We answer a very important question today. Do demon bears float?

We listened to a bear, and went into a world straight out of a nightmare. We should've just stayed in bed.

As we are hunted by creepy dolls, we do the only logical thing. We cower in the corner.

We go into a portal to hell. We did not think this through.

We finally made it to this point. Time to put the Necrocomicon to rest.

We got lost. That's show business.

Are we really going to stop screwing around? Probably not.

We get ourselves into some hijinks trying to sneak around the lab.

The game crashed. What more can we say?

Fred and Daphne go for a spin in this episode.

Shaggy and Scooby go on a quest for gumbo. Glad they got their priorities straight.

It finally happened. Kay snapped.

Shaggy and Scooby get a harem this episode.

The minecart level is actually hell.

Will Josh ever figure out his pop isn't coke? Stay tuned and find out.

Fear and respect the Necrocomicon.


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