In this excerpt, Bishop Williamson explains how modern universities undermine both the intelligence and the morals of the youth through their teaching of false modern philosophies.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

Original conference: Bishop Williamson - Pascendi - Cork (2 of 7)

Timestamp: 19:19-31:57

Fr. T. Naughtin talking on the very real dangers of Demons and the New Age. He outlines the dangers of them and how they can gain influence in your life.


In his book, The Way of Men, Jack Donovan talks about the crisis of masculinity today. Rather than simply being a 'social construct,' masculine energy stems from tribalism. A person's worth came from his ability to serve his small collective tribe. From these circumstances came the virtues associated with being a classical man. Today, it's far easier to go through life without cultivating these characteristics. But even when times are Epicurean, it is always good to remain a stoic.


A supercut of Dennis Prager on The Rubin Report


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