Well, this is going to be the last Mario Maker video for awhile, as my Switch was stolen and I have no idea if I'll be able to get it back but I want to wait a long time to see if it will turn up before replacing it but they didn't take the capture card or Zelda so I will at least be able to update that series.

It looks like the commentary gets cut off at times in this episode. I mention, right after it mostly ends funnily enough, that the footage on the recording looks choppy but it turns out that it was the commentary that didn’t work right rather than the footage, which is probably for the best, honestly.

Not a Let’s Play. This is an experimental video where I really just record the game I happen to be playing on my free time, because I’d may as well.
As such, there isn’t any commentary, though I did edit out loading screens.

All three thumbnails that YT provided were of Link holding up and examining the fish he just caught. Two of them were half submerged in the water! xo

I finally got around to catching up to this area of the game. On the bright side: because of this event I got to play more OoT :)


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Due to My Nintendo Switch and headset being stolen I cannot continue to record Switch games until either they are recovered or I replace them. Since Nintendo is sending out new systems with improved batteries to stores in August, if I must replace it I'd may as well wait for that release at the very least so, for a time, RIP Mario Maker 2 and the new Fire Emblem game that I REALLY wanted to play.
I do have a different headset that connects to the USB port so I can record something else to fill the gap, just not from the N64 since that requires both of the USB ports on my computer. Of course, I haven't verified the quality of that headset so the audio might not be up to par, then again, maybe some might say that the one I'm using isn't either...
Anyway, to be honest, this whole thing has bummed me out so I haven't been motivated to try to play something else but I could get back into it this week.
Sorry to ramble.