Shaeffer Cox was the leader of the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia. He is a bright young man who lives with his heart on his sleeve. This lecture has a lot of inspirational information that is pertinent to the current situation we are all in today. There is a lot to learn from this guy both from the positive aspects of his life and the mistakes he made.
Shaeffer Cox is now serving out the remaining of his ten year sentence for conspiracy to murder 2 federal officials, a sentence that was reduced from the original 25 year sentence he was given.
"you never are where you want to be,, until you want to be where you are" .. this quote from Shaeffer is something I have lived by all my life. Making the most of what I have is how a managed to keep myself from making irreversible mistakes.
The lecture I present here is very inspirational and I really have very little (being the skeptical critic that I am lol) to add concerning his words in this video, however i would like to point out the errors he made that we can all learn from.. even the bad guys can learn from this....
Shaeffer converted to Judaism at some point in his life, Cox's father is a Baptist preacher in Fairbanks and named his son after an evangelical pastor who influenced his life: Francis August Schaeffer. Pastor Schaeffer, who died in 1984, has been credited with providing the philosophical basis for the modern blending of conservative politics and religion.Schaeffer have been so interested in the subject of God's laws that they studied Torah with a Jewish group in Fairbanks, something Schaeffer's father thought was odd.
Although I dont have any issues with people following a certain religion, I personally dont subscribe to any hierarchy oriented religions simply because they have all been compromised and perverted throughout history.. I rather take the good from everything and use it as it is applicable. Following Judaism today is a very dangerous thing in the light of what most of the world now understands about the criminality of the illegal state of israel ... Zionism hides behind Judea and this is where Shaeffer has biased himself when it comes to finding the truth about the corruption of western society..
Cox understands the issues but as he says himself in this lecture, he dosnt understand for himself who or what is behind these problems.
Zionism is at the for front of every bit of chaos in the west including the current false flag bio terrorism, a false flag assault that was brought forth for cover for the imminent economic bubble collapse that Shaeffer himself describes in this lecture. It is his bias as a follower of Judea that influences his solutions to a problem that he views as faceless. The evidence points towards israel and zionism as the quintessential factor that drives the chaos of today.
Also, Shaeffers solutions to this faceless problem shows zionist influences.. you will here him say things like "we must build walls and fortify".. This will only take society down the very path of destruction that the zionist controlled government of the USA is heading down as well as the illegal state of israel. Walls and exclusive privilege are not the answer, the only walls that exist are the walls of nature.
The foundation of Shaeffer Cox's strength is his drive for true sovereignty, independence of self.. I would go one step further and say that both independence of self and independence FROM self should be the ultimate goal... acts of selflessness create independence. When you give without expecting anything back nothing and nobody can touch you... it is when you make that contract, that agreement that you become vulnerable to predictability.. and in todays world of exploitation, thats how we all become victims of corruption...
Starting a movement is also a mistake that most who seek change fall into. Movements or groups always get infiltrated and subverted by the criminals who want to remain in control of the population.. this is something that has been an absolute throughout history and this will never change.... They got Shaeffer... Christ himself fell into this trap although he became an unwitting leader, people followed and they got him.. Gandhi fell into this trap and they got him..Hitler, JFK, RFK, MLK,Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi ,, Paul Wellstone and so on....
The best one can do is learn from others and live by example,, selflessly...when the majority of society lives this way, the governments will become obsolete, and disappear... we are all victims of our own complacency.
This is the peoples revolution... the answers are within all of us.

I am the individual

As the assault by the zionist controlled USA government and its bought and paid for allies such as the Canadian government and the corporate media continues , the truth about the criminals and the deception of september 11 2001 continues to reveille itself.
This video is another presentation filled with both deception and truth. Anyone and everyone who was around that fateful day understood full well that there was something more to this event than the corporate media and the western government s were telling the tax paying people... The criminals understood that there was a growing concern that the truth would not be contained.
The deceptions within the deceptions brought to you by the "alternative media" were another tool both improvised and pre planned to keep the tax payers... THE UNWITTING FUNDERS OF THE CRIMINALS spinning in confusion... without the tax payers, these criminals can not operate.
The facts concerning this event are the facts that follow scientific methodology to reach plausible conclusions. Conclusions that are reached concerning a vast array of issues , from the physics of the event, the historical circumstances from which the event was manifested, the motives behind the event an the never ending effort by those who stand to profit from this event to sweep this event under the rug an marginalize it.
Deception is flux and the truth is static.... question everything and everyone.. never cease to try to prove yourself wrong and the truth will stand with you in this life and the next.
This is the peoples revolution.

