where is Katie Hobbs Govenror of Arizona? It appears Katie Hobbs is missing. The Arizona State Treasure Kimberly Yee release a letter stating that she was asked to step in.
Today's guest is Mike Sigur Candidate for House of Representitive District #92. 5 PM

Huck and Dave talk about imminent threats of Lockdowns. Jefferson Parish city council Jennifer VanVranken said we will never have lockdowns again. She said we will never have mask mandates again. Scott Walker isn't being honest with the voters of Jefferson Parish. Scott Walker is for Lockdowns, Scott Walker is for Mask mandates, and Scott Walker is for Golbalisum. Scott Walker cut the ribbon for ALDI.
Candidate for Lt Governor, former Senator Elbert Guillory.

Huck and Dave talk about current events. Guest callers Dr. Frank Douglas and Social media influencer Scott Presler.
Call in number (504)556-9696
www.LibertyorLockdown.Live Thursdays 5 PM.

And now for something completely different!
Instead of politics, Dave talks about "Why I am a Christian and Why I believe the Bible."
Guest co-host Jack Clegg.

Huck and Dave discuss current events, Legislative candidates, Trump Indictment, and Bidenomics. Today's guest Christopher Alexander discusses the repercussions of RS 17:439.1S. These two laws will require Businesses and school districts to follow CDC & LDH guidelines if a public health emergency is implemented. Thursday 5 PM.

Huck and Dave talk politics from a Christian perspective.
EPOCH TIMES Senior Editor Jan Jekielek talks with The Author of the Marxifiscation of Education James Lindsy in regards to Trump indictments.
James Lindsay: The Real Strategy Behind the Trump Indictments | ATL:NOW | EpochTV (
Today on Liberty or Lockdown Live we will be talking about Marxism. Stay tuned to hear James Lindsay's clipping: The Real Strategy Behind the Trump Indictments.
James Lindsay: The Real Strategy Behind the Trump Indictments | ATL:NOW | EpochTV (
Our In studio guest Dr. Robert Little and our dear friend Susie Labry our legislative Liason and founder of Louisiana Sunshine.
CDC Says New COVID-19 Variant Could Cause Infections in Vaccinated People (
What You Need to Know About New ‘Eris’ COVID Variant (

Martha Huckabay interviews Candidate for Governor John Schroder. Huck and Dave talk politics. Tune in at 5 PM
Call in Number (504)556-9696
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Host John Swisher and Co-Host Martha Huckabay interviewing Candidate for Governor John Schroder, Candidate For Secretary of State Brandon Trosclair, Candidate for House of Representatives District 94. Charles Marsala is opposing RINO Stephanie Hilferty for her seat: candidate Amanda Ebert for House of Representative District 92. Amanda Eberts is opposing RINO Joe Stagni for his seat.

Huck and Dave talk politics. Twelve candidates qualified for Governor on Tuesday
John Schroder, Sharon Hewitt, Jeff Landry.
Senator Sharon Hewitt and TLa Treasurer John Schroder both believe that the State Republican party endorsement for Jeff Landry was premature.
Attorney Hunter Lundy, Treasurer John Schroder, and former Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson became the first three candidates to join the race officially. On the first of the three days, candidates could formally go to the Secretary of State’s office to register for the Oct. 14 primary ballot.
The other four major candidates for governor – Attorney General Jeff Landry, state Sen. Sharon Hewitt of Slidell, state Rep. Richard Nelson of Mandeville, and Stephen Waguespack, the former president of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry – are planning to qualify on Wednesday and Thursday.
Lundy is a political independent, Wilson is a Democrat, and the other five are Republicans.
Call-in number (504)556-9696

Huck and Dave talk about local Louisiana politics from a conservative perspective. www.LibertyorLockdown.Live or 5 PM, Thursday.
Special Guest Christopher Alexander, founder of will update our listeners on Conservative victories in the Louisiana House and Senate. What next session will look like? What can we do to have more victories like HB648? Conservatives are protecting the children from what Govenor John Bell Edwards and the Democratic party call "Gender Affirming Care" In reality, this is child mutilation that can never be reversed. It is genocide. Again we are led to talk about the depopulation of the earth. Why do all LGBTQP subjects return to depopulation conversations and the Office of Population Affairs?
Special Guest in Jamie McEvoy Jamie McEvoy is with a group called Jefferson Assembly. They are a local advocacy group in Jefferson Parish. The group was established in 2022. They believe in standing for truth and righteousness, even when it's not popular.
Specifically, they feel a call to protect the next generation's children from the flood of cultural sway that seeks to undermine the God-ordained family unit.
One recent point of interest they are working on now is the questionable material in the public libraries, attempting to confuse, sexualize, and even groom the youngest of children. They have attended board meetings, written letters challenging questionable material, and attended parish council meetings in attempts to confront the issue at hand and bring lasting change.
In attempts to bring more virtuous books back to the shelves of our public library, Jefferson Assembly will be hosting a See You at the Library Event on Saturday, August 5th, 12 pm-1 pm, at the East Bank Jefferson Parish Regional
Library. This is a national event, JPA along with many others around the nation will be hosting a similar event.
More information about Jefferson Assembly can be found at:

Liberty or Lockdown Live is celebrating its fourth year in August 2023! I personally want to thank my CO Host Dave for all the TECH work he does behind the scenes managing our website WWW.LIBERTYORLOCKDOWN.LIVE and for hanging in there with me as a truth speaker.
HB648 passed to protect our children.
Jack Clegg Show talk about the Office of Population Affairs. OPA
Dr. Robert Malone, interviewed by Steve Bannon
Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Population Control Is Official Policy Of US Government.’ ( There is now US Government policy.
Gay men have newborn baby killed after their surrogate was diagnosed with breast Cancer. Reported on LIgfe news,, the, daily mail. CO. UK, Reported July 18th. Town Hall reported this on July 5th.
• Wild Roger Stone predictions.

Dave in studio - Martha and Kristen calling in. Susie Labry with legislative update. (Date of video is 07/20, NOT 07/13.)

Huck and Dave Interview Candidate SOS Brandon Trosclair.
To learn more about Brandon Trosclair, go to www.LetsGeauxBrandon.Net
Liz Murrell Interview Liz Murrell interview
A local reporter was trying to censor FREE SPEECH in this interview. Millions of voters believe the 2020 election was stolen, yet this reporter tried to get Liz Murrell to say it wasn't. Liz Murrell handled this interview well. Liz said, "The government doesn't get to decide what is misinformation."
AG Jeff Landry, why haven't you sued SOS Kyle Ardoin in your Biden lawsuit? You know Dr. Frank Douglas and many others contacted you personally with FACTS regarding Dominion Vulnerabilities. Yet, you've done NOTHING about it.
Martha H. Huckabay (@MarthaHuckabay) tweeted at 10:39 PM on Sat, Jun 24, 2023:
Dr. Frank Douglas talks with Kyle Ardoin and, with Ardoin's permission, hacks Louisiana's Dominion voting machines within minutes. Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin denies this happened, yet witnesses signed an affidavit.
Dr,.Frank Douglas interview.
*PLEASE read the Halderman Report for Dominion Vulnerabilities. Halderman Report retrieved from:

Update on current News, especially involving the Supreme Court.
Security analysis of the Dominion ImageCastX ballot marking device (BMD) reveals critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited to subvert all election security measures. Secretary of State Candidate Brandon Trosclair calls for immediate decertification of all Dominion voting systems used in Louisiana to protect Louisiana citizens voting rights.
Special guest Kristen Wolverton and her daughter Rosalie.


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