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AWESOME footage from a fishing boat crew catching video of Fighter jets in pursuit of a UFO that hits the water in clear view over the ocean! (Or was that just a really really really big drone?? Yeah that's it) Following multiple passes by Jets, a helicopter flies over the vessel and blasts a vocal warning to the sailors. If anyone can translate the audio in this clip it would be much appreciated and would help uncover the facts of this encounter! What caused the UFO to hit the water, the fighters perhaps or evasive action from the UFO? Could it be true that the ocean is home for ET's or is this human technology? The one crew member points right at the UFO when it is the only thing on screen. If this was a hoax what was he pointing at when there was nothing else to be seen for miles? A flying fish or a seagull perhaps that the hoaxer edited OUT?? I see nothing that says this is FAKE! No matter what the answer the occurrence being captured on video is amazing and if this was faked I'd sure like to have the budget to hire 4 fighter jets and a helicopter to get that shot!! Makes perfect SENSE!!

Many brave warriors and notable officials for justice for the children are on the move! Pray we see more exposure and awareness of this 'hidden virus'!

Three times now they have declined to permit video discussing BITCOIN? Finally this clip uploads and you can now judge for yourself if BITCOIN is a wise choice in this unstable geo-political climate!?

Legit...check it out! Why would a group of people make their own country?

Very interesting informative insight from various experts and more!

Or is it??

Its falling off?

Making any connections? Is the math adding up? What seat number do you have for the show?

In HONOR of SEAL TEAM 6 from the BROOD!


2020 was a year we can not wait to forget. But did one of these Presidents know full well what was in store for the world?

More and more information about the reality of what's behind the 2nd impeachment of 45th President of the USA!

Dozens of Medical Professionals from all parts of the world chime in with the reality about the 'Hidden Enemy' Virus and the Vaccine.

After throwing shade on Biden by turning their backs on him and his Motorcade the Military gather to show appreciation to 45th President Trump for his unrelenting support! This followed the 'Parking Garage' incident with Trump offering up his hotels for them to comfortably stay!

Hey Joe, You had some lil kids niblin' on those ear lobes?? I never use to think much on this cloning BS but Dolly likely looks more like the Sheep she was cloned after than this mess does his other mess. You be the judge!!


More silencing of anyone NOT falling under the Leftist extreme narrative!! Free speech is dead but this lady Gina Carano will take CRAP from No ONE! We love you GINA!!

Was it really an 'off the cuff' idea? Or did DJT see its potential to clean up and replace the 3 letter agencies that have been so horribly corrupted over the decades long in advance of its berth? Do you know how much power Space Force really has in comparison to the other military factions and who is ultimately in control of that power? Do you undertand it's role and purpose? Why did Bidens Press Secretary make a passing joke about Space Force when asked about it during a press conference recently?? DO THE RESEARCH!!

SHARE SHARE SHARE!! The truth about the weaponized Virus must be shared. The Global Elites coup attempt is under way. We will NOT be their SERFS!!

Seems like the Good Ol' USA commercial right up until they pasted the Red Star of China across middle America to END IT? So because the video is such a joke it deserves a thumbs down but lets do this...Upvote it if you think Springsteen should be banned from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame??

The disgraced CCP criminal puppet Biden has the nerve to tell the finest service people in the world to 'Clap for that, you stupid bastards' and then calls them a 'Dull Bunch'? UPVOTE if you think Biden is a criminal worthy of impeachment at the very minimum!!

Sounds about right!!

The World owes this man their allegiance, their attention, their loyalty and their FIGHT!! He has given of himself and his family like NO OTHER before him!! Stand ready to FIGHT!! Stand ready to WIN!! Stand ready for TRUMP!!

How does any fellow human being accept this mans actions and what he has done for years in destabilizing countries and regions so he can again go loot their wealth as being good? Is this not the lowest form of life? Kicking people when they are already down under the guise of Philanthropy?

Footage of what seems to be a comet or meteor shooting through the night skies until it explodes into a spectacular display of never before seen phenomenon. This can't be CGI?? Its looks like the real deal!

How many more Generals need to confirm the Operation known as Q? Have you done your research? Do you know where this groups roots spawned from before they became so widely embraced? Is there any wonder why the disgraced Nancy Pelosi and company have been hell bent on eliminating even the slightest mention of this clandestine operation?? Why is every platform out there trying to silence and discredit this movement when you can upload virtually any other content on the planet like 911/JFK/CIA/FBI/Alien/NWO conspiracy information? Really WTH is going on?? Are they really this scared? What does that tell you? Follow the money....right down the rabbit hole?

Regarding Maj. General Valelly's reference to 'The Army of Northern Virginia' - The United States Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA), frequently shortened to Intelligence Support Activity or Mission Support Activity, and nicknamed The Activity, the Army of Northern Virginia,[1] or Office of Military Support, is a United States Army Special Operations unit originally subordinated to the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) but now part of the Joint Special Operations Command. It is tasked to collect actionable intelligence in advance of missions by other US special operations forces, especially 1st SFOD-D and DEVGRU in counter-terrorist operations.

Vintage footage or hoax? Seems there has been a steady drip of potential Disclosure video's on the net lately? Is this a build up to the June disclosure to ease the shock? Could the Plandemic and the Fraudulent election merely be a huge distraction to a far greater disclosure about to shock the world??


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