So I run with purpose in every step (I Corinthians 9:26)

the truth is out there..... proper understanding of the current situation requires proper understanding of the crimes that went unpunished.

Ted Cruz is a fine example of the people who are trying to control every aspect of your lives... more reasons to purge america of these criminals and dry out the illegal state of israel.

No more Memorandum of understanding for the illegal state of Yisrael and holocaust fund gougers.....

Just off the top of my head (only because I dont feel like doing going over this in detail again)... the structural charcteristics of building 7 when compared to trades 1 and 2 were completely different.. Trade 1 and 2 were what engineers call tube structures also known as balloon framing to the old school. That is to say that on buildings 1 and 2, the main structural integrities were on the exterior walls and the interior core columns (besides all of the redundancies and deflections designed to make the building function as 1 solid unit).
Building 7 however was designed with more of an independent floor concept. Columns were picked up floor by floor were truss direction changes occurred by the use of girders and point loads.. these structural components were also applied to 1 and 2 but more common in building 7...
The OEM office of emergency management) i believe was on or began at the 23 floor if im not mistaken (im not looking it up) and major renovations took place to house CIA and other government agencies... basically, building 7 was renovated to become somewhat of a towering bunker if i can use this oxymoron.
The varying structural characteristics between 1- 2 and 7 was one of the reasons 1 and 2 were demolished from a top down style demolition wile building 7 was brought down from the more traditional the bottom up implosion...the 2 varying demolition styles also conveniently supported the NIST conclusions...
Its important to understand this because these facts also contribute to evidence of the pre meditated murder of every single individual who lost their lives in all 3 buildings.. and yes people died in building 7..
It is very key to understand the testimony of Barry Jennings and to also understand that Barry Jennings lost his life just before he was to testify concerning his account of what happened that day... RIP MR. Jennings more collateral murder brought to you by the USA government and its zionist partners.

You can see on the face of Bollyn that this was a rough time for him.... well I appreciate what he did and does...

This is more old footage of weather moding in northern Alberta.. i dont endorse any of Dane Wigingtons work simply because he is a stooge working for the climate change tax fraud entity either wittingly or unwittingly...the individual i pulled from his stuff however gives a reasonable description of how jet planes do this in conjunction with my footage , although it was done with an Iphone and is not of the best quality, is an example of what they do in northern Alberta on a routine bases and this has been confirmed by others (not that it matters).. this is going on and I am betting my life on it (literally)
On march 30 2020, northern Alberta was hit with about 1.5 feet of snow..
On march 28 2020 i filmed footage of the planes flying overhead and beginning the process (footage will be posted at some point).. and I addressed this real time to a police officer who also witnessed the planes flying over head and emancipating cloud cover... not a single plane was seen flying over head over the last 5 days.. in fact the only time you see and hear and see planes flying over head like this is before the skies get covered and a weather system comes in... on march 29 the skies were completely clouded over and you can hear planes all day flying over...march 30 was the first day of a 2 day snow blast that only took place during the evening....
This morning , April 1st 2020 the temperature dropped down to -22 celcius .. the blue skies had rainbow colors randomly appearing, and then the skies went into a cream color/mist sporadically throughout the day....
The timing of this event makes it look like the final push for crop adjusters... crop adjusting is a fraud that only benefits farmers who are over their head in debt because they are funneled unto either unionization of their fields or because they are bound by a minimal profit margin because they do not generally produce for the local community rather they are supplying the corporate pig who uses fiduciary responsibility as an excuse to rip everyone off...
Using weather geaoengineering under the guise of improving crops is a complete fraud as the extra snow that is dropped artificially does not penetrate the frozen ground.. it simply evaporates, and sublimates.. (water sublimation is the natural physics of ice evaporation) more so in rural farming areas due to the consistent winds.
Any claim by a crop adjuster that snowfall has a drastic influence on crops is simply snake oil selling by the corporate criminals who always have a tendency to gravitate towards the insurance industry ( a put option is insurance... and many insiders of the false flag event september 11 2001 profited from for knowledge of the event by betting against the airline stocks of the planes that were said to have hit the 2 buildings in NYC and the other 2 that may never have even existed,, Larry Silverstein profited billions from his insurance policy.. and he only had control of the complex for a minimal time before the event)
The other reasons for this could also be to contribute to the false flag bio terror fraud that all of north america and its western allies (except israel of course) is currently subjected to.. adding a snow storm and -22 weather during a time when all government and business facilities reserve the right to shut down under the guise of virus protection ( a first in history and no evidence that this crisis is even a crisis,, as well as no evidence that this so called sickness can even spread like a cold.. NO EVIDENCE YET THEY RESERVE THE RIGHT TO FURTHER ENDANGER THE POPULATION BY SHUTTING DOWN ESSENTIAL FACILITIES !!
I dont have all the answers but I certainly understand that we are being assaulted from all angles....I only want them to understand that others like me are aware of this assault and that many others will soon be aware of all this deception.. from 911 to bank bailouts to bio terrorism.... Canadians dont even know that the Bank of Nova Scotia was caught red handed trying to retrieve their gold out the vault at the world trade center before the attack occurred... well someone has to talk.. and im just getting started.

