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It is not the time for the sword it is time to use that which is used against us as a tools used for and by us.

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I want to introduce to you the notion. A notion that so cutting edge
and against the mainstream, that I must hide my identity.


You don't want the cold shoulder.


It is you the interest group communities that has deemed culture to be a resource
And have establish through your demands environment that forces us into cultural competition
like any resource it competes for market segment dominance and supremacy
Let the playing field be balanced and the competitors without handicap
That is the pursuit of competition is to win
When we do
Sorry not sorry
Just remember accountability breeds responsibility


How do you redefine a villain to be a hero and a hero to be a villain. Victimhood is the magic sauce.


The Nazi's are coming!

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Could it be that Ukraine's role in the global pursuit of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors was realized in 2006.

Logistics and application take time.

If we don't wake up soon we will be waking up to a master.

You're not a slave, you're a volunteer.


Reoccurring theme –
- Geopolitical relationship
- Emphasis of involvement
- Enslavement fights for freedom
- Buying into the trend for trends sake
- Lies, lies, and more lies

Thoughts –
- Authoritarians are the new friends of democratic governments?
- The left is driving with force into this Ukraine conflict anyone ask why
- What utility might be lurking in the shadows
- When did a authoritarian regime become the bastion of freedom and democracy?
- You own an electric car because someone said it was cool. Well done
- Think green burn oil.
- It is called the greening effect
- What ever made you think a battery was green hahahahaha
- Competition or redundancy?


Reoccurring theme –
- There is beauty everywhere and it is our task to find it
- If we can’t become one be loss everything as the other
- Heritage, culture, and history, what does it mean
- To regulate the non-existent is a real punchline
- We have been living in a metaverse for over 4 decades

Thoughts –
- We live in a time like never, yet we are surrounded by ugliness
- You are so beautiful to me
- We are in an ever-increasing fracturing into factions, and it is these fractures that will tears us apart on so many levels
- Why does heritage, culture, and history only matter when financing is involved
- Let’s share each other through arts and entertainment with free expression
- Let’s make cultural competition a balanced playing field
- I do find a good laugh in governments regulating industries that don’t exist.
- Regulations appear to be revealing the natural and principal form of existence
- The simulator is real, and it is the 3-foot bubble of delusions we all live in.


Reoccurring theme –
- This is not about us this is about those who’s voices have yet to realized
- The hypocrisy of the Canadian government fighting for foreign freedoms
- It is time not to ask what nation can do for you but what you can do for nation
- Redundancy in saturated markets is innovation now

Thoughts –
- Lets enshrine upward mobility for all
- Our focus needs to transition from rights to responsibilities
- Is innovation being used to indirectly transfer wealth via corporate welfare
- The theft of national wealth getting more complex
- Now foreign freedoms are of concern while you steal ours and enslave us
- Don’t let a foreign master become our master


Reoccurring theme –
- Cultivation
- Community and a space to call home
- New beginnings
- Is war a demolition strategy?
- Volunteerism and economics?
- encryption

Thoughts –
- Freedom convoy achieved more than could have been imagined
- The power of movement
- Idiom radio is a place for patriots to hang their hat and call home
- Its not what you say but how you say it.
- Let start treating language as a weapon. It is the interpretation of the enemy.
- How does working for free contribute to economic growth
- Working for free is enslavement to a master


Reoccurring theme –
- Cultural competition
- Gratitude vs taken for granted
- Conflict of a development strategy
- Systemic racism acting as a handicap in cultural competition
- How do you identify?

Thoughts –
- Is culture being a resource than market dominance and supremacy is merely an outcome of competition
- Are you able and willing to relay the paths that you so happily destroy?
- Respect, support, and stand shoulder to shoulder for freedom
- It took risking life and limb to lay these paths. Are you willing to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tear?
- All hail WIFI your new master.
- Get your google smart city today.
- We can start dropping the demolition bombs tomorrow.

Reoccurring theme –
- Slow it down and make you move methodical
- Tyrants defending by those who have the most to lost
- Conflict of development
- The changing faces of allies and axes
- Systemic racism and how it is eroding merit
Thoughts –
- Make each step count. We are at that stage.
- At what point do people access a hero is a villain
- I guess they get a new google smart city\
- Heritage, history, and culture isn’t opposed when bombs are dropping
- Investing in allies while we have a history of investing in the enemy
- Engineering failings by way of incompetence so that we want change
- Knowing the issue in its principal form

Morning Headlines - Convictions of the left, not deeper than a puddle

Reoccurring theme -
- Find you rhythm
- inspired by us coming together as one
- Cultivation is our new responsibility
- Worth while invest is those with a conversion rate
- Things we take for granted some within our own backyard have yet to experience
- Do you want a master

Thoughts -
- Hump day is no reason to slow down
- warmed by the embrace of community a lost sensation
- We must nurture who we are about to become
- Investing in self and how that goes beyond sustainability contributing to development
- It is time our neighbors get to experience that which we take for granted
- It is time to break free from the shackles of hereditary control
- It is time we find out mutual goal and work together towards it.

MH 2021-01-20

Reoccurring theme
- To support is not to deny risk and liability
- Convictions change faster than underwear
- Unneeded use of threats
- Working as one
- Know your enemy
- Inspiration moving us to action
- We must stand with our community but be free to communicate fears and concerns
- What may tomorrow bring
- Is this a scapegoat for the ill intended
- Believe screamed as loud as possible change with little more than an ad campaign
- Stop the hate and cooperate
- Our enemy isn’t who you think
- Lets drive into the sunset of a wonderful tomorrow


Reoccurring theme
- Who do we have sitting at our table
- Enemies amongst our midst
- I conflict over the horizon or are we living through threats
- Passion so strong I get lost in it.
- Love of country and people
- If you don’t understand events in their principle form anticipating outcomes in hindered
- Infiltrated by the enemy on multiple fronts
- Traders seeking to carve out our great nations
- Success on all levels are they threats or is conflict in the wings
- A passionate patriot who can set off on a rant because others are will to risk self and nation
- Enthusiasm held by the reveal that the root of our problem is being revealed on The Why Perspective

MH 2021-01-20
TITLE – Funding the opposition and branding it aid

Reoccurring theme
- Starving us into begging for their desired outcomes
- Digging deep for scandal
- Conflicts on the horizon or is it just theater
- The power of branding
- All it takes is to say no
- The left is losing its influence
- Loud and obnoxious isn’t drawing attention
- Ironically our leaders protect foreign freedom while destroying ours at home
- Were we not taught these lessons as kids?
- When substance is no deeper than a puddle all it takes is standing next to someone
- Why is the outsider worth more than the insider?
- If we can’t find oneness don’t ask us for aid
- You are that resource


Reoccurring theme
- Cultural competition, will we make the playoffs
- Integrate or find your own way
- Belief in freedom is tolerance of choice
- Choice why is it good for one but not the other

- Our communal resources are be strained by them being pulled in all direction
- When does the hereditary leaders take on the responsibility of their people
- Leading the people does not mean their your personal exploit
- Free of choice sometime includes things we do not agree with
- It is time we negotiate our reality because we are about to lose it all


Reoccurring theme -
- Cultural competition, it’s not what you thought
- Respect for responsibility
- Freedom and the cost
- Scientific expression only permitted so long as it supports the agenda

Thoughts -
- Virus vs scientific standard and getting lost in the details. Is anew a request of others.
- Even a villain looks like a victim when the hero is victorious
- Are you ready to compete culturally?
- How does one compete when gaged and bound?
- Living in the lowest common denominator
- Be an observer and rise beyond the lowest common denominator


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