Forced "vaccinations"? "Immunity" Passports? Forced testing? Checkpoints? The Gov't has declared war. If they keep it up, bloodshed is coming. SELF DEFENSE IS LEGAL IN CANADA never mind the forces of Natural Law which WILL NOT be DENIED! We here in Alberta, Canada, are prepared. Bring it. This tyranny has become intolerable. Stand up for your freedom while peace is still possible! Just say NO!

Peaceful save for some bickering between a heckler and "The Angry Albertan". Very good numbers. Police were present but peaceful. NOT targeting protesters. Encouraging. Powerful, moving speeches and good march after. Need more people so we can "Take the Streets"! Get out to a rally near you! Stand up in your own life! YOU can make a difference!

A good Samaritan put up signs saying "Vitamins D, C, Zinc, Exercise" near the gov't COVID PROPAGANDA signs to highlight how the gov't is harming people with their "advice" while suppressing life saving information. Screw the gov't and their harmful lies that are killing people. Stand up for FREEDOM while you still can!

Good turnout despite the rainy day. Very peaceful as always. Need more people. Need more people to stand up and say no. Time is running out for peace to win the day. The gov't has issued more orders, initiated more force. More of us are disobeying. Join us and save the future for your children and grandchildren before the inevitable bloodshed begins. We will NOT go down without a FIGHT! "'The Angry Albertan" Facebook page has comprehensive coverage.

Gov't theft during this hoax is through the roof! I show footage of a gross "speed trap" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Evil at work. If this was about a "deadly bug", why in the hell are these scum spreading disease by stealing money! It's all a lie.....and they know it. Time to take back our lives from this monstrosity that calls itself government. Hopefully these order following costumed thugs get out of the way or get on the right side of history.....for their sake.

There was a Christian church rally, an "open mike" rally, and of course the regular weekly Freedom Rally. All super peaceful. Good attendance. Good march. Great people! The tremendous fellowship I enjoy while being among these folks gives me hope and courage to stand for freedom in my own life! I love these people! There is a rally/march every Saturday 1pm at the Legislature. Come out and join the fight for FREEDOM!

There will be many that have regrets after taking the experimental drug treatment injection. Imagine their fear after the realization that the government has harmed them hits home. Coerced them into taking harmful injections through lies and propaganda. That the jabs don't offer immunity or protection. That their DNA could be permanently altered and their life might be shortened. Well it's not a good situation but there are things you can do to stop living in fear. Remember NOBODY can predict the future with absolute certainty! There is always hope!

Good turnout. Need more so we can "take the streets". Very good, passionate speeches. Great, diverse crowd. Very peaceful. "The Angry Albertan" Facebook page has comprehensive coverage. There is a rally every Saturday 1PM at the legislature. Stand up for Freedom! YOU can make a difference!

While out running I walked through the drive through at the Tim Horton's at Elerslie and 111th on the South side of Edmonton, AB, Canada. I am exempt from masking so I don't go in stores if I can avoid it. I had a very negative experience initially. Had an altercation with the staff after being told that I wasn't welcome back. Illegal discrimination under Canadian law. I allowed evil, for a moment, to get control of me and I lashed out with name calling. THEN, as I was walking away, a woman approached me with an act of kindness that restored hope, brought forth joy, and literally made my day! GOOD WINS! ALWAYS! Hope springs eternal!

A person in my life was targeted at work for "wrongthink". Threatened with dismissal pending an "investigation" which closely resembled a Chinese communist style "struggle session". Shaming and bullying the main themes. Charter violations (had they followed through) included, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience, freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of movement. The gov't of Canada is imposing the tenets of communism through bullying and coercion. Pure evil. The idea being to get rid of anyone capable of questioning or opposing the gov't false Covid narrative (or anything else). Constitutional lawyer James Kitchen took the case and a victory ensued. The person was accommodated and the reprimand struck from the record. Remember, you have the RIGHT to defend yourself! Below is a link to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. FREEDOM!
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms -

Great views on a great day! The key to good health, to fending off the Covid hoax plandemic lie is found through exercise, a simple clean diet, drinking lots of water, topping up vitamins D, C, Zinc levels, and reducing/eliminating toxins. I Run in and around the Edmonton, AB, Canada river valley while talking about freedom and the gov't tyranny masquerading as a "deadly pandemic". The video below features the doctor I refer to in the video who found worms in all the masks she examined.

Another fabulous, uplifting rally! Great, everyday people standing up for FREEDOM! Great day! Passionate speeches. Peaceful. "The Angry Albertan" Facebook page has comprehensive coverage. Come join the revolution every Saturday 1pm at the Legislature!

The Gov't fearmongering and lies have got many people unjustly terrified. Frightened into taking an experimental jab without informed consent. This is a crime against humanity. I had both positive and negative interactions while walking around downtown Edmonton without a mask and wearing a t-shirt saying "Masks harm body mind and spirit dehumanizing" and on the back "Vaccines are proven to cause harm". Beautiful spring day for a walk!

