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A bit awkwardly short compared to the others but it's kind of surrounded by two battle filled parts and I want to try to keep those as one full video.

Whoops, uploaded tomorrows video today. This is the right one for the 19th.

Ahaha, so I wasn't supposed to release this one until today...

This is the episode of Castlevania that I forgot to upload. I actually cut the videos in such a way that each part had a bit of progress so you never actually saw me beat the first phase of Dracula in part 16. That happens in this part.

Oops, I forgot I had a bunch ready to go out, it's only the last three parts that I had so much trouble uploading. I guess I forgot that I just hadn't gotten to those yet.

Ooooooooh, so that’s what that number in the corner does that goes up to III. It lets you use multiple sub weapons at a time. If I had actually watched the full video instead of skipping around I would have realized that. Of course, I really was only looking for how to do damage and not a full guide for how to beat him, so I was skipping through the guide on purpose to avoid spoiling too much of how to beat him. It dawned on me that the sound affect of whipping him in his legs meant he was taking no damage (even though I could have sworn that he was on earlier runs) so that’s what tipped me off on how to beat him in the end.


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WHOOPI! I finally replaced my Switch. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't back anything up (or maybe I did but it became overwritten when I stopped paying for the online service?) so I'm going to have to start everything over, but still, I'M SO HAPPY I COULD SING!... but I won't.

I lost that truck job so I should have a lot more time to record and upload. Not too much more time, though. I'm going to focus much more heavily on studying C#, pixel art, and game design now that I have the time. I intend to study all day most days while the more vocal portion of my family intends for me to get another job ASAP. Well, setting that aside, if I manage to do what I want then I want to put more of that on the site, like how I used to upload my practices of copying Pokemon pixels streams from Twitch. It'd be nice to do the same for programming, but I'm worried that it won't work well for various reasons. (Yeah, it's back)