excerpt from zero geoengineering .com: Celebrating the Life of Rosalind Peterson
With immense gratitude and love, we honor and remember our dear friend, Rosalind Peterson, who passed away in February 2018.
Ms. Peterson was a leader and warrior in the fight to protect our environment, nature and people from the harm of GeoEngineering, weather modification, and other environmentally destructive programs. Her vast library of source materials, documents and scientific information is available for all who would like to research and learn more @:

There are a few concerns with this video...1 Rosalind used to be a crop adjuster.. crop adjusting promotes the use of GMO, weather modification and any other kind of artificial manipulation in the name of fiduciary responsibility.
...................................................................2 although Rosalinds work is near impeccable and she uses the scientific method to make her conclusions, she was blinded by the reality that Alex Jones is a cover up artist for the illegal state of isreal, he uses good people like Rosalind to gain credibility than spins information to benefit his zionist funders.
..................................................................3 Rosalind opens the door to climate change fund parasites by proclaiming geoengineering as something that exacerbates global warming, this unwittingly promotes the fraudulent idea that imminent climate change is among us and opens the door for fear induced tax gouging.
other than these 3 concerns , her work is above reproach and she sacrificed many hours to come to her conclusions... the bottom line is this.. weather geoengineering is intrusive , unethical by any standard, dangerous and should never be considered as acceptable
this video was uploaded for rebuttal purposes , no profit will be made from it and fuck Alex Jones.

The criminal Canadian government of Canada continues its assault on the people of Canada through both WSAC (wet surface air coolers) air humidity injection and con trailing...These techniques can also be used in conjunction with ionosphere manipulation via programs like HAARP (high altitude atmospheric research program) the sister program of the original HARP (high altitude research program... refer to my previous presentation on the MOSSAD assassination of Gerald Bull)...these programs have been in the research and application stages for many years without the consent of the tax paying populations. The HAARP project was shut down years ago. The public was granted viewing access to the facility for years after it was shut down..UNTIL A COUPLE YEARS AGO that is... HAARP is now closed to the public and the facility is once again running at full speed... I will let you deduce what you will from this revelation.
This criminal activity has been prolific in the USA and many other countries in the world for many years.. aluminum barium and strontium spikes can be identified in the drinking water and ground water in areas that are consistently bombarded with this unethical and criminal practice..
All this is done without the consent of the tax paying citizens. This is a multi purpose activity, however that main purpose of this activity is for tax funding gouging for academia and the corporate PIG... A great selling point by the peddlers of this technology in rural areas is likely crop insurance... They sell the military this technology under the guise of satellite cover for national security purposes.. this is laughable when you understand that the docile country of Canada has no real enemies other than the zionist controlled government of the USA and the illegal state of Israel.... The nefarious purposes other than the uncontested gouging of tax money to fight the fraud of climate change and the use of this technology to fudge the climate change movement numbers is a priority..and the use of this technology in places like British Columbia is to simply make life miserable for the the over populated areas of the lower mainland due to the very immigration policy the government of Canada imposes on the people ... PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION....
The creation of such false industries is also catalyzed by the ever growing DEBT riddled culture of academia, giving the freshly indoctrinated short cut seekers a place for there sense of entitlement somewhere to rest rather than actually producing like the rest of the real population.

