The Boston Bombing was perhaps the most fake of all false flags Ive ever seen. I scutinized all the available footage and documentation for well over a year during and after the event, and have yet to be able to confirm if anyone 'died'. This is a collection of most all the media enigmas recorded surrounding the event, and exposes some blatant staging and 'props'.

Stanley Kubricks 'The Shining' was nothing more then hollywood industrial complex pre-emptive programming. The movie foretold and conditioned audiences for 911. This video was never allowed to be uploaded on jewtube so this will be the first time its publicly watched.

The holocaust is a lie, from the number 6 million to the very word 'holocaust'. The most damning aspect of the whole controversy is that millions of other people who died in WW2 germany are lost behind the holocaust narative which to me is something 'criminal'. I do not deny jews died in WW2 germany, thats a given. I am ENRAGED that millions of other people, various groups and ethnicities, were murdered and FORGOTTEN behind the lying holocaust narrative.

The jews are a 'myth'. They are not who they say they are, the god of the bible condemns them, the world hates them except for "theotards" infected by judaism. JEWS are the problem!

Did David Bowie fake his death? Some claim that's the case but a few things are for sure, Bowie was a pedophile, a satanist, a fascist, and a drug addict. Something smells really fishy how Bowie departed.

You are dead and do not know it. You are bought and sold daily on the stock market. Your parents sold you to the state at birth, you are a 'debt slave'. You are human 'commodity', a slave, a piece of meat for the state. YOU are on the hook for the national debt and your slaveholders 'cull the herd' every once and a while through their proxy wars and false flags.


911 was a CIA Mossad false flag. For almost 20 years the US govt has pushed the false narrative that Al Qaeda and muslims did 911. All evidence points to israeli's and mossad in tandem with the CIA. Why do jews in the US have 'dual citizenship', why did Israel attack the USA in 1967, why does the US give Israel over 16 billion dollars a year, or rather 7 million a day? Israel did 911 and if the american people ever find out, Israel will be 'scrubbed from the face of the earth".

MSM and social media is filled with cointelpro rats and shills. Youtube has been taken over by them and ran by them. From cryptojews to paid cointelpro agents, a collection of exposes of RATS who mingle among you. "If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize - Voltaire". There are only 3 things you are not allowed to criticize, are absolutely taboo....JEWS, ISRAEL, ZIONISM. So guess who the fuck rules over you?

Flat Earth is a government sponsored psyop backed by freemasonry and the jesuits. Its flurry into social media awareness a couple of years ago pre-empted Donald Trumps illegal presidency. The majority of flat earth talking heads are shills and disinfo agents. Look flat fucks, the earth is round, its a globe. The only thing 'flat' is your EKG. This was just banned on Jewtube for 'hate speech" LOL!.

Pretty soon, drones will be in the news for mass killings. Drones and microbots are the industrial military complex's newest weapons capable of performing acts of mass murder with absolute defensive impunity. The concept is horrifying and its no wonder nations are working to legally vehemently oppose the advent of such technology for such applications.

Various topics dealing with the illuminati, all packed together amidst the backdrop of tunage. From police brutality, to UFO's, christian serial killers, Fukushima, the Black Knight, the number 33, to the Ringmakers of Saturn.

Examining the deep apostasy and rebellion of the christian church. Taking a look at Codex Gigas and its connection to the king James bible. A study of locusts, scorpions, and serpents in the bible all under the symbology of 'thorns'.

Examining boogeymen such as Satan, the demon Azazel, Lucifer and human ritual sacrifice. Exposing those things xtians take for granted and havn't got a clue on what they believe in. Tards, so tedious and so dumb.

In the beginning, the earth was a waiste and a desolation, according to the actual scripture etymology. The earths beginning is out of chaos, order out of chaos. The earths oldest records tell the tale of a universal celestial cataclysm that was witnessed around the globe, and etched in stone in hieroglyphs.

