I experimented with the volume so I think I'm a bit loud on this series.

22:10 Is the end of any real game related content, the rest is talking about the future and what's been going on with me, basically, so I'd stop at 22:10 if I wasn't interested in any of that.
Course ID of levels featured in this video: Great Deku Tree: (OOT #1): 9CE5-0000-01F0-359F

Course ID of levels featured in this video:
Watch Out Below In TheSunkenCity: 335C-0000-005D-C9DE
Don't Move: 097E-0000-00C0-65CC (I think that is not O in 00C0)
Kokiri Village (OOT #0): 2BE7-0000-0281-AD15

Course ID of levels featured in this video:
P Switches, Stars, Bowser Oh My!: 6ED4-0000-009C-4138
War Ships: E12D-0000-004C-B40F (I think that is not O in B40F)
Springs on a Track: F114-0000-0062-4F53

Course ID of levels featured in this video:
Spring Loaded Mario Adventures: 9EEE-0000-00BB-2430
Annoying Escort Mission: 4DF9-0000-0037-A5C6

Course ID of levels featured in this video: 1-?/tutorial: 9A88-0000-0022-15BE

In retrospect, I've figured out that the viruses split up and when one of them escapes your range it disappears but it's still considered a target, so it looked to me that they just disappear as soon as I shot the one down but in reality, it escaped long ago.

I got salty enough to use "that" kind of language, huh?

And apparently I’ll be dedicating this victory to Rick May, who passed away from the Wuhan Flu the day I recorded this. Of course, the only reason is that Peppy was the one who won the day so it's fitting.

…But at least I got silver so there’s that progress…
Also, I edited out digging through the menu on restarts and all of the times that I restarted the races but quit because it was obvious I wasn’t going to win the first race. It seems pointless to continue from anywhere less than at least 2nd place and there were ALOT of restarts that I edited out. The original video was originally 59 minutes long. Winning the silver was NOT the last attempt during this session.
Speaking of which, assuming you bothered to read this wall of text, should I keep editing out failure runs where I don’t even get past the first race or upload them raw? I could also upload both versions and just label which one is “raw”.
Coming a bit late since I haven't had internet.

Ha Ha! The salt for this one is real!
But I'm not crazy, right? I went right through that power-up.


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Current schedule: Ninja Gaiden on Saturday. Forgot to reveal the first one until later in the day. Oh well.
Due to My Nintendo Switch and headset being stolen I cannot continue to record Switch games until I get around to replacing them. So, for a time, RIP Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which I REALLY wanted to play. :(
I do have a different headset that connects to the USB port so I can record something else to fill the gap, just not from the N64 since that requires both of the USB ports on my computer.