On the evening of March 22, 1990, Dr. Gerald Bull got out of a car in Brussels, Belgium and headed back to his apartment.

Gerald Bull got out of the elevator and walked toward his apartment. From the shadows another shadow stepped, holding a silenced pistol. Three shots were fired into the back of Gerald Bull and, after he fell, two more into his head for good measure. Gerald Bull was dead.
On March 31, 1990, Silvia Cabrera made a horrific discovery in room 1406 of the Carrera hotel where she worked in Santiago, Chile. The room was in chaos, with papers scattered around. There was a syringe on the table. And the room occupant's body hanging in the wardrobe.The dead guest was a young British journalist, Jonathan Moyle, a former RAF pilot, working for the journal Helicopter World, in Santiago covering the air show as guest of the Chilean air force.
The most interesting connection to these 2 murders is the involvement of Margaret Thatchers son Mark Thatcher..According to israeli military agent Ben Menashi, Thatcher introduced Gerald Bull to South African Military Intelligence General Pieter Van der Westhuizen, who subsequently introduced Mr Bull to the Iraqi Deputy Chief of procurement who arranged payment for Mr Bull's services.
It looks like once again another version of the little drummer girl, straight out of the isaeli play book we have an israeli intelligence agent setting up a free lance inventor for a hit simply because he possessed technology that could bury the satellite industry .. the hit on Gerald Bull was made to look like it was done because Bull was potentially giving intercontinental long range ballistic weapons to Saddam Hussein.
Gerald Bull was baited into dealing with Saddam Hussein indirectly through Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher former British Prime Minister who was interested in Bulls super gun technology simply for the potential application for cheap satellite launching.. Bull was unable to sell and develop his technology in the USA or Canada because it would have cut into the current satellite launching market.
Because Bulls super gun did not use rocket fuel, the super gun could launch a satellite with a payload of aprox 200kg into orbit for under $100 000 .
It is important to note that Gerald was a Canadian citizen and the CBC (Canadian broadcasting corporation) who is a government subsidized media , sold Gerald out and towed the zionist line.. protecting israel and marginalizing the event making Bull look like a criminal despite the facts... the criminals are the government and the media.
which side are you on people?

America and western countries continue to wallow in fear and sickness as the zionist corporate PIG increases its attack on those who just want to be left alone to enjoy their fucking gravy train ride....those who dont strive for independence and true sovereignty deserve neither. Shame on everyone who will go back to the status quo after this Bambie style traumatically induced mind control ploy by the non creative cock suckers is complete... after fiscal quarter number 1, its all up hill from here right? ... summer is just around the corner... party time right?....economic boom coming right?... you fucking people go back to facebook and Captain Crunch after this and you deserve no pity from anyone who is making real sacrifice for change....and im not talking about me either.. Im talking about the real heroes that I present in my catalog... I am nothing.. I didnt even want to do this but I have to do this or Im going to die like all the rest .. noodle backed docile do nothings hoping someone comes along and makes this all better for them... and I cant live like that...I never did live that way, I never committed to any of the corporate pig scams that lock everyone into the box... and so here we are.. another video for the cock suckers ,,posted just to remind them that people like me are out there.... and we will wait patiently until you cross the line and step in our world real time,, then the exercise can go live.... eye for an eye works when you have the moral high ground.

We are approaching the 19 anniversary of the atrocities committed by the corporate zionist pig and its american and western minions in NYC on sept 11 2001.. I challenge anyone to rebut this claim... I am an anti semite if the definition of anti semitism is that I recognize the necessity for the illegal and parasitic state of israel to be completely dismantled and the land that was stolen from the Palestinian people, the same people who carved the very roads that the zionist thieves drive on today be returned to the people, the jewish good jewish community would be welcome to stay, but they should never be allowed to dominate and control that region... This theft was permitted to happen based on the deception and gross exaggeration of the holocaust. The holy cost of this exaggeration has been in the multi trillion dollars and the dolers of this cost burden is the tax paying people of the west.
The information is out there.. it is widely known who the enemy is and who is colluding with the enemy..many already understand the situation and many more will over time.... time is on our side.. the truth is free ... deception is costly... these criminals need workers to do their work for them.. but when the dollar is worth nothing,, all those who help the deceiver will be left scratching their head in confusion... this situation is avoidable...what isnt avoidable is the downfall of the deceiver.. nature will reclaim if we dont take control of this.. the choice is yours.

