Hand Gun Disarms from Behind for Concealed Carry | IDS APEX Instructor Certification Course Level 2.5

While I've trained, researched, developed and taught handgun Disarms for many years, this one of the few times I've posted a video on the topic. Why? Because it's a topic where dogma rules.

However, we've had fans requesting our take on the topic, so this is for them.
Absorb what is useful for you, your circumstances, skill level and personal attributes.

🔥IDS APEX Knife Defense on the Ground for Concealed Carry: Top Half Guard Principles

🔥 Defending against an edged weapon attack on the ground while carrying a concealed handgun isn't just challenging – it's one of the ultimate tests of personal protection. But relying on a complex bag of tricks that doesn't align with real-world scenarios won't cut it – unless you're a grappling expert who trains exclusively for unlikely worst-case scenarios.

🚀 In contrast, mastering a concise set of core principles and context-driven strategies can be your lifeline in a moment of crisis. These skills are not just practical but can also fast-track your journey to competence.

💥 Introducing the IDS APEX Level 2.5 Weapon Defense for Concealed Carry Curriculum – a groundbreaking approach that empowers instructors to equip their students with the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of the unimaginable.

📽️ Dive into this short video for a sneak peek into excerpts and a real debrief from the IDS APEX Level 2.5 Instructor Certification Course. It's time to redefine your self-defense game and be prepared for the unthinkable.

Distinguishing Generic Marksmanship from Being Fighter with a Gun:
Excerpt from The Fight House Talks Podcast with Guest Todd Fossey

🔥 Taking Control of the Situation! 🔥

In the world of concealed carry, staying prepared is everything. 🕵️‍♂️ Criminals often keep their intentions and weapons hidden until the very last moment, catching you off guard. 🚫

No matter how vigilant you are with situational awareness, you might still find yourself in a dangerous spot. That's where the Preemptive Switch-Jab comes in handy! 💪

A preemptive strike can be a game-changer, allowing you to seize control and disrupt your opponent's plans. 🥊 It buys you the precious time and distance you need to access your concealed carry handgun safely. 🙌

Stay tuned for our video tutorial on mastering this essential concealed carry technique! 🎥 Your safety is our priority.

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Training Differently | SIRT - UTM - Live Fire Progression.
It's not always possible to have training partners readily available, and practicing against real resistance with live fire isn't an option. However, we can still make the most of our practice time by keeping our sessions dynamic.
In this compound drill, I incorporate a preemptive strike (Switch Jap), movement, transitions through all retention shooting positions, and a magazine change against multiple targets at different distances using inert (SIRT), Non-Lethal Training Munitions (UTM), and live fire.
Give it a go!

🔒🤼‍♂️ Grappling Reality Check? 🤼‍♂️🔒

There's a crucial difference between grappling for sport and grappling for concealed carry. 💪🤫

Did you know that according to IDS Meta analysis, about 33% of attacks end up on the ground? 📊 That's a game-changer when you're carrying concealed. 🕴️
Your ground game must adapt to this new context, or the consequences can be catastrophic. 😱

Check out this eye-opening video to see what can happen if your strategy doesn't match your context. 🎥 Don't miss it!

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Why Firearms Instructors Hide Their Outdated Methods and Deficiencies:
A Clip from The Fight House Talks Podcast with Guest Todd Fossey

Tactical Kimura - Grappling for Concealed Carry
Context Dictates strategy. So, when you're carrying concealed and you find yourself in a fight for your life on the ground, there are additional variables. And additional variables require additional options.

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Head Hook Dump vs Knife Threat
Fight to Your Gun for Concealed Carry
In my view it's critical to understand that in a self-defense context it is advantages to utilize simple dumps, trips and sweeps in order to take the threat to the ground while you remain standing and mobile - especially in a weapons based environment.

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Knife vs Gun | Fight to Your Gun | Inside Trip vs Knife Threat from 6:00

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Knife Threat from Behind vs Concealed Carry.

Fight to Your Gun for Concealed Carry | Beef Wellington Dump!
In my view It's critical to understand that in a self-defense context it is advantages to utilize dumps, trips and sweeps in order to take the threat to the ground while you remain standing and mobile - especially in a weapons based environment.

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Operation Access: Wife's Ballistic Off-Body Access Test

Back Kick & Back Draw vs Knife Threat from Behind for Concealed Carry

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Over Drag to Guns | Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry

Step into the future of firearms training and become a part of the New Breed – IDS APEX Training System, the new paradigm in firearms instruction.
Don't Be a Gunfighter Be a Fighter with a Gun.

Revealing the Limits of the YouTube CCTV Violence Analyst

Are you looking for a way to improve your shooting skills without the expense, inconvenience, and limitations of live fire practice?
In this video, we'll show you a great moving target drill - the Pendulum Drill with Two No-Shoots - that you can do with the SIRT to build your motor skills and confidence.

Why use the SIRT? Because the unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a simulated experience and a real one. So, by practicing with the SIRT, you'll be building the same "muscle memory" and confidence you would with live fire practice, but at a fraction of the cost and with more convenience.

In fact, 95% of our Pistol Craft Practice is with SIRT, 2.5% with UTM, and only 2.5% with live fire. So, if you want to improve your shooting skills without breaking the bank, give this moving target drill a go!

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Defending In Confined Spaces for Concealed Carry

Arm Drag Hand-Switch Hip-Switch into Control Position and Weapon Access

It's not uncommon for spontaneous attacks to occur in confined spaces up against walls and barriers. In these cases, the wall or barrier is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability.
When concealed weapons are in the mix there are extraordinary variables to take into serious consideration.

The Fight of Your Life: Responding to a Knife Threat from Behind

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A Scientific View Of What's Wrong With the Decontextualized Firearms and Self-Defense Training Model
A clip from the Excellence In Training Academy Podcast

Why Instructors Can't Be Dogmatic and Innovative At The Same Time...

Clip From Excellence In Training Academy Podcast

Behavioral Self-Defense for Concealed Carry - Forcing the Threat to Show Their Hand

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Are Your Firearms Training Methods Outdated? Here's How You Can Tell...

180° Handgun Transition Mechanics & Weapon Flow
This is rarely taught on traditional static ranges for obvious reasons...

However, it's an important skill to possess considering the high probability of multiple attackers, bystanders and danger zones in defensive shootings.

The dynamic context and high variability environment of the Citizen Defender is different than a competition stage.

Therefore, the mechanics we employ look different than what one would typically see in competition, in the same way a hockey player skates differently than a figure skater.

These suggestions are for your consideration.

Firearms Training | The Value Of Contextual Problem Solving and The Illusion of Competence | CCW Safe Podcast with Rob High and Todd Fossey


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