Would you like some tip-stalls with your waffles?

My Banggood pusher gave me this code, looks like you can get it for $80 maybe?
http://bit.ly/32cHLfh (code: BG7IA8T US$79.99)
Banggood 13th Anniversary Sale shopping guide: http://bit.ly/32cQC0u
Main Venue: http://bit.ly/32f0gje

It stopped raining for more than 4 hours today, but still not quite the weather I'd like. Winter is really making up for its late arrival...

If you're watching this video right after it went up, but NOT via a notification, tell me what "browse features" means....

Will it work? Place your bets!

The first time is always the most exciting eh?
Experts look away :)

Free version is also available in Fedora repo, maybe Ubuntu too?

Increasing my nerd cred a bit at a time, almost at level 7.
Hayear HY-5200 (Banggood): https://bit.ly/2YkGLYi

Can't exactly remember why I wanted to live in Tokyo....
Video is 20x speed. Not the greatest of weather actually, right after this it started raining and I had to rush out and bring the camera in.
Runcam 3, audio is from a proper camera, Pansonic handy-cam.


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