The truth has all the time in the world...because the truth flows for free..... deception however is VERY EXPENSIVE...underneath the costly camouflage lies the sweet sweet nectar that will free everyone from all this chaos and confusion.... keep this in mind as the deceivers continue to shoot themselves in the foot via false flag bio terrorism.

Jim Lee is probably one of the most detailed researchers you will find concerning weather modification.. his work is always backed up with historical fact and updated data.. If you have watched most of my catalog you obviously will see that I am a natural skeptic when it comes to anything.. It is when we all start to think for ourselves that the truth manifests... Separating true fact from deception is the tricky part.. For example , any alternative media group or individual who is dependent on the funding they receive from their content must be scrutinized thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.. Even alternative media who claim to be doing the work for free must be viewed with caution... the truth is a very dangerous weapon in a society where the illusion of democracy is the quintessential factor in this DECEPTION that keeps the people dependent on authority and thus enslaves all of us.
I have looked into weather modification for myself.. I have witnessed it first hand in different parts of the world, and I have documented events for myself in the past and still today...
It is my contention that Jim Lee , climate viewer has good intentions and his work is well researched.. However I have a couple issues with his work....
Like most , if not all alternative media who still manage to remain on youtube despite the information purge that began in 2012 and subsequently was ramped up on that platform in 2015, questions must be asked about these groups who still make a living off of youtube by attempting to give information to the people that could be strewed as detrimental to the zionist corporate pig and the government. The OMISSION of the zionist corporate connection to all of these issues, from weather moding, soft core and hard core mind control, the exploitation of all religions in regard to mind control, the fraud of the banking system and the stock market and myth of democracy through the fraudulent and pre SELECTED "electoral sytems" of the west is very counter productive and anyone who is still making a profit from youtube is bound by this OMISSION or it is systematically removed from the youtube platform.
Jim lee is still on youtube and it is the goose that lays golden eggs for him.. that is to say he is highly dependent on this platform to survive.I have 2 issues with Jim Lee and his angle...
...............................................................................#1 Jim Lee places too much trust in the zionist controlled governments convenient releases of information in the light of sept 11 2001 and the red herring distractions.... for example , (and this is my opinion) It is my contention that wile there has been research into E.L.F. (extremly low frequency) mind control techniques such as voice to skull, that this is a distration to water down an marginalize people like Cathy O'brien who in my was a white house level mind control slave.. same goes for the red herring of direct energy weapon technology the concept that was brought to the for front in the light of the release of the discovery of nano thermite in the world trade center dust.. (I can go into further detail but im running out of room).
.............................................................................#2 Jim Lees contention that weather moding is here to stay so accept it.. "the very least we can hope for is transparency so that if they hurt anyone they are liable.. "you break it , you bought it" meme is counter productive.. it should never be acceptable for anyone to play god with the weather... and marginalizing this CRIME makes Jim Lee part of the problem even though he is shedding the light on the truth.

Dont b fooled by the slide of hand deception within this vid....fact: hurricane Arron was on the east coast ... fact: the government was playing with this hurricane.... fact: Hurricanes can be manipulated via carbon soot injection and other techniques..... fact: auto pilot technologies have been improving since the introduction of large scale commercial flight....fact: Drones are operated from a military base and HIT THEIR TARGETS WITH LAZER PRECISION on a regular bases..... DECEPTION... hijackers who never sat in the cockpit of a commercial jet did not navigate 3 planes with lazer like precision into their targets, 2 of which hit computer rooms which were loaded with containers reported to be auxiliary batteries that were brought into both world trade center 1 and 2 despite the FACT that you cannot load floors with live a live weight load without permission and clearance from the engineer of said buildings....DECEPTION: no plane hit the Pentagon on sept 11 2001 according to the film footage provided by the Pentagon themselves....MAJOR DECEPTION: Geraldo Rivera (confused brainwashed child) ... the re enforced statement that HIJACKERS needed clear sky to accomplish their mission is the key deception in this video...
Hurricane Arron was suppressed artificially because the deceivers could not fly their drones/modified planes into the buildings during cloud cover simply because this would make the official version impossible to accept... drones could hit their targets during the night , in cloud cover and in any situation through lazer guiding (there was no better place to do this other than from building 7 which collapsed in its own foot print do to office fires)... the Plausible explanation for hurricane Arrons artificial movements was to give VITAL plausibility to the official story and to allow the entire world to watch the event unfold for themselves allowing the media to sell the western population one of the 2 largest deceptions of this century... and both deception were committed by the same group... ZION... the best magicians make witnesses of their spectators.

