More coming on this. The volume is a bit low because I removed a lot of the ambient noise to make the voices clearer. I recommend headphones if you have a hard time hearing it. Makes all the difference. I have more coming on this later today.

More to come on this, but this has the formerly missing frames added at the end.

Found this archived on YouTube from a now-deleted account. I did not make it. But it's good.

I got the receipts. Post to follow on


Community policing ain't it.


I made this in a fit of insanity but I think it's funny.


Which is a rude thing to do.

It's a cesspool.

Don't be their fool.

He do be rapping tho.

Nancy Pelosi is stupid.

Pretty much what the title said. Featuring Jenny Durkan, Chris Cuomo, and a bunch of idiots from TikTok.


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