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Four points: 1. Race is real. 2. Race is important. 3. I love my race. 4. I will defend my race.

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In this video, Stephen emphasizes the idealistic, transcendent, and ultimately spiritual nature of our struggle - and describes how men and women of any faith (or none) can tap into that aspect of our fight.

It is not enough to invoke Wotan's furious, warlike aspect - we must also call upon his wisdom. In this video, I describe the Nine Noble Virtues we must cultivate in ourselves to help us manifest Wotan's might in ways that are balanced, just, and victorious - for it is through us that Wotan must work as we awaken our people.

SPIRITUALITY...Politics is important, but it pales in comparison with spirituality. Politics is a thing of the body and mind - but spirituality springs from the soul. Until we win the spiritual battle, we will never win the political struggle for the existence, well-being, and Destiny of the European-descended peoples. Our native, ancestral beliefs call to us - they are an essential component of who we are, and who we can yet become. "Only when we realize we are a river, will we stop drowning in puddles."


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Stephen McNallen is one of the men most responsible for the modern worship of the ancient Germanic deities. More than fifty years ago, he dedicated himself to Odin and in 1972 founded the Viking Brotherhood - now known as the Asatru Folk Assembly. His current personal project is the "Wotan Network."

Stephen is a dedicated advocate for the continued existence, spiritual Awakening, well-being, and the high Destiny of the European-descended peoples.

When not engaged in spiritual activism, he has been a soldier, war-zone journalist, human rights advocate, adventurer, and a junior-high school teacher of science and math.

He is author of the book "Asatru - A Native European Spirituality," which is available from him.