Geraldo Rivera is 1 of 3 things..either a very confused individual, he is blinded by fear and greed.. or he is a deceiver ( I choose the latter). STATEMENT# 1: He has stated in the past that.. HE FINDS IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT COULD BE INVOLVED IN ANYTHING THIS EPIC.
..................STATEMENT# 2: During Hurricane Katrina, he was in the dome that FEMA locked everyone in.... FEMA wouldnt let anyone leave and he was begging the government publicly to "let them walk out of here.." just let them walk out"
..................STATEMENT# 3: in this video, he states that if we didnt have one of those "weather days" the "hijackers" would never have been able to fly those planes without navigation systems... THIS IS THE KEY DECEPTION.. more ideation that hijackers flew planes that day..... based on the facts , it is my contention that hurricane Arron was manipulated to ensure plausibility ,It was not to manipulated to allow the hijackers to accomplish the mission... red herring at play here.

The Ernst Zundel defense team placed all their hopes on an unofficially recognized expert on gas chamber technology.. this was the key issue that the prosecution successfully exploited to have Mr. Zundel deported to Germany to face punishment for the non violent act of expressing his opinion and standing up for the oppressed people in Germany and all of the west who are victims of a deception. This deception has been since 1948, an overwhelming influence on the social and economic direction of all western countries.
Wile the Leuchter testimony can be viewed as valid in the eyes of anyone who follows common sense and scientific methodology,,the choice to use Fredd Leuchter as a key witness ended up being a mistake from a hindsight perspective...
I suppose there was no other option at the time... however,, the if the Zundel defense was going to use someone who was not registered as an official engineer, perhaps the use of a young bright mind... someone like a David Cole would have been more efficient.. like I said hindsight is 20/20 and we can all learn from the Ernst Zundel trial.. Dave Coles brilliant way of expressing the truth in a factual manner and his undisputed documented evidence are far more efficient in showing the people the truth about deception...This is why David Cole was physically attacked by Jewish censorship groups... The only option the jewish zionist community had was to eliminate Cole.. Wile they did manage to ruin his life,, David remained alive wile his coward attacker took his own life wile he was in jail...I perceive this as a victory for Mr Cole/Stien.
Another individual who would have been more efficient as a witness than Freddy smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day and drink coffee all day Leuchter (a fine example of a human dont you think?) would have been former head of the Austrian chambers of engineers, and (obviously) certified and qualified engineer.. WALTER LUFTL.
Walter Luftl stated in at least 2 German mainstream papers and during an official defaming the dead trial that the facilities in Auschwitz which were touted as being used as gas chambers during the jewish Labelled Holocaust could never have served as gas chambers... after these statement, Mr Luftl resigned from his position as President of the Chamber of Engineers.
There are many professionals today who recognize holocaust revisionism and respect it... many have been coming out and expressing this openly.
The american and western mainstream media is the only real tool the evil ones have left to combat this as this movement is so large that the judicial system will not be able to handle the volume when and if they decide to do the right thing,, which is look at the evidence, and REVOKE the American an Western Memorandums of understanding that support and protect the criminal and still today.. ILLEGAL state of YISRAEL...
Time is running out for this entity.. for every 1 person who they are successful in suppressing, discrediting and censoring,, 2 rise.... the mainstream medias of the west are losing their credibility exponentially and the laws of nature are catching up to the imbalance that imprisons western society... the facts surrounding the events of September 11 2001 are undeniable in any fair court of law even under the corrupted and over complicated/exploited legal system the west depends on for justice...
Time is on the side of truth.. we have all the time in the world... the truth is like a glass of water.. nature does not want to be contained in a glass..and so, just like water,, the truth wants out.. but it will wait patiently,, but it will never cease to have the desire to flow freely....
It is the evil ones who are always running out of time... keep this in mind and enjoy the program... David Cole/Stein is a brilliant sole.