The planet Saturn is called and referred to by the ancients as "the best sun" and in some cases, the 'star' Saturn. That the planet Saturn at one time in the ancient primal past, "Nova'd" from a 'brown dwarf' in the terrestrial sky into the planet we now see, is a documented ancient historical fact. Earth's beginnings are intrinsically tied to the advent of Saturn in ancient mythos, from the dawn of the golden age. Saturn is embedded within the underlying etymology in bible text, and is equated to the figure known as 'Satan' in theology. The star of David represents Saturn, the star of Moloch/Chiun, that sits above the eagle of the US Great Seal, and is micro etched on the top corner of the '1' on the right side of the dollar bill in the form of an 'owl'.

Their are no more mythologies, ancient theologies, or primal esoteric lore surrounding any planetary or stellar object, more then the star Sirius. The star Sirius is the central most venerated object in all freemasonic lodges. Sirius is behind the entire egyptian religious system, as well as the Gizeh pyramid complex, and is central to the egyptians genesis account of origin. Sirius is subtly tucked away underneath bible etymology, showing the egyptian influence upon the ancient hebrews astro-theological system. The star Sirius was believed to be a gateway to the gods by the primal egyptians.

Sorry, bible thumping church going xtians are fucking "crazy", its that simple. None of the shit going on in the church is biblical, nor is it sanctioned by any deity.......except for boogeymen who live in the dark recesses of theotards minds. Nothing to see here except absolute mental illness on tap in the name of Jebus.

The babble of bible is exactly what it is, BABEL!. Most of it is backdated and fraudulent, especially the gospels. The key word in "ignorance" is IGNORE, and that's what the majority of xtians do when they read the babble, ignore the obvious contradictions and manipulations. There are zero,none,zilch original documents of either testaments in the bible, 97% of the New Testament was written after 1000ad, and the old testament prophets claimed the scibes lied and fudged with the original. The simple pass by and perish.....and so do xtians!

The ever enigmatic Alan Watts elucidates such topics as enlightenment, awakening, nirvana, being God, the Christ consciousness, Satori, knowing oneself, and an assortment of other spiritual revelations from a master mystic and theologian of oriental disciplines. Even though Mr. Watts is long since dead, he is still vilified by the catholic church and banned within Vatican City to this day.

Jesus Christ as a backwards, backwoods, bible and gun toting, racist, fascist, alt-right, republican, conservative, low IQ, uneducated, neanderthal, immoral, idiotic, douche bag for your amusement.

The bible implicitly states that the fall in the garden was carnivorism. The Abrahamic religions LIE to you about the fall. There was no original sin involving talking snakes and magical fruit that's passed down genealogically. The fall is a tradition carried through history and passed down from generation to generation involving the consumption of meat. The bible has been completely screwed with and turned upside down by the bramanite Hebrews who wrote it! The prophets, apostles, and Christ were all vegetarian and that's a fully provable fact from the 1000's of verses given in the bible, and the early church record. The first commandment uttered from the mouth of god was vegetarianism. The victors in history write bibles to enslave sheeple for slaughter. Bon Apetit!

Julius Caesar was the Messiah and King Of The Jews in Rome over 100 years before Christ, and just like Christ, he was called and considered to be God. The original proto-evangelion was not the gospel of Mark, but a promissory decree issued to Caesars soldiers in his army to go into effect after Caesars death.

America is Babylon the great in bible prophecy. A few hundred scripture verses empirically concludes that the USA is end times Babylon in the bible. This is an extrapolation of dozens of those verses.

The old testament Hebrews migrated east from the Indus Valley to Canaan after a flood. Two clans from India traveled to the promised land, a park preserve called Canaan. They were called the "Oude's" and the "Hodu's", and the migration was called the "Ex-Hodus". Jews are 'hindus' and hidden under bible etymology, the god of the bible is Shiva. Primal Shivaite Hinduism is the origin of Judaism and there are 1000's of scripture verses and etymologies to prove it. Jews are originally Hindu 'brahmans' who apostatized from their first faith, Shavaite vegetariansim. This video was banned by YouTube.

The Origin Of The Jews

Police State brutality caught live on camera. AmeriKa is fast becoming a fascist police state complete with a "wall", "camps", and "gestapo" making the USA the worlds largest 'gulag'.


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