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Most are military-age men. They come from Pakistan, India, China, Iran and other countries. What's going on?

Crowdsource the Truth accuses him of trying to destroy the country with his lies. The former ethics czar under Obama, Eisen had drafted 10 articles of impeachment before Trump took office.

Video explains how Ali defended himself against one of the hardest punchers in boxing history.

It appears she's lifting 135 pounds. Not relevant to her political views but still admirable.

A good idea -- only if the government does it. Otherwise it's called counterfeiting. Biden's boy Jared Bernstein and Alan Greenspan, who once knew what real money was, give us a clear explanation. These were once smart men who became stupid working for the government.

Fighting mad Maria doesn't give an inch.

Tucker interviews Javier in Buenos Aires one month before he's elected.

College kids and Muslims call Biden "Genocide Joe." Biden has alienated big Jewish donors. Only thing Israel and Hamas have in common is they don't like Biden. Meanwhile, Trump will hold a rally in Wildwood NJ today. Then there's the border disaster.

Mama keeps her baby safe.

With Ali and Howard Cosell providing the verbiage. Opponent number five stood his ground. Foreman drew attention with this fiasco but not much more.

Paul Craig Roberts: "Nixon was removed because he was making arms limitation agreements with the Soviets and opening to China. This was normalizing the enemy that the military/security complex needed for its budget and power."

It was a boy attacking a girl, and the girl could have died. Parents and students outraged while woke school board remains sympathetic to the poor trans.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna denounces lawmakers for waving Ukrainian flags in US Congress (0:48). Mrs. Luna, who served in the US Air Force, now serves Florida's 13th congressional district as a member of the Republican Party.

As good as the Celtics were they couldn't stop him. This is peak Jordan. A nice breather in today's corrupt world.

This is the one crisis that can't be undone -- Tucker. Talk show host Jessie Kelly has some strong views. "Red states must examine their relationship to the federal government because the country is being undone." Challenge the federal government on the state level or lose your country.

Aurel Hizmo, the economist in question, reveals to an undercover journalist tidbits such as Powell hates Trump, Powell thinks conservatives are dumb, Powell wants a legacy of DEI and climate change support, as well as trying to keep Trump out of government. All this in addition to being the government's counterfeiter.

Predictions have become so refined over the centuries that it is now an exact science.

Biden sues Texas for trying to enforce the law.

It's a global racket. But if you're here you probably knew that.

A brain cancer survivor the young lad gets an invitation from MLB.

From a post on X: "A nuclear power plant would take up way less space, produce no CO2, produce consistent power for less money, wouldn't benefit China, and it would NOT be destroyed in a hail storm."

Over 10 vehicles reported on bridge as it collapses. Boat caught fire and sank.

The song came from the musical Girl Crazy, which also includes two other Gershwin hits, "Embraceable You" and "But Not for Me", and has been sung by many jazz singers since. It was originally written as a slow song for Treasure Girl (1928) and found another, faster setting in Girl Crazy. Tragically, Gershwin had only a few more years to live because of a brain tumor.


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