The Ceausescu government killed 1800 of their own people and the people rose to the occasion, the military stood down and gave the people rides on their tanks on the way to the Romanian Parliament where they took over the building AND FUCKING ACED THE HEAD OF THE BEAST. The american government killed 3000 of its own people sept 11 2001 with their israeli friends and they have bee in damage control ever since... The result is the current situation we are in right now... The government is no longer to be trusted and the economy is disintegrating expediently not because of some false flag bio attack but because it has been on vapors since before 911... the bottom line is that when there are to many CHIEFS and not enough INDIANS, the thing implodes due to lack of production...do not ever trust the government status quo system ever again.. this is a revolution of the people .. academia will not have the solution, academia will coddle up to the corporate pig when the shit hits the fan...
The entire academic system is based on the prowess of one upping your neighbor... The life strategy of dog eat dog cannot sustain itself simply because the fear /greed driven brainwashed population is conned into gravitating toward the short cuts this degenerate society offers...
I have a personal connection with this video ... thats why I am re uploading it.... I lived with one of the individuals in this documentary by ABC (pre Kentucky bullshit).. the individual was part of the Romanian Securitate and he was at the massacre of Timisoara and yes many people were killed and yes he had a gun in his hands and yes he fired his weapon the Securitate was firing indiscriminately into the crowd ...
In 1989 the Ceausescu government was overthrown and this individual was arrested and was lucky enough to escape the wrath of the Romanian citizens... I used to compete in the sport of freestyle wrestling... We had international connections and this is how I ended up living with this guy.
We were a group of high level athletes who competed at an international level consisting of individuals from all over the world, Russia,Nigeria,Afghanistan (pre 911 before the USA destroyed the cultural foundation of that land),Iran,England,ROMANIA and even ISRAEL.. the Israeli may have been MOSSAD or at least syanim... I have no proof of this obviously however the individual we will call Lionnid never really liked training and didnt seem to have his heart in the sport.. He was however a good natural athlete but like all Israelis i met in the past, he seemed to think he was way better than he actually was lol anyway he was a nice guy so i cant really dirt him too much.
High end combative athletes are above and beyond other athletes.. it is my biased opinion that the government could not produce there best Jason Bourne type human that could even come close to an elite combative athlete, particularity athletes that come from either wrestling , ju jitsu,MMA or muay tai pedigree..
My wrestling coach who was married to the area crown prosecutor made me live with this refugee as he was also my landlord.. the individual fled Romania in 1990, snuck into the country by hiding in a "C" can on a container ship.. He almost didnt survive... When i arrived at my apartment , he was laying on the ground dry as a piece of popcorn and starving... I lived with him for about 3 months.. he taught me how to speak enough Romanian at a very most novice level and i did the same for him with English so we can communicate. We communicated through body language mostly and I introduced him to Captain Morgan rum... He ran my phone bill and disappeared on day.. lol he is actually responsible for the fact that I dont have a credit line and I kind of thank him for that although it was a cowardly thing to do since I really helped him...
A couple of days after he disappeared, 2 to 3 individuals silently breach my apartment wile i was sleeping , entered my bedroom and flashed a light in my eyes.. I remained still as I was stunned like a dear in the head lights... the lights were out and I can only see their silhouettes.. they were professional in appearance and appeared to be wearing suits... when they realized I wast the one they were looking for they quietly exited my apartment... the individual im referring to was a war criminal and was welcomed into this country with open arms.. this is what my country does.. Im not judging this individual but I am going to name him because he fucked me out of a $500 phone bill and just left after i pretty much saved his life... his name Is Jorge Oltean.. that was the name he went under anyway..
It is save to say that nobody will ever be able to breach the sanctity of my home again without "friction". Anyway, this video is to show the american zionist government the can of worms they are potentially opening... changes are coming.. 911 truth is catching up... which side of history will you be on when the dust settles?