Big rally. Very good impromptu march as well! Quite a high level of passer by support. Clear increase from past marches. We "took over" Jasper Avenue. Literally TOOK TO THE STREETS! The Edmonton Police Service acted quickly to secure our route and to protect us in stark contrast to the RCMP thugs running the show at Grace Life Church. Pleasant surprise! Super peaceful. Very moving. I sensed a "release" of emotion. The gov't claim of a deadly existential viral threat is, and always has been, completely unsubstantiated. The silent majority, recognizing that, is starting to stir. Good, passionate, at times emotional speeches. Maxime Bernier, the People's Party of Canada leader delivered a good speech. Great to see him standing up for Freedom. The Wildrose party leader was there as well. Kevin J Johnson was there and many I'm sure I missed. What a great day! FREEDOM!

Powerful, very uplifting rally protesting the seizure of Grace Life Church near Edmonton, AB by the desperate, tyrannical, sellout, Alberta political regime. Tons of people from all over were pouring in. Parking was restricted so people walked literally miles to get there. No "major" incidents while I was there. The herd of mindless, order following armed government thug cops were subject to a ton of verbal abuse due to their evil actions. They serve Satan. Clearly.

Great rally. Great energy. Very good turnout. Very noticeable increase in support from passers by. Lots of new faces. Lots of great sign messages. I love these people! "The Angry Albertan" Facebook page has comprehensive coverage. Come join us 1pm Saturday's at the Legislature. FREEDOM!

The increase in government force a clear sign that evil is on the run. Losing control. The gov't has fenced off Grace Life Church to save face it appears. That just strengthened the congregation. The gov't tried to shut down Pastor Art Pawlowski's Church in Calgary. He kicked them out. Didn't let them speak. He seems more determined than ever. I am so grateful for their powerful unity against tyranny. Freedom is starting to flow here in Alberta. Crushing evil in its' wake. Beautiful thing to behold :)

I run in and around the Edmonton, Ab, Canada river valley while talking about the tyranny manifesting in our society masquerading as a "deadly pandemic". I notice some unintended, positive benefits despite the despotism. They are pushing full steem ahead with the lies. Promoting what appears to be a horrifying cull of the population with the focus on seniors. Whatever is going on, we will have to fight for our freedom.....hopefully sooner than later. Much less bloodshed that way.

Remember, Healthy people don't spread disease. Never have, never will. If somebody dies shortly after getting the jab, it was the the junk science poison, profit driven jab that killed them. I spoke off camera to a lady who works at a "Care home" for the elderly. She claimed to have observed a "cluster of deaths" approx. 2 weeks after they were given the DNA altering poison. The same pattern the world over. Not ONE WORD from the Canadian MSM or the evil, sellout political scum that pretend to represent "the people".

Good rally, good people, beautiful day. No incidents other than love and joy :) People are sick of tyranny. Sick of being lied to. Sick of Chinese Communist style policies being shoved down their throats. Sick of being crushed by lying, evil, despotic government. WE WANT FREEDOM NOW!!!

I note a theme, a pattern across the alternative media of pessimism. Finality. "It's all over if the Government gets its way!", "All is lost!", "Freedom will be lost forever!". I call BS. NOTHING can keep FREEDOM down forever. There is a fight to win, but I see freedom rising. Here in Alberta, Canada, and all over the world. You are NOT ALONE! "The revolution will not be televised!" Remember that!

I outline how skimming world headlines is a powerful method of recognizing and combatting propaganda. A bulwark against government fearmongering and tyranny. Below are a few good links about propaganda.
Corbett Report Propaganda Watch Series -
Dr. Joseph Goebbels propaganda principles -
My theory on geo-political tensions -
Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky -

I put together a slideshow of many of the signs I have seen while attending Freedom rallies during the covid hoax plandemic lie. Very moving for me because being amongst freedom oriented people, the solidarity, the unity, the fellowship under the banner of freedom, has given me courage and hope. Love those people! FREEDOM!

The "vaccine" industry is coming for our Children. Contrary to the false dogma we have been indoctrinated with, brainwashed with, "vaccines" are proven to cause harm. Full stop. No true placebo trials, childhood chronic illness through the roof, no liability if they harm or kill you. Tax theft funded, government vaccine damage courts in 19 countries. Billions paid out. Governments and media firmly in pharma's pocket. All pushed by a monopoly market specialist. A computer salesman with a penchant for depopulation that is realizing unheard of profits as a consequence. "Philanthropy" my ass! It's up to YOU and ME to SAVE OUR CHILDREN! Check out the links below if you are concerned about protecting your children from junk science, profit driven, poison "vaccines".

Compilation of experts -
Dr Sherri Tenpenny -
Great scientist Prof Delores Cahill -
Dr Suzanne Humphries -
Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman -
Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman -
Dr Carrie Madej -
James Corbett "The Future of Vaccines" -
They do not care about your health -
Brand New Tube. Good uncensored Alt Media site -
Bitchute -

Good rally. Very positive, upbeat crowd standing up for freedom against the government tyranny crushing our society. Great to be amongst them! Very uplifting! "The Angry Albertan" Facebook page has comprehensive coverage. Come out and join us every Saturday at 1 PM at the Alberta Legislature!


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