This channel is not for people who are trying to wake up.. this channel is for people who are already very aware of the truth either through direct experience or because they were just born not to obey, this channel is also for people who are on the inside but think that their hands are tied.. We are closing in on the 19th anniversary of the events of 911, events that were committed by the illegal state of israel and the controlled zionist government of the USA, covered up by the controlled zionist governments of the west and the controlled monopolized zionist corporate medias of the west...
I posted this video to show you more psychological warfare tactics of this zionist entity, and entity that controls the education system, the judicial system, the economic system,and even the religious hierarchical systems of the west..
Meet Dane Wigington.. claim to fame: he was at a local town meeting consisting of the same academic posturers that he is urging to "provide cover" for red herring specialists like Kevin Shipp... anyway at this town meeting he got a weather moding researcher (funding whore) to state that " the cost of geoengineering will be like free riding on the backs of our children"... Dane then went viral as the youtube algorithm gave birth to many fucking losers who really had nothing to say,, However despite his pasty mouthed repetitiveness and lack of the ability to speak without a cue card in front of him, he became somewhat of an industry.. He has been talking doom and gloom for over 5 years now and today the world is just fine...Like so many in the alternative media who became dependent on their "alternative" income, he got used and exploited. It is my opinion that he is serving the "climate change" funding tax rip off meme by plugging his listeners with the idea that man made climate engineering is destroying the planet at an expedient rate.
If one can accept that geoengineering is causing imminent global catastrophe, than it isnt too far a stretch from there to convince his listeners that climate change is a human induced process... he is either doing this unwittingly or he is blinded by his dependency on those zionist pieces of shit who pay him (same tactic they use in the political lobby).
Enter "former" CIA officer Kevin Shipp...Kevin Shipp plays the same role as someone like "former" CIA agent John Stockwell... The authorities always need to toss the people a bone once in a wile to give the people a sense that the good guys in the government will make it all better for you... Kevin Shipp is a semi sheep dipped fully aware red herring delivering zionist Trump supporter... On a previous lecture they released on youtube I made a comment about how Shipp is a hypocrite for pretending to sell his former employers down the river wile he enjoys a pension from the very people he is selling out... Well guess what ? I must have touched onto something because Kevin was so butt hurt by little ol me and my comment that he felt the need to respond to me personally.
Kevin responded by giving me a blurb about how he turned his pension down... IN THAT VIDEO, Kevin stated that he threatened to sue the CIA if they tried to take away his pension and he also claimed to pursue this action....
The following day, I noticed that on that video nobody liked or disliked the conversation Kevin and I had.. I found this odd because he didnt respond to anyone else but me on this page.. a page that was loaded with comments. So I logged out of youtube and checked the page...LOW AND BEHOLD, I discovered that I was GHOST BANNED.. I may have been one of the first to have this happen to me because I mentioned it on other channels and many started to discover this as well...
Despite the overwhelming evidence that the events of September 11 2001 was and still is at the pinnacle of the modern deception perception , Kevin mentiones 911 sparingly this lecture...only a 2 min. mention of continuity of government and some Iraq talk.. nothing about isralis who were set up to film before planes even hit and nothing about the clear deception that the entire world witnessed before our very eyes as 3 buildings collapsed at near free fall speed one building which was never hit by a plane (but lets move on) ....what a better time than now to talk about the biggest deception of modern time?
This video has lots of good information concerning the overblown budget of the government, however just like the use of the "mob" meme concerning the assassination of JFK and RFK the viewer is left with an empty conclusion.. this is the tactic used through out the history of damage control in the name of keeping the zionist dream alive.
The "shadow government" and the "deep state" the "mob" and the "Illuminati" are all feel good concepts to give people who think they are awake a place to rest their head as they slip back into dream land... remember this tactic.. because its rinse and repeat with these zionist pieces of Shipp.

Anyone who buys into people like Bill Cooper need to understand how slide of hand physiological warfare is used on the public to keep people spinning in confusion....Bill Cooper had a long lecture concerning the events of the JFK assasination...
He claimed that he was in sole possession of the original Zapruder film... He made his audience watch this film clip over and over again until they all agreed that they saw what he wanted them to see... THAT THE FUCKING DRIVER KILLED KENNEDY AT POINT BLANK RANGE WILE HE WAS DRIVING...the Bill Cooper film I am referring to is surely still out there... there is a channel called walrus droppings that has a 6 hour upload on bitchute of Cooper lecture.. it is likely that this clip is in there.. however im sure its still somewhere on youtube simply because it tows the zionists line of distraction... do your own research but understand this... the truth concerning all of these deception are in plain site.... thats why they call it cover up... its camouflage not censorship.
Understanding the sophisticated art of deception is the beginning of the end for zion.
Attempts to discredit factual evidence like the Ear Ray files and Dr Steven Jones finding of nano thermite are the trade marks of zionist deception.. they wrote the play book on this technique.

straight out of the MOSSAD play book.... aint that right guys? Shalom Alichem (when you get on the right side of history) until then .. for every one you kill two will rise.

big fat NOPE to the movie